Your pursuit of this truth makes you a threat to the evil one (even more than you’ve been before). It’s not surprising he attacked you physically. Jehova rapha Naomi

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You are spot on Dr Wolfe.

Keep up the good work. We were made in His image and one of the reasons He sent his son to earth was to correct the misconception His own people had about Him.

They had come to believe that He was a harsh God only interested in their sacrifices and unapproachable.

Jesus made claims that He only spoke the words that his “father” had given him and he told the disciple Phillip that when you look at him you see the father.

All the attributes of a good father is what Yahweh is actually like.

He lives his children deeply and both protects and provides for them. You are correct when you point out that his commands are for out good, just like our parents set rules for us growing up...for our own good.

Read the book of Hosea if you really want to see how badly the nation of Israeli broke His heart.

It makes me cry when I read it.

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As a believer in Yeshua being part of the Elohim (Yahweh and Ruach ha Kodesh are the other parts), I and many others believe that the pre-incarnate Yeshua may have appeared in the Torah as an “Angel of God”. Yeshua may have been the Angel wrestling with Jacob, appearing in the fiery furnace, and even the King of Salem, Malkitsedeq from Genesis 14:17-24.

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Oh! Oh! Oh! My Dear Doctor Sheep-Eater! My little eye lids and lashes must be encrusted with precious jewels because every where I look, lovely prisms of rainbow light dances and skews my vision! Now a diamond rolls down one cheek! Thank you! It is wonderful to hear your translation of these stories I have known all of my life but never so intimately. It is good of you to share your gifts.

More important though, at least for me, is you sharing your open, unabashed wonder and elan! On more than one occasion I have experienced a very childish sensation, much like sneaking behind the couch to eaves drop on a conversation from which my little cousin and I had been banished! It is as if, Little Naomi has taken Little Kelli by the hand and brought her to a massive and ancient tome saying, “We know the story they told us but, THIS is what is really written in the Book!” Isn’t that curious, to feel positively naughty, studying the Word of GOD?

Considering the reading is forbidden on YouTube adds some credence to the emotion and sensation engendered! I’m sure you are aware of Twitter’s new CEO? It will not surprise me one bit if your lessons on that platform are taken down too. The technical glitches should be expected as well. According to a whistle blower, when the sale to Musk was recognized as a soon to be reality, a ‘super-woke, fact-checking’ AI was created and released onto the internet. It runs in real time, in the background across all Google-friendly platforms, 24-7. You may have noticed the glitches at key points and times? Every knock is a boost.

Please continue? I fear when I tell others about this project, I transform into a bit of an immature zealot. Eyes wide, leaning close, I’ve heard myself say “She knows Hebrew! She reads it aloud, the real words! And then translates them into English! She doesn’t just give a definition either, she explains the meaning! Not only that, she translates the old ‘thee / thou’ stuff into modern English too, she makes it seem effortless! She’s reading the Bible we’ve never heard before and introducing our awesome God to us as we never even dared hope He actually is!” Oh! I believe that may be a pearl sliding down my other cheek now! How lovely! Thank you!

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I know many “completed” Jews.

Like the Apostles, they embrace their Jewishness AND their Christianity.

Put it this way: They love Holy Mother Church AND Grandmother Judaism.

After all, don’t you love your parents and grandparents without choosing one over the other?

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It all blows my mind, Semitic Semantics, the concepts of God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, sects, denominations, tribalism, movements, interpretations, etc. and then, or course, Freemasonry.

What goes on in the minds of men?

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

“The Soviets didn't raze synagogues because Communism was an expression of the Jewish "egregore." Christians and Jews apparently do not worship the same God. The Christian God represented by Jesus is universal love and brotherhood. The Jewish God has been supplanted by a Cabalistic egregore that "serves" elite Jews. It represents their ruthless sociopathic urge for world dominion. The same egregore--the desire to
supplant God-- animates the New World Order.” https://henrymakow.com/001924.html

A commencement speech from a student at CUNY's law school is being slammed as antisemitic as pro-Israel groups and allies demand the school be stripped of public funding.


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This must be really interesting, from you. Me for one I am not on Twitter so could you post the text here instead, if possible? I love these theological discussions, so much to learn from. Actually, I keep following courses for free at the Dallas Theological Seminar, preferably by late dr Toussaint, which are extraordinary and can be recommended. I like the turning to God, because it seems sort of devilish what the other side, the banksters and the weffers, is keeping on doing. So, we the people, certainly need all the help from God that we can get to master this horrible, poisoned genocide.

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P.S. I have only seen one substantial video teaching on iniquity in the Christian church in 40 years. That is why God views it as the apostate church. One has to experience God directly, void of any medium in order to have their hearts cleansed of iniquity. I can find and post that video if your tribe is interested.

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Good morning Naomi.... thank you for giving voice to, and providing a platform for open discussion regarding this most important topic. As soon as I read "distortions of the text" I knew full well where you were going with this. The word 'distortions' means twisted, warped, bent, unrighteous, wicked or one word that covers all - the biblical word 'Iniquity'. Please do a word study on this one word as it is no doubt the core, root issue in today's society. Your tribe deserves to have understanding and wisdom regarding this - 'Iniquity' of heart means corruption of heart - we all have it - however, there is only One remedy for it - I have dedicated my newest Substack to the last part of your talk at Hillsdale College. You have made a bold move here - well done Naomi! Don't forget to read this yourself- the analogy might just blow you away! https://graemehopkins.substack.com/p/meet-the-god-you-may-not-know-experientially

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I'm not entirely sure what's going on with you and that Geneva Bible of yours, but what I am hearing from you is the plain meaning of the text. Please keep it up!

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That’s exactly what would happen like elide in translation by humans. I just remembered a great quote from late Dr. Rashid Buttar “God means Good, Man means Madness”. Anything natural touched by humans could cause some madness such as our food and medicine. Please be mindful what we eat, drink and injectables.

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I found you two years ago and have enjoyed every post. I readily subscribed to Substack just to read all of your posts. I am glad that pride did not get in the way of you recognizing the bioweapon for what it is. I wish my liberal friends could see the truth. My bible study group has been praying for

all along for receive Jesus. The only way to the Father is thru His Son Jesus!

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The vast majority of the earth's inhabitants are more than light years away from our Creator - in every respect.

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I appreciate your effort especially relating the human beings to God i love to see more of that but i can’t afford to upgrading your channel.

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It’s beautiful to watch you fall in love with Him♥️ There is nothing in this life that compares.

I’m curious if you’ve discovered The Chosen and also Rabbi Jason Sobel, who is an adviser on The Chosen. The more you know, the more you will want to know for eternity. How incredibly blessed are we?🙏🏻

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I wonder if you're familiar with the teachings about the significance of what happened at Exodus 19:8. I've heard multiple pastors describe how here is when things changed relationally between God and Israel because of how sure the people were about themselves: "All that the Lord has spoken we will do." Before this they grumbled and complained and God provided essentially on demand, largely bypassing rules. Right after this, the law / rules were given essentially changing the relationship, and some say changing the covenant between God and Israel. I haven't had the chance to get more into this but it's fascinating, especially in the context of you post wrt the nature of God and His desire to be close to His people. If any readers have information on this please comment.

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