Nice to hear from people who are not afraid to say what they see!

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Oct 6, 2023·edited Oct 7, 2023

In other words our economy is fake. But then we live in a world full of fakery, so of course it would just have to be. Fake pandemic, fake vaccines, fake science, fake men/women, fake elections, Gorebull Warning, fake "hate crimes"...

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That's incredibly helpful!!!

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Thanks, fascinating interview!

But unless we revere to the neu religious fundamentalism it’s for nothing.

Those in charge now want much more than power and money. How much more power & money can the likes of Gates, Elon etc have.

They are driven by ancient death cult ideals. I’m an agnostic but at this point it’s actually indisputable.

So why petition the pple who did al this to us ? The ones who are chosen as “global leaders” because they will toe the line for a socially serfdom of surveillance and & control, after they thin the herd.

They are fundamentally misanthropic.

Many aren’t even hiding it any more. Elon musk stil has his bio photo of his Halloween costume.

The costume is called “the devils soldier” and the breast plate has an upside cross.

It’s beyond his aims (surveillance tech etc) & ideology & associates.

Don’t forget his Reverse priest outfit for the Met, (white suit, black collar) with New World Order in Latin embroidered on on it.

All a matter of record.

His child’s mother, Grimes, he lauded as a “black high witch” his mother seems to have the same ideology, constantly throwing up gang signs like covering one eye etc.

Why is this relevant ? Because it connects the finance, to the ideology, to the vaccine in its new incarnation.

The 2.0 vaccines Gstes, WHO, DARPA, Vaxxas are funding and trialling.

They are skin patches - aiming for a scannable QR code, (for adding data like ID, banking etc).

Called MicroArray vaccine patches now (MAPS). Quantum dot tattoo shots old nane.

A mark on wrist near biometric of fingerprint.

What if No limbs ? Iris is near forehead.both hand and head require little disrobing (eg modesty Muslim religion) and used now in airports.

Vx Patch chosen by “free will”.


Because they’re Satanists.

So I ask again, what good is it to petition those put in control, currently in control ?

Would they be there unless they toed the line ?

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Here is the detailed version of information on this QR code vaccine. All of the other shots have just been a Trojan horse for this so called SMART vaccine, which a digital currency can be linked to quite easily.

This was the reason the “no one gets left behind” sentiment was pushed with regards vaccines.

And as we know, it certainly was not about prioritising our “health and safety”.

It’s was totalitarian tip toe, towards a very *specific* I.D. / surveillance / control system.

But one aspect of this strategy was overlooked.

The “Health Passports” used a *QR code* system and scanners.

This QR use is a pivotal facet.

It’s connected to the Gates GAVI /CEPI / WHO Vaccine alliance 2.0 Covid vaccine.

They collectively supported the creation of a subdermal vaccine microneedle patch as developed by Rice University and M.I.T. University.

The 2.0 Covid vaccine the Gates Foundation is referring to as recently as January 2023.

It’s intended functionally occurs after its embedded in the skin of the wrist for a short period.

Quantum dot "tattoos" record patient vaccine history under their skin and are said to have multiple other potential benefits, with the potential for recording other data.

That is for example, financial data to assist the disenfranchised “great unbanked” easier means of connectivity to financial records.

Or of course the foreshadowed central band digital currency.

(“Chips” are extremely dated tech by now, as Gstes said adding they can “be surgically removed” such an interesting concern… ).

This class of vaccine can also be referred to as SMART vaccine, one which can be optimised to retain data of vaccination records I.D. tied to biometrics, plus digital banking (via for example MasterCards TRUST-STAMP & blockchain).

It was originally called the “Quantum Dot Tattoo vaccine” (a bond like name 🤷🏻‍♀️).

Many researching the topic may well be aware of the Quantum dot tattoo, the SMART vaccines and the more basic formats being trialled now on humans, such as the MAPs (micro allay patch vaccines).

However there is one element which is referred to rarely and not well known.

Just like the health Passports, within this new 2.0 class of patch vaccine, one that has officially had reference made to having a specific “pattern”.

