so we finally have a debate in the " The mother of parliaments " re eccess deaths, now way past anything 'claimed' by the 'covid fraud',-UK Nurse, so far when the very few MP's, only Tories, have questiioned vaccines, all the other MP's run away. So what will it reveal?

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Nixon Is Off on 2d Trip to China To Revisit Scenes of a Triumph

By Robert Lindsey; Special to The New York Times

Feb. 21, 1976

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20— Richard M. Nixon set out today on his second trip to China, this time as a private citizen invited by the Chinese Government to revisit the scene of one of the brightest moments of his Presidency.

With his wife, Pat, and a small group of aides, Mr. Nixon took off from Los Angeles International Airport this morning in a Chinese Boeing 707 jetliner that came here to pick up the party.

After fueling stops in Anchorage and Tokyo, the jetliner is scheduled to land in the Chinese capital at 9 P.M. tomorrow, Peking time (8 A.M. Saturday, New York time).

Mr. Nixon is returning to China four years after the 1972 agreement to open formal contacts between China and the United States, ending 22 years of hostility.



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Many thanks for your post and the interview. I did this on June Raine, Chief Executive of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the United Kingdom.

Why does she not stop the shots? She has been at fault for much longer than just the COVID 19 nonsense though, it goes back to the early 2000's.


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Dr Paul Spradbery's blog

El Escritor Inglés - 'As Deadly as World War 1'

"Something strange but welcome happened to me a couple of days ago. While paying for petrol at a station fifty miles from home, the cashier, a young man no older than twenty, said to me, quite casually:

‘I take it you won’t be having a COVID booster injection.’

‘No,’ I replied. ‘I don’t have a death wish.’

His unexpected remark caught me on the hop.

Given that he almost certainly did not know who I was, I drove away picturing the wary expression on his face and wondered:

if he had thought nothing of bringing up the subject of the clot shot to a passing stranger, then perhaps he is representative of millions of other people just like himself...."

Excerpts of Edward Dowd's interview with Dr Naomi Wolf is also quoted here in italics with linkback to dailyclout.io, full interview.


Vigilant Fox Substack on same interview and Tucker Carlson's warning of the nature of their distraction from the obvious:


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Naomi, I know you have spent a lot of time covering damages inflicted upon women and fertility....I had not heard there were VAERS reports from young girls, as young as 5-11 who have experienced adverse events. Most disturbing:


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Dr John dr john campbell, is showing the data, re exxess deaths in many countries,he pushed the jabs at the beginning?

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For compelling testimony under oath, regarding how insanely unsafe these toxins are check out the website here: https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/live/.

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Great interview, Naomi. I was an early publicizer of life insurance data, virus origins, and vaccine dangers. Then Ed Dowd and Alex Berenson came along and began reporting identical information to much larger audiences, so I yielded to them and now focus my attentions elsewhere. I'm thrilled to read your reports, and those from Ed and Alex. Please keep on fighting the good fight, and may God bless you all and keep you safe.

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G'mar chatima tova, Dr. Wolfe

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They mandated AFTER they knew about the Cardiac and clotting issues? Straight up genocide. Impeach and prosecute. Ther eis no governmental immunity for willful and wanton disregard.

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Thank you both for sharing this information in a way we can get it and share it. It is criminal these are still being pushed on the "still sleeping" and all the suffering we are witnessing.

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State Farm insurance did not mandate employees take the clot shot.

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Great job with your FOIA indicating massive cover up by the White House. Thry knew and didnt care.

While they were freaking out here and lying to the American peoplev they were threatening Mike Adams of Health Ranger to remove his podcast regarding vaccine injuries to our teenage kids 12 to 17. Check with Mike Adams. Threatening to cover up vaccine injuries like blood clots and myocarditis is so criminal a grand jury needs to be convened to deal with it.

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Sent this and your interview with Bannon off to some brits I know. There's a lot of censorship there and they were stunned.

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Ms Sharav comments from a very uniquely entitled position having survived the holocaust and having endured her son’s death by experimental pharmaceuticals as a patient with mental illness.

She is unbelievably wise and her distillations will blow you away.

She is interviewed by alternative sites and not mainstream media ( what a surprise) She spoke as a survivor at the 75 anniversary of the Nuremberg Trails this past year but was censored by German media!

She has been interviewed by Childrens Heath Defense and may be found there.

She is a true national treasure. Beautiful lady. Recently she has produced an excellent documentary “Never Again”.

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I like Edward Dowd because he admits when he is speculating. The influx of people (illegal immigrants) into Europe and the Uk is staggering. They will take the place of all those who die from covid vaxx.

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