What a joy this was. I followed along with my Geneva Bible facsimile and my precious, God blessed, King James. I also happened to have lamb chops for breakfast while I listened. It was a beautiful morning indeed wherein Ms Wolf, my breakfast, and Gods holy word came together is a most delightful, powerful, and serendipitous manner. I needed this, somehow. May the Lord bless you and keep you, Ms Wolf. And may he open your eyes (and mine) to his perfect truth. Full disclosure: I’m the much hated “fundie bible thumpers” maligned by the left. Note to liberal “christians”: we know, love, and adore scripture. How about you?

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I wonder what Naomi and others think of the insights of David Nikao Wilcoxson on the current events and the interpretation of the book of Daniel and Revelation. I just listened to his podcast/chapter titled ‘the whole world is a stage’ and am reading his book:


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Wonderful readings. Thanks 🙏🏼

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Dr. Naomi,

Again I am so blessed by your vigilant interpretation of The Word of God in its original text. I have read many Bible versions over the past 40 years but your readings in the original Hebrew has deepened my love for God. Bless you!

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Hello Naomi, I hope that you are doing well. We miss hearing your delightful readings of the holy scriptures.

I was curious about what you were going to say about the twelve tribes of Israel stemming from four different women. But the answer seems to be that this isn't as important a question to you as it might have been thirty years ago.

Your logic that you shared at the end is astounding. What an observation about the vast coherence of the evil over the past three years, that it is not the work of men; and so you respond by looking past the work of men in the other direction.

I love your stories. The one about how small Jaacob felt next to the chesidim and truth was like a poem. Thank you so much for including us as you cling to El Shaddai. May He reveal His secret place to you.

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Naomi - Your Substack readings of the Bible stop here. Where do I go to continue listening? My soul and spirit are rejuvenated by your readings.

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Hi! I just finished listening to this episode. At the end you commented about how you have come to believe real evil has entered this world and I couldn't agree more. Yesterday, I happened upon this podcast from Glenn Beck and it discusses exactly that topic and goes into great detail about other times in history these evil forces have come into the world. It was very interesting. I thought I would share it with you. Its Glenn Beck and Jonathan Chan. https://megaphone.link/BMDC8771318572 (Its Glenn Beck and Jonathan Chan, Episode 182. If you don't trust the link above you can find it on The Blaze or Glenn Becks website.

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When will you read more, I'm missing it 🤔

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I missed your reading this week.

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Hi Naomi,

Its been awhile since I have commented or read your substack but you've always been a favorite of mine. I cannot help but notice you are actively seeking God and have discovered (as I did) the complete lack of authenticity at the heart of organized religion these days.

I did not find Jesus in the most traditional manner. Im an engineer, claiming him hasn't been too popular lately in the technical sciences.

I have had 2 "visions" that have defined my life... Actually, they define more than that but that's a conversation for another time.

The first vision was a covenant. The second vision was of a harvest.

Despite what most "experts" say, it is my opinion that we are (biblically speaking) living in the period of the harvest. The ripening of the wheat and the tares. The maturity and fullness of time regarding both the wheat (GOOD) and the tares (EVIL). Jesus spends a lot of time describing the harvest and the sorting of the wheat and tares. I do not think the rapture is what most believe it is. In fact, I think it may be the sorting and subsequent separation/judgement of the tares... Something that seems more and more likely as time passes.

Perhaps the ripening of the harvest is a metaphor for the LITERAL presence of Heaven and Hell manifesting on Earth? God always raises a standard when great evil rises. Right beside the absolute WORST humanity has to offer you can ALWAYS find the absolute BEST.

There’s a concept that’s called blooming in the dark regarding human resilience in the face of extreme circumstances (soldiers often speak of it). The ordinary becomes extraordinary even if it’s just for a short moment. The individuals who bloom in the absolute darkest of times become luminous to all who witness their acts of valor. Like a ripple their acts of selflessness and sacrifice exponentially effect everything around them. Inspiring others in a pay it forward in a grassroots movement kind of way that changes everything.

In fact, in losing everything, they gain God's favor. And his opinion is the only one that really matters. Grace and blessings very clearly follow them all the days of their lives for those of us with eyes to see.

Id love to speak to you more about this topic if you are interested. Its rare for me to find someone who is actually interested in digging down so deeply into this these days, much less open to intellectual debate... My email is pointerpolitics@gmail.com

Sorry if this is weird... Im trying to make new (better) friends that prefer to be bold in their faith. I defiantly would have fit in with the John the baptists crowd back in the day lol.

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I love how you are Reading the Bible in this fashion!

From the Orthodox Christian point of view, God only has one body, the Son. God has always had one body, Christ, the same that was born of Mary and crucified. I have always thought this brings an even deeper and intimate meaning to much of the Old Testament, especially this story.

So, Adam and Eve walked with Christ. Moses saw the back of Christ. Yaacob wrestled with Christ.

And then there Melchizedek who was the King of Salem and blessed Abraham. Who is the King of Peace?

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I look forward to and cherish every installment of these readings. Due to the times we are in as well as changes in my own beliefs about God, I recently decided to read the entire Bible for the first time in my life (I grew up a secular Jew). I had started Genesis a week before your first Geneva installment showed up in my inbox, so I feel like you're accompanying me on my journey. Your readings are a glorious treat, they are deepening my connection, and they feel like a gift from God. Thank you, Naomi!

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I can hear, can’t see.

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G-D is wrestling with Yaacob! G-D does appear as a man many times in the Hebrew Scriptures. He is the Bar Enosh of Daniel chapter 7:13-14 who sits on the throne in the heavenly.

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