Humans are unique beings. We are differentiated from other creatures by having some component (soul, spirit, etc.) that has some sort of a connection to this other, perhaps spirit world. It certainly exists but we humans do not really understand it. At all. Depending on the person involved, it is considered a plaything, a new adventure, a place to access new, hidden knowledge, a place to gain unlimited power. The fact there are so many different interpretations means that we do not actually know. As with any place that is not our area of origin and which we do not understand, a great deal of caution is advised. If we are not able to walk down a street and know whether a stranger that we meet is good or evil, wise or foolish, the even more so in this spiritual realm. Folklore is filled with tales of non-world beings that span the entire range from good and wise, to the benign, the mischievous, and the totally evil. And, it appears, that their knowledge of humans and their ability to interact with us far exceeds ours. Therefore, the utmost level of caution is well advised.

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Thank you Naomi for another enlightening piece. You are most certainly right in your experiences, which I partly can join, and i certainly wish more people would come out and recognize both the good but especially the evil energies. The latter are understandably not well seen in our enlightened society, but nevertheless there and at work, especially in these awful hardly comprehensible and upside down traumatizing times of weaponized compassion that we are going through. The biblical Revelation is one teaching, but maybe not the only one. If our own time is not that interested in these things, maybe we should try former times way back and see wherever there might be more guidance. I suggest going over to India and the Indian ancient books, temples and learnings which might cast some more light in these respects.

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She meant that she was willing to help, but needed to know how to do so. There was no elaboration on Natali's part, so no help.

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I am way late; but just found the PERfect Emerson quote:

"We see the river glide below us but we see not the river that glides over us and envelopes us in its floods"

Journal June 19 1840 JMN 7:499

RWE and his friend Henry would often walk to a high embankment ("Conantum") above the Sudbury River and Fair Haven Bay and marvel at the scene spread out below them.

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Although your personal narratives are

Priceless and conveys a rawness rare

In human experience (and one can only

Applaud the bravery necessary to figuratively stand naked), it must be

obvious that the continuity of the human species, (if not the human perspective)

Is in dear jeopardy, and that if one considers That at the core of writing of things most Feared is the ideal of self sacrifice for The betterment of a humanity facing extinction, then perhaps your efforts And renown journalistic finesse would be Better suited toward exploring

A common origin of multiple existential

Threats vis a vis the military industrial

Pharmaceutical high tech complex

In which a short list of currently ongoing

Programs being aggressively carried out

( paid in part in by the public) would have to include:

1.) There are multiple money trails and

Documents pointing toward US DOD/

DARPA origins of engineered RNA technology resulting in the covid 19

plandemic, whose spread grossly deviated from statistical models of a

Pathogen, which there was no patient zero, As military athletes attending the war games in Wuhan in September 2019

Reported symptoms identical to the

So-called virus, and in which multiple

Laboratories reported large number of snake and marine toxins in the blood

Of the "infected", which could only occur due to rna/DNA encoding.

2) the 24/7 roll out f 5g during the lock

Down, is a technology originally developed by the military as a weapon

In which those being continuously radiated by its ubiquitous presence induces symptoms identical to covi19

Including shutdown red blood cell production, acidification of the blood,

Blood clotting leading to inability to

Breath, heart attacks and strokes.

3) the current geo engineering and

Weaponization of the weather threatening crop production, human health, and exponentially decreasing

Environmental robustness, currently being run by the US Air force In tandem

With aerospace Corporations and certain

Political families (AKA the Bushes who

Have the contract to dispose of fly ash

From coal power plants).

4) in tandem with geoengineering

Is military manipulation of the ionosphere

And the Schuman reasonance ( affecting

Everything from plant growth, human

Immune response, brain functioning, etc

In which it is known that systemic heating

And cooling of the atmosphere can and

Does Induce earthquakes, volcanic erruptions And Tsunamis .