VERY important references by MIT developers made about this pattern such as that’s it’s :

“Like in a Qr type or bar code pattern”.. (Ana jaklenac, chief researcher scientist associated w quantum dot tattoo is BBC travel internet article).

Rice University News also cited Kevin McHugh saying Gates came to them seeking some kind of brand which could show who had been vaccinated. “Like a bar code”.

We all know that the QR code is an updated bar code.

(Is it a co-incidence that health passports had a QR code pattern) ?

The luminescence is via a luciferase bio-enzyme pattern and nanotech.

(It *shines* hence, we can suppose, the interesting moniker the fruit fly enzyme was given).

The bio enzyme pattern is not actually visible to the naked eye, but may be optimised to shine and be registered via a phone app facilitated scanner.

So what does that actually mean in the real world ?

Just like the vaxx passport, - our *wrists* will be able to be scanned.

It can in fact even be read from “a distance and any angle”,

(That’s the marketing brag of an International health passport company regarding their own kind of current QR product passport and scanners ).

Access for services and permissions for entry could as now, be granted or denied based on your acceptance of a product or cattle like *permanent* stamp /brand.

Forcible taken away to the Orwellian titled WellCamps (detention centers) indefinitely for declining ?

Dystopian much ?

If you are is interested in the wider details of this strategy and how these alliances could concievable coerce pple to accept this wrist brand - or in marketing speak “hip new tattoo” - I’d be happy to email on my fully referenced essay on this hugely important issue.

I have also included a detailed case study of a U.N. And U.K. government backed health passport cybersecurity company.

One who remarkably had a product ready for first quarter 2020 to roll out to over 25 countries.

(As an interesting aside, the young CEO has had an actual tattoo on his left wrist, of a their advanced QR code for many years, though in media now it’s typically covered by a large watch).

This same U.N. associated company, VST enterprises,has also developed a digital, cryptcoin blockchain currency.

They are marketing this product now in the Philippines.

Perhaps these are companies we need to keep a much closer eye on to investigate their ethics, associations and ideologies?

The 100+ references of this essay are all reputable and reliable and I hope anyone who is interested requests a free copy.

I’m really trying to share this info widely.

Unlike even paper or digital, there is nothing hackable or crackable or adaptable about being a branded slave human.

Yet there is always hope, if enough know about this the totalitarian tip toe cannot continue.

Hopefully too the thrusts will see it bears bizarre similarities to their prophetic writings. (For us agnostics it’s readable as an aimed for concurrence).

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How does he handle thevpart in the Constitution that says that only the Government can issue money?

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No, the true masters almost never speak directly to the public about their satanic ideas/ plans, and if they do, it is not so openly.

They know that their satanic ideas will not please many people. Fearing that their projects might fail, they stay in the background and play the philanthropists who love humanity, not hate and want to destroy it.

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.The fiscal spending insanity you dread begins with and is pushed by the Federal Reserve. Every dollar of deficit spending is a dollar gained by the Federal Reserve for Globalist spending on WHO, UN, Covid-19, Soros’ corrupt campaigning, embedded corrupt politicians, WEF, laundered by BlackRock [?], or other Great Reset projects. The Fed has supplied $33 Trillion for this agenda via their exclusive handling of auctions of Treasury securities---WITH NO AUDITS.

In the event someone has the opportunity to question a Federal Reserve representative at a hearing, allow me to propose a few rudimentary queries, with anticipated responses. They will reveal how $33 Trillion has disappeared over the past one hundred years. Historic posted TreasuryDirect Institutional auction tabulations have been reformatted to obscure the exposed flow of Treasury security auction funds exclusively managed by the FRBNY. Ref. 31 CFR §375.3. The auction accounts have never been audited; they are client accounts of government money, they are not operational accounts.


Question: When the government wants to initiate a deficit spending process { between $1-2 trillion annually}, is the procedure initiated by the U.S. Treasury sending a Congressional approved Treasury security to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York City [Bank] ?

Answer: [Yes].

Q: Does the Bank then credit a government account with the value of the received security which the Treasury can, by checks, expend to pay obligations of the government ? [Yes].

