Thank you Naomi Wolf for your incredible contributions to Truth and Freedom!! You are appreciated!

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Dr. Malone made the startling disclosure that it was the central intelligence folks that pulled the mRNA cocktail out of the trash, because they were worried about a bunch of kids with their computers making pathogens and needed a rapid way to vaccinate people because of the weapons of mass destruction that have been unleashed in education classrooms across the world. So the finger-pointing has begun. It is always been my view that DARPA has been interested in nano biosensor networks. One could imagine evil people glomming onto that program, for many other objectives, population, rising populism, mind manipulation, expense reduction and banker protection; flushing western civilization down the toilet. They don’t care whether the hill is a steaming pile or a glittering mountain with 1000 points of light, as long as their glutinous maximi are Firmly planted on the top

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Why is anyone shocked? They finally revealed their true nature. There is no evolution the social contract has always reflected the same cultural interaction. We part of a caste system, whereas the exchange and behavior of the system contracturally demands our labor in exchange for their guilt or responsibility. We pay for their fabrications and lies with taking on their responsibility. So wealth and responsibility acummulates into a few hands and the Brahmans distribute their responsibility unto us the untouchables. All classical and modern dictatorial systems reveal the same patterns. We are spiritual we’d to spiritual parasites in a codependent fashion. It is critical to break the bondage and being polite enough to accept their projected responsibility.

They continually lie in order to get us to believe we are responsible. Ie global warming is just another scam to destroy us economically while they are actually destroying the biosphere through geoengineering. We have to give up our refrigerators while they blast 800 mile holes in the ozone layer. And cloud seeding aluminum and barium dioxide without our permission.

Our dictators have hidden the fact that they act independently without our permission to spoil the planet. There is no accountability for their crimes.

The pr has been so well crafted that we never get to see what is going on or what are they doing.

Dr f claim to fame has been immunosuppression. Also he controls all research in the country and acts as an exchequer of the cdc, which has no mandate and is a marketing tool of pharmaceutical industry. So private business co-opt federal institutions for their own benefit. No possible conflict of interest. They wrote the law to exempt themselves from liability while our children could not go to school if they were not vaccinated. Even though there was no proof of efficacy. And only the pharmaceutical companies could add God knows what in their vaccines without any liability. This was the initial form of censorship!! And the politicians just padded their pockets, and reimbursed their promoters. And the average citizen received the privilege of repaying taxes, through the perpetuation of indentured slavery!!

Much like the anarchy we see on our streets with the diminution of the police, they have effected the same policies on our bodies. Destroy immune maintaince and then have no clue why all these illnesses exist. Criminals must be locked up and denied permissive positions of power and authority. Parasitic psychopaths are not interested in our welfare or the welfare of the planet. That would take empathy and compassion. The hubris of a small group of individuals who are committed to killing 7 billion people.

Their only motivation like a junkie is to take energy, like a parasite they have the need to suck. And if they succeed they will only turn on each other. And will the ccp hold them in high regard or will they exterminate them when they have outlived their usefulness. Most tyrants have destroyed the psychopaths. Hitler eliminated his opposition. The peculiarly of their eugenics practices is they never recognized the spiritual nature of men and they would have to atone. All artificial constructs were irrelevant, not race, gender,financial status or religion were relevant. Indeed attitude trumped them all as well as the artificial constructs of emotional self regard accumulating from the conditional consciousness which occurred on the tree of good and evil and shut off our concious awareness of God but where we took on guilt as the core perception and have been stuck in perceptual alienation ever since. Enjoy stop digging their ditch! We are paying too high a price by perpetuating spiritual alienation. Ask for the shackles to be shattered. Better to take off your shackles than to be lulled into a corner by these nihilistic psychopaths. Illness is a manifestation of them manifesting in your physical body. Ask if this is your fathers gift or your ignorance.

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Mandates, are illegal. But it’s pure extortion. It’s medical Russian roulette designed to destroy every component of our infrastructure; military, commerce, educational, first responders, civilian employees etc.

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They are lying again. They are sincerely dedicated to your extinction. If you are trapped in fight or flight you will not pay attention. They are just showing their contempt for the public.

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One of our obsessions at the moment is to inject each other with undisclosed toxins and mRNA allegedly coding for p180-200 aka the 'spike', a protein of unknown origin and significance to protect our health and then to discuss whether it’s working.

From Jenner’s lethal procedure for smallpox onward not a single study has been performed comparing differences in outcomes, such as frequent illness or longevity, between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

The smallpox vaccine, and every one after, was simply accepted as effective, based on no evidence, by the medical establishment and government. Where records were kept the vaccine was always positively associated with death. Luckily by the end of the 19th century improvements in sanitation, housing and child labour laws had done what the vaccine couldn’t do, eradicate smallpox, and the vaccine ceased to be used.


simply put there is no evidence that any vaccine works and therefore no evidence for a cost benefit analysis (it's all cost), no evidence that disease exists as separate entities and no evidence that viruses exist or cause disease. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/seeing-is-believing


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Lots of articles about teens in different towns all over the country, never making it past local papers THIS video up on youtube. I have TWO friends with clots in their lungs and brains. Doctors know about this https://youtu.be/-H_IMCtzuLc

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Latest news: FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine for Walking Dead...


Seriously though, a good article and defense of Kirsch's claims! I admire your writing a lot.

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Sep 5, 2022·edited Sep 5, 2022

Dr. Wolf, Kirsch is a second level disinfo agent, or at least he is acting like one. There is no mRNA (or only trace amounts if any) in the vaccines. There is also no spike protein. The so-called spike protein is an artifact of cell destruction caused by the vaxx. The mRNA claim is to get people to think they when they are "edited" then they have a patent inside them that is owned by big biz/gov, effectively making you a slave, supposedly. It is also to distract from the fact that there IS graphene oxide in the vaxx, among other toxins, which is what is causing all the heart attacks, myocarditis and blood clotting.