5) many whistle blowers, and Documents

Exist ( and a community College size library could be filled with non fiction books on the subject) detailing factions

Of the military and multitudes of intelligence agencies are involve in illegal

Human sex trafficking, arm trade, and

Narcotic trafficking as a means to fund

Black projects and other covert programs.

6) the centralization of media ownership

By six corporations was a direct result

Of the militarization of information

Under Ronald Regan that allowed

Total filtration and censorship molded

Under discretionary auspices and preferences of elite intelligence

Agencies and prominent members

Of the military which directly allowed

The bald face manipulation of the public

By such events as Waco (military operations) Oklahoma City Bombing,

9/11 resulting in the military seizure of

It's funding machine via Fasa b56 in 2017

Under Trump, which directly led to the

Covid crises in order to prop up an imploding global economy..

7) total military control of all knowledge

And perception through media messaging and 24/7 surveillance Of

The public in real time: total military and

Corporate contractors thereof, control

Of the UFO file, the presence of ETs on

Earth, the archeological dig in Antarctica,

Alien bases and ruins on the moon, mars,

Venus, extensive alien presence orbiting

Saturn, Jupiter. Totalxand complete

Control of the historical record and

Narrative of life past and present on earth

Naomi you have a short time to help people wake up before the war with either China or Russia...followed byeconomic collapse and starvation

Now is the time to show your cards

And to chose which side you are on


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The greatest breakthrough in spiritual history was in Jesus. This is the most mysterious thing I can speak of. Especially, in the death of Jesus.

So much happened when Jesus died. To put it in one little theological box is not possible and

is definitely selling the good news way short. When Jesus died I was included in his life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and glory. The wages of sin were paid and I was given the gift of God. He ransomed me from my abject poverty by taking on my poverty, my sin, and my death and my enslavement. According to John 12:31 he took my judgment. He took the separation that sin caused me with God. He took every consequence of sin. He took all of humanity in himself and started a new human race for those of us who believe. He provided me new righteous garments and got rid of my filth. He opened a purifying fountain and removed our iniquity in one day. He made it so we can stand. He tasted death for every man. He destroyed the one who has the power of death. He propitiated for our sins. He bore our sins. He He abolished death and brought life and immortality to light. Before we were not qualified but when we looked to him we are qualified, delivered, transferred, redeemed, forgiven, created, reconciled. And I'm sure much more!!! God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of Christ. Galatians 6:14 It truly is the most mysterious and powerful thing that has ever invaded our world.

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Thought to share an experience where the Kaddish was of use. I was not sure until reading your post whether the Kaddish could be used to help those outside of the Jewish faith in moving on. It has been many years since that word even crossed my mind.

The story began with a little boy who had died at the age of eight of Leukemia. Most of the child's life had been a struggle. Henry stayed around this graveyard as it was here and only here his mother would come and weep oceans of tears there ,sitting on a stone bench. It is truly rare for a soul to linger at their own graveside. Henry blamed himself for all the quarrels between his parents through the years and so it was guilt that trapped him there. Henry would become scared on 'All Saints Day'when crowds of people showed up and would light hundreds of candles all over the graveyard. This was explained to Henry along with the fact that he need not bear any guilt from the short life he lived ,this time around. Instead, to be proud of the shining light he was, to all around him. When Henry was ready, his Grandma came to collect him. He skipped off with her, hand in hand. They were going to fry Grandma's meatballs together.

So, where did the Kaddish come in ? Well,it didn't,yet.

It came to our attention that another soul was there also,unable to move on. It was a sibling that noticed him ,a tall elderly man dressed in black with a white shirt and a distinctive hat. I had been standing on his grave unknowingly as he was buried under a broad walking path that runs down the middle of the graveyard. The twin line of trees were not yet planted at the time of his death. He had been 'escorted' there by three brutes. The year was late 1942. The days were short,the weather harsh. Nature's howls and the darkness would shroud their evil act. He was shot in the head,his body then kicked roughly into the waiting grave. The trauma of this experience pinned him to the spot.