Q: And the supplier of goods or services who receives such payment can deposit the check in their account at a commercial bank and withdraw funds in the form of Federal Reserve Notes ? [Yes}. [and that is book-entry fiat money and inflation}

Q: Does the Bank, after crediting the government account, then move the security to the Department of the Bank that is formatting Treasury securities to be auctioned for government money to pay for the redeeming of maturing Treasury securities in the market {>$15 trillion annually}? [Yes].

Q: Is the value of the Deficit Spending security broken into components that are added to the securities being prepared for auction ? [Yes].

Q: Have the results of the auctions been historically tabulated as Redeeming Securities and New Cash and published in TreasuryDirect Institutional auction results ? [Yes]

Q: Does the New Cash listing identify the Deficit Spending component ? [Yes]

Q: Has this auction process of government Deficit Spending totaled $33 Trillion over the past 100 years ? [Yes].

Q: Does the Bank, as fiscal agent of the government, have exclusive control of auction funds and any related operation they wish to claim ? [Yes] Ref. 31 CFR §375.3.

Q: Have the accounts of the above auctioned government marketable funds ever been audited by the GAO or an independent auditor ? [No] {The GAO has standing authority to audit the handling of any government funds. The Bloomberg v Fed case, 2nd Circuit CoA, 2010 declared such records are subject to FOIA.}

Q: What is the disposition of the “New Cash” tabulation listed in TreasuryDirect ?

And this is where the SHTF. The witness will attempt to say the money is used to pay government bills but there is no documentation of the government receiving the funds. The concept would conflict with the first three questions. If it occurred, it would be the same flow of money as a taxpayer paying taxes; i.e., from the market to government. Such a flow would not result in inflation nor would it increase the National Debt. The New Cash can only go to a private entity as profit. One possible entity would be the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Inc., as a closely held corporation not required to file with the SEC. All profit of the Fed legally belongs to the government.

An audit would eliminate any question as to the accuracy of this analysis, would expose the nefarious plot of globalism, and would open a path for fiscal sanity..

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I listed the most important articles I’ve published at my Substack site and provided brief text explaining WHY I thought they were important. I’d love to see more Substack authors do the same thing. I think some of our “best stories” are missed or don’t get the attention they warrant.


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Thank you!

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36% of the GDP comes from federal spending! And rising . That’s not good.

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Oct 3, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

His point about not being easy to convert/spend actual gold or silver is relevant. A government gold-backed currency would help, but it is hard to see how that could be put in place in time before the crash. In the meantime, can anyone sell me a few of their zucchinis from their garden? I can pay with a gold coin (or bar).

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There is always barter. When USSR collapsed, people were exchanging bottles of vodka as currency. Wine in general would work. Plus gold / silver will likely be more readily accepted after the crash when people see the need. No one just sees the need at this time. Maybe online marketplaces where people can exchange stuff for points? I am sure there will be more ideas when / if the crisis comes.

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Oct 3, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Professor Richard Werner believes the recent inflation is caused by massive money printing the last few years, much like the inflation in the 1970's was caused by money printing, and not an oil crisis.

Interview with Professor Richard Werner about inflation and CBDC's (Ivor Cummins - July 2023)


Professor Werner's reference list https://thefatemperor.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Prof-Richard-Werner-Links-to-some-key-works.pdf

Professor Werner's book: https://quantumpublishers.com/uk-cart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50

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Oct 3, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Excellent interview. I am suddenly very encouraged for the first time in a long time - this legislation seems like a very doable solution. (I didn't say easy, but definitely worth the effort and Mr. Freeman seems very confident it would do the trick - if he's confident, then I am.) (Very interesting about The Wizard of Oz as well.) I guess you're going to get sick of hearing me say "Thank you Ms. Wolf," but I must: Thank you Ms. Wolf!

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the yellow bricked road, wizard of oz, silver ounces oz, ruby slippers that were silver slippers. Ruby to mean the red shoes worn by satanists like vatican. NIce. Never heard these metaphors before.

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