You must follow this excellent substack: Pseudoscience and Its Discontents (https://pseudoscience.substack.com). It's run by a woman, I believe. She does an excellent job of filling in some of the blanks.

Thanks to you and all your team for doing wonderful work.

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I think you will like this one, Naomi. And about your St Therese dream. She’s asking you to become Catholic!

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When the liberals wake up, they are going to be pissed off.

I would like to repeat and echo the call for an embrace of the standards of the Nuremberg Code and for Nuremberg Trials 2.0. Such trials of course would include massive numbers of individuals from media members to academia, to personal physicians who’ve failed to uphold their duty, to keep a paycheck, to the public health leadership and governmental officials who have sold us out to big pharma and finally to of course big pharma itself, so we must get that ball rolling. Its hard to imagine a result other than this resulting in death sentences (100s? 1000s?). I hate to say it but televised group executions by firing squad would seem appropriate to deter such dastardly conduct from happening ever again. It is imperative to correct this now and for future generations.

But … the final sentence should not occur before the guilty watch the stripping of all wealth and financial means from their surviving families. This collected sum, a relative pittance, in all fairness would be 100 percent distributed among those afflicted with presumably related disabilities and financial hardship due to spouse / parent deaths. Some trustworthy non governmental organization should be able to work that out. It wouldn’t add up to much given the numbers of those harmed unfortunately. Not even a home for everyone.

Presumably, there are plenty of folks who still embrace the sort of values we need running our institutions. Apparently, they’ve been bypassed across all manner of industry, not just health care, to promote those who would do anything as a means to an end (lie, cheat, steal, corrupt).

This evil has run rampant long enough.

So - a call to those good people who have been overlooked and bypassed while dishonest creeps and nut jobs have been advanced. We need you. Root out the corruption, establish decency and and strive to act within the bounds of good and decent values.

In particular, the NIH, FDA, CDC, etc. must be provided with a new mandate and significant organizing restructure to prevent these atrocities from happening again. Transparency, integrity, balance (individual / public health) being among their driving cultural norms.

It is time to clean house across all industries. In so doing, we must recognize that liars will lie, cheat, cover up. It will not be easy to root them out. But they must be rooted out.

- I think we have Bill and Hillary to thank for their gleeful normalization of dishonesty as a means to an end. With a bit of introspection, this could and should be wholeheartedly slammed into total condemnation as having driven a complete societal failure.

May God Bless America, our families, our friends, our communities, and all those who have the courage to “clean house.”

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Dr Wolf. I appreciate Dr. Malone's approach here. I recommend another approach. First, can you give me an update on your lawsuit? What is your approach? I think we should start with members of each of the Boards of Medicine. Particularly, the boards of internal medicine, cardiology, and pediatrics. They issued the warning to all doctors (which I have) warning them that they would loose their licenses for speaking out against the vaccine, or writing scripts for Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. They haven't issued another letter ending this policy-DESPITE all of the scientific evidence to the contrary. Each individual board member, including the state Public Health Drs in NY and CA are responsible to the State Board Medical Policy, which state that a doctor must insure each of their patients receive full informed consent, outlining any risks and or benefits of any procedure. This consent must be documented. In addition, they are also required as doctors to ensure patients have the right to autonomy. Any patient may refuse to accept any procedure or treatment, without fear of negative impacts on their medical treatment. Therefore, what these individual MD's have done in their positions (along with their major conflicts of interests and funding) have violated that law X 10. They should loose the licenses and pay patients for the injuries they sustained. You don't have to go after the pharma companies. We can be assured that the censorship would stop, immediately when they issue a correction to each of the doctors they have censored. The word will spread everywhere. Naomi. Watch. Look at the danger to airline pilots, and the world that flies on them. The licensure and Department of Aviation, requires that any pilot that participates or takes an unlicensed drug they can't fly for one year. Why was this mandate given, and the policy ignored?


It's very important that I know where you are with your lawsuit because if you haven't considered this, I am considering getting a class action started against these people for malpractice. So that victims can immediately get some relief.

Please give an update. Regards Sandy 252-862-5575

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Naomi, about a month ago you interviewed Robert Kennedy, Jr. At the end of your conversation, Mr. Kennedy stated that the virus spread obviously began in October 2019 if not September 2019. I still don't understand why the bogus "timeline" of the birth of this virus spread is not a bigger story. If it's true that the virus began to spread around the world in October 2019, the entire narrative changes dramatically.

I appreciate The Daily Sceptic in the UK and now the excellent Brownstone Institute publishing my article that presents some of the compelling evidence of early spread. I'd value any thoughts you have on this hypothesis.


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" Overwhelming evidence suggests a startling number of people are capable of ignoring overwhelming evidence..." ;)

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An article of mine was published today at The Daily Skeptic. The article summarizes three case histories that lead me to confidently conclude the novel coronavirus was spreading around the world months before public health officials have acknowledged. Even if one does not agree with my conclusion, I hope some people agree with me that public health officials should have at least investigated this evidence in good faith. The fact they have not done this certainly undermines my confidence in the validity of other claims these officials (and journalists) have made about Covid-19.


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There is only one reason this research and speculation based on 'real world data' is necessary. The reason is that Pfizer did not run adequate safety testing on their product. The FDA is culpable for allowing this product to be used at all, and then for ignoring the safety signals.

I've just been watching the story of Maddie de Garay on Highwire. Just what happened to her should be enough to see those responsible for this Covid vaccine fiasco jailed. There has to be a point at which people who cause this much harm in the name of 'medicine' are held to account.

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