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Interesting commentary, and I won't say that some of what you say doesn't resonate with my own observed experience. There have certainly been changes in the quality of the relationships I have with my injected family and friends, but much of that could be attributed to the aftermath of having battled with them over the happenings of the last few years. And I will say that I notice plenty of "un-vaxxed" zombified humans as well, unfortunately. I think the shift that is happening is greater than what we can understand by only framing it within the context of the injection rollouts. Some of my "awake" friends are also some of the most despondent, as they try to cope with having their world view and prospects for a beautiful tomorrow shattered into a thousand pieces, many seeking distractions and disconnection by burying themselves in their screens. I'm finding that we are all stressed and distressed, and subjected to many toxins beyond just the injections.

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Majority of earth inhabitants is Zombified, but not Humans, although they too, and only in the first decades of their lives, can be indoctrinated to some extent (not too much).

Humans are given to disassociate themselves from "herd psychology" even in their younger years.

They abhor "adorning with the foreign feathers" of any relatives or compatriots, just as do not shame themselves because of the misdeeds of satans or criminal idiots from "their" country. They have nothing to do with them, nothing at all.

Zombified is