One strange element, is how many of the perpetrators bought the narrative themselves. The Nazis didn't sign up for the death camps, but these people are taking the medicine, they are peddling. The initial roll out in Denmark, was to the Parliament and a handful of the 179 politicians had serious side effects, without that sparking any controversy. Curiouser and curiouser...

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Thanks for writing clarity and decisive moment in time we are in. We need to all remember that the meme brought out by the skeptical of "it can't happen here" is primarily due to normalcy bias, hopium placed on the utopian progressivist mantra of continual improvement of mankind, and the total lack of awareness that the psychology of the human heart is evil and prone to corruption and authoriatarianism.

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Do you think the nazis are in charge in 2022? Or their enemies?

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Do you think the Nazis are in charge in 2022, or their enemies?

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Aldous Huxley ( remember him? For seven decades considered a prophetic genius ;His unparalleled epic “ Brave New World was such an important warning of how a totalitarian technocratic elite could create a global serfdom. Kleptotachnocratic corporate multinationals so enormous to crush any competition, propaganda,technology, pharmaceuticals, wars, pandemics, food shortages,population control eugenics, mass formation psychosis, leaving a population totally dependent on government as “ salvation”. Essentially,willing servitude.)

Huxley later described effective propaganda to turn half of a civilized society against the other half as “ less than human”. The vaxxed and masked against the unvaxxed, unmasked as filthy, unworthy disease spreaders. Especially children. It would have been considered inconceivable ( pun intended) not long ago. Certainly among so-called Christians of every sect. Didn’t Jesus prove the evil of such fearmongering and indecency by tending to those isolated in leper colonies?

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Just to let you know, it's Adolf, not Adolph

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Naomi, just referenced this post here. Amazing how quickly this is happening. They showed when they turned Five Eyes nations Aussie, NZ, and Kanada that they aren't worried about trying to restore faith in existing systems.

They are willing to blow up all the ideals. Rapidly. This feels like end game stuff.


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Thank you Dr Naomi, from Australia. As MA has commented, the media performance about the whole covid and vaccine narrative has been so over the top it seems strange that alone did not spark more suspicion! I feel Aussies are waking up and our national election is putting a slow hold on some of the worst abuses. However the 3rd shot is still being pushed. It seems mass hypnosis by media has occurred. Our weather, floods causing terrible loss of normal life and living standards are distracting us, perhaps part of the plan, who knows. Thank you for your honesty. Its hard to be heard here.

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I never liked liver, my mother called it minute steak


Mar 4

We have small victories. we relax the opposition re organize and replot the next attack. The main point is they never stop and they have the resources to continue and are very patient.

This awakening will take years more. We have spectacular leadership albeit defacto. The pay off will be a better place for us all. That’s my vision. What is your vision.

What is the process while they are regrouping, and we are forgetting.

They are at this moment exploring ways to make the VAERS data results the fault of the virus not the vaccine. They are trying to make VAERS a system available only to those with financial interests in the data. They are trying to establish reasonable links between vaccine hesitancy and prolonged pandemic. Connecting deaths/adverse events to anything but the product.

Right now they are redefining words, and we must stop that. Right now the are attaching emotions of their choice to concepts of their making

Right now they are finding virus that isn’t treatable with generic drugs. Right now they are re-ordering drug tables eliminating some promoting others so certain drugs can’t be used against them. Right now they are rewritting history so certain things are forgotten.

Right now they are finding ways to justify demanding clinical trials for a drug(s) with 40 years of safety data.

Right now they are finding ways to have it “taken out of context”

Right now they are setting the stage to discredit inexpensive therapies/drugs as dangerous (melatonin to Vitamin C to generic)

Right now they are strategizing based on lessons learned from this current effort.

Over the next few years internet will be reorganized so it will be so easily accessible to everyone, that agrees.

I hear my niece interacting with ‘Hey Google” she asks a question the interface delivers the answer. She doesn’t even see the next potential offering.

“ on the website CNN it states………………….”

By coercion not so easy for those that disagree

!Approved websites earn points, surf 3 hours of approved websites get your weekly shopping bonus! on and on

As I have mentioned in previous posts we must do a forensic investigation of legislation that seemed innocuous at the time but has allowed dominance of the narrative by the corporate interests. The true oligarchs. Pharma companies and news providers sharing board members as an example. One promoting and protecting the other. Legislation which allows immediate criminalization of dissent, removal of funding and cancellation of your ability to function in society. As happened recently in Canada. Remember it is also being used against the Russian aggressors. An easy sell.

A modernized bill of rights for the new age is the answer.

Its all liver disguised as steak.


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At the same time, protesters in Ottawa were called literally nazis for blocking traffic and a choice of words on Twitter upsetting somebody’s delicate feelings.

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At the same time, protestors in Ottawa are called literarily nazis for blocking traffic and

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Feb 28, 2022·edited Feb 28, 2022

we are dealing with Stockholm syndrome mental schisms here....like the robot that blows up when given 2 tasks or thoughts that are in direct conflict with each other....I am at the spitting stage myself, finding my jaw clenched, my shoulders as well. Clif High has the most specific things to say about how the redpilling my proceed through society....we have had a year or so to understand, and we are wrecked, but imagine how becoming ill or just aware today or next month will go...no time to process at all...oi.

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The unaware are unaware they are unaware.

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We are and have been in the construction of the 4th Reich

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