I then found the Kaddish online and wrote down a phonetic version of the prayer. A few days later I found a window of time to go to that place with my 'Phonetic Kaddish' in pocket along with a torch. There was a storm that night,the rain was lashing sideways as I entered the graveyard,the time was a little after midnight. I was a ways in when I noticed a tall dark figure coming from the right,walking across the grass wearing a distinctive black hat. The figure proceeded to walk through a hedge ,unhindered ,then another, and then a final one in a diagonal fashion ,forward and to my left. I froze. He was heading to the same place I was. I 'pondered' over what I would do now. I decided to continue. At his burial place I pulled out my paper,lit my torch and began reading the Kaddish with what was probably the most atrocious Yiddish accent imaginable . The ballpoint ink was merging with the paper from the lashing rain. I read aloud. It was done . The old gentleman gave a respectful bow and headed off to heal and onwards to new adventures. As I walked home in the downpour,soaked through I thought of the scene I'd just had the starring role in from the perspective of an onlooker and threw my head back in hearty laughter. No disrespect intended, it just seemed so mad,but there you go. So to make a long story short,the Kaddish works for all.

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My comment? Absolutely beautiful, my dear, sweet, and blessed Naomi, both your words and your perspective are truly "heavenly"... thank you for sharing. I knew from the first time that I saw and heard you that you are one I need to pay attention to.

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Beautiful Naomi- It seems that more and more people are willing to imagine what they dismissed before. Thank you for coming out with your experiences.

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I love that story!! It reminds me of what many near death experiencers have reported - that colors in the next realm are unimaginably beautiful compared to this world.

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Naomi, thanks for sharing our godtype J.Cahn style research in the past! The Biblical godtype patterns are encoded in our Country! The 4th turning Bannon speaks of is truly Biblical.... And the Times are precise! https://godtype.substack.com/p/godtypes-july-patriot-month-journal

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My encounter with the sacred happened in the Fall of 1980, when I had the opportunity to visit Lourdes, France. I wanted to go for a number of reasons, least of which was that I had taken St. Bernadette’ s name as my Confirmation name. I entered the area where the grotto was/is and it was packed. I don’t know if Mass was being said (my french is awful) or it was simply a prayer service. The river was steps behind me and sooo many people in front of me I really couldn’t see anything. So, I started focusing on on what was around me. I noticed there was no breeze, the leaves on the trees were not moving and no birds singing either( outside the grotto it was breezy and lots of birdsong). Everything was just STILL. I wasn’t afraid but my companions told me later they felt totally weirded out. They noticed what I did. Again, I wasn’t afraid and a word popped in my head: Home

Not sure why, maybe assurance from Heaven, but I felt very serene and content at that shrine.

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God has given you the gift of discernment.

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Wow. Thanks Naomi, for promising God to write about the things you were afraid to write about. I thought you were fantastic before, but now you soar beyond. Writing about the "about good and evil energies; about healing and killing energies; and about sacred and profane energies" touches “the Sublime.” When you wrote about your experiences during your visit to Guantanamo, I had to stop reading and let a day pass before I could continue.

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Love your writing, insight, and willingness to peer into the knowing/unknowing. This is one of my favorite Paulo Coelho quotes.

"Rarely do we realize that we are in the midst of the extraordinary. Miracles occur all around us, signs from God show us the way, Angels plead to be heard."

Also love bible verses that mention 'the Light' or 'Holy Spirit'.

1st Thessalonians 5:4-5 You brethren are not in darkness…..You are children of Light.

Thomas 1:50 If they say to you, where have you come from? say to them, we have come from the Light, from the place where the Light came into being by itself.

John 8:12 I am the Light of the world. He that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of life.

John 14:26 The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have told you.

Acts 1:8 You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witness ….. to the ends of the earth.

2nd Corinthians 1:22 He......put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.

1st John 4:4 You…..are from God, Greater is He (the Holy Spirit) who is in you, than he (the devil) who is in the world.

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What great insights. Will shout this piece out in dwyt. And Look forward to reading more of your spiritual experiences. And may God heal you quickly Naomi!

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