Very True. Prophecies from the Yahweh Adonai I AM That I AM God, in the Name of Jesus Christ Christ=The Messiah Yeshua Holy Mighty Powerful Name,

Has Given His Prophets Word, Kim Clement House of Destiny Network, Arkofgrace-ministries Amanda Grace, TimothyvDixion, Kent Christmas, Hank Kunneman Lord of Hosts Church, Johnny Enlow Restore7Minisry, Robin D. Bullock also Prophet Robin wife Robin (Direct Family member of Azusa St Revival's) Church International Warrior Alabama, Julie Green Ministries International, Platforms such as this The LORD is Blessing the United States of America FlyoverConservatives Thrivetimeshow Clay Clark (The Reawaken America Tour vs The Reset;

The LORD is calling upon All of us to Come Together and Do What Most Need's must be done, We're in a Spiritual Warfare Battle and We must Unite Focused on The Firm Foundation of Faith Maturity is a Key Factor.

God is Absolutely Good, His Plan's for Our Future Are To Bring God back into The 7 Mountains of Influence. The Glory of The LORD is Going to Wipe out the Rats Nest Across the world and Establish The LORD Thy God will.

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Dr Naomi, i'm about to listen to this, but first - the subscription center is down, so i could not become a paid supporter today. Please put my subscrip (when they fix the problem in the system) toward your security team on your next trip

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'And factually baseless" xiden

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Hi Naomi

Loved your book. However you had me until the chapters entitled Have the ancient gods returned? And the Last Taboo. I appreciated the wrangling about what possibly could be going on in this world to provoke the evil we are witnessing right now or over the last 3 years. It is an honest and open commentary.

You write: “I feel as if …the physical world has almost melted away…the institutions we thought were permanent have visibly collapsed….[into] positive and negative


Your understanding (if I may summarize): humanity has been divided into two modes of perception…some can clearly see evil while others cannot. The battle between good and evil is a spiritual one and is the battle of our time. Perhaps…according to “what feels intuitive” to you is that we have released our hold of God’s covenant and as a result, God has “withdrawn, and left us to our own devices—-so we can see for ourselves how we will do when we depend on humans alone.” In the absence of God’s protection, we may be experiencing “what Hell itself looks like.”

I love your mind and willingness to change course with new presentation of fact or argument. So, in the spirit of friendship, I offer the following. We indeed are in a spiritual battle. Those who are inhabited by the Holy Spirit are able to discern things that unbelievers cannot. We have been given the “mind of Christ” (not literally) according to Scripture. But this is nothing new….Satan has been roaming the earth like a lion looking for those he might devour since the beginning of time. That peace …that freedom….that you recognized in many of your new friends just may be the product of an understanding and belief that God through Christ has already won the battle. And the covenant was fulfilled through Christ. God has promised never to leave us even until the end of the age. What that looks like is predicted and we cannot rely on our human intuition to define it. God has never left his creation….hell is indeed the absence of God but this is not that. Hell will be far worse than the evil we witness today. We are not surprised by those whose hearts have become hardened and have been given over to evil ….we are instructed by Pharoah’s hardened heart in Egypt in the OT and by Jesus in the NT who said ‘don’t be surprised’ by the evil of our day but know that I have already overcome it. We have evil because we are given free choice but he remains sovereign and providential …perhaps not in the way we would intuit that a divine being would act or should act but God clearly tells us in scripture that his ways are not our ways. And he tells us that in the “last days” hearts will grow cold and we will hear only what we want to hear….in our narrated echo chamber. But he has always said that we will face the natural consequences of our evil acts …I am just a few years older than you and it may seem that we have left peace and landed in the pit in just the last 3 years…,but we are just witnessing a different version of the same old thing. Think about our wars and the unrest in the sixties. The difference is that back then we all basically had the same definition of good and evil…today they’ve been flipped….however the Hitlers of the world argued that their actions were for the good of society. I think we just are witnessing it on a level that is hitting closer to home. For example, the turning of all of your liberal elite friends on you must be particularly poignant and painful.

You are correct that unbelievers cannot believe anything that is not supported by empirical evidence …they are deceived. Yet they believe in gravity and other mechanisms that cannot be seen. The materialistic worldview has been thoroughly and utterly debunked; science is often a philosophical exercise, given the narratives that must be protected at all costs. How can they be so deceived and so cold? We are all evilly inclined via our fallen nature and only the Holy Spirit can change the direction of that inclination. We do have evidence for the historicity of Christ (science!) and his resurrection …which (historicity) separates Christianity from all other belief systems. (I would be most happy to share with you). He did ascend but left the Spirit in those who believe in him to guide and comfort …to tell or warn about what lies ahead.

I am a former lawyer and also a Christian apologist…I pray that you might be open to some evidence that you or anyone may not be familiar with so you may find the answers you are searching for. You deserve that peace.

A friend, Shelley

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Hello Dr. Wolfe,

I just finished listening to your voice singing the words you wrote so beautifully. Hearing you bring the words alive so lovingly is heartbreaking and enlightening. Thank you for allowing me into your heart a little bit more.

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I’m currently reading this book! This is a must read for every American, especially fed up, misguided liberals.

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just bought audio version. I have dyslexia so reading a book is a challenge but listening is good so am very glad you have that out there for us. Hearing it makes my hungry for a sit down conversation with you and Bryan and since I'm no one important and you both have busy schedules, that won't happen. My dad was a professor of musi and my mom was artist and art teacher. I grew up with uinversity people and brilliant people all around. I miss that depth of conversation.

Many of your chapters reminded me of 1960 and following when basically universities around the western world had protests every end of semester which we realized was intended to prevent students of that day from actually "earning" a degree. Most of the leaders of the protests were offering arguments that made no sense yet the masses of student followers would cheer as if they understood and agreed. At the time I wondered what the world would be like in this era when these same students were grown and in control. Now I know and me fears for this age have come true ... we still need to find enough :thinking" people as you have become, to fight again to keep the next genearation from becoming even moree dumbed down, from being murdered physically, spiritually, and mentally.

I too spent school years feeling a bit as an outsider trying to fit in with the other students. The difference between us is that although my mother leaned toward the liberal at times I remained more conservative but always appreciated all people. I leared it from my great uncle whom we spent every Sunday with dinner and playing contract bridge.

Your reminding people of the Whiite House being open to visitors until the last quarter of the 19th centurey reminded me that my great aunt as a young woman was sent to the store to get a bag of sugar and on the way home she saw there was a reception at the White House to she got off the trolley and went in to pay her respects. After going around shaking hands with everyone, she proceeded back to the trolley to find that her bag of sugar was empty...her humbreslla poked a hole in the bag and she left a trail of sugar all around the white House.

Your story brought back memories. I am very glad you worked with Henry Ealy, what a wonderful teacher. Your wins to end masks, mandates, and fight for opening people's eyes to much of what is leading people astray, your learning and helping others to learn more about all the amendments that give us freedoms and the relationship we can have with God if we keep up our end is one I've thought about since those 1960s protest days. We are still fighting that battle to understand what freedom really is.

Thanks again,

Love the book and I also wait anxiously for the next chapter of Exodus.

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Sorry to stray from topic but I just saw you on Bannon's show describing your realization and revelations in 2021 that Moderna was telling investors they were developing a vaccine platform that could be updated like a software program. I'm familiar with and believe I've shared this 2019 story in CNN quoting Fauci about his new experimental vaccines.

Building a better flu vaccine – one you don’t have to get every year

CNN, November 29, 2019


It's fascinating to read the whole piece in hindsight, the foreshadowing and psychological priming it contains is eerie. And it directly addresses the technology you describe Moderna sharing with investors in 2021.

"The faster and more precise method is not to grow the virus at all and instead just create the virus’ protein, he said. “We clone the gene that codes for the specific protein we want,” Fauci said. “I don’t even want to see the virus. I just need the sequence of that virus, the genetic map of that virus. And you could send that to me by email.”"

But I'll point out that the CNN piece portrays the technology as resulting in *fewer* vaccines, not more. But that defies logic based on reading Fauci's own words in it. The biotech is clearly meant to be updated rapidly as soon as viruses are identified, and we know they are always evolving, mutating, identified. So as revelatory as it is it also contains important lies. And precedes your Moderna investor disclosure by two years.

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Thank you SO much for all your hard work, especially teasing through all those hard-won Pfizer documents, and breaking down the dirty data for us. Also, you have been a source of comfort for so many of us, reassuring us these past three years that that no, we are NOT "crazy.".

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Happy Channukah !

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Bless you Dr Wolf. You are such a treasure.

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It has been wonderful to get to know you through your faithful adherence to seeking truth.

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Dr. Wolf, I am reading Facing the Beast. I’m only a few chapters in, but totally get your experience. My wife and I are unpacking boxes from our recent move from So.Cal. to rural Texas. Much of what you describe in that like named chapter mirrors our own experience. 45 years working in the entertainment and garment industries left us each with similar stories of estrangement and isolation from coworkers, (former)friends and family. The tragedy of the past few years is indescribable. The loss of dozens of friends due to deaths or fear has been horrible. Covid prematurely ended my career as a musician due to shutdowns, fear and mandates. Watching what has become of formerly courageous and fearless (to be a professional performer you have to overcome your natural fear of failure) artists who are now afraid of their own shadows and who run away from everyone has been tragic. The draconian requirements to be allowed on studio lots or into concert venues have basically destroyed the business. It’s sad to hear and hear about what is now the norm. I know that I’m rambling, but have not been able to put these thoughts into words until now. Thank you for your thoughts and words that open up these formerly shut away feelings.

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU for truth! I greatly appreciated truth in Bodies of Others, on War Room, and Pfizer Documents Analysis. This new book will be next purchase! Yes God is our sustainer!

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There are 2 episodes from Stargate sg1 that are interesting and relate to Naomi’s post warning of reproductive effects of the jab: “2010” and “2001.” They both deal with an alien civilization that is initially seen as saviors, and then, once their true intentions are known, they end negotiations. In “2001” Dr Daniel Jackson finds an old newspaper in a buried city with a headline that he is not able to translate completely: “Vaccine causes ______” The blank is the word “sterility”.

In “2010” the damage has already been done and the world’s birth rate has been reduced by 90%.

Life imitates art.

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Dr. naomi Wolf, it is a breath of fresh air to see so many liberals turning against the liberal media/establishment. Lots of Jews demonstrated against Israel's slaughters in Gaza. That gives me a hope that the few real human beings may infect the rest of the sheeple with truth.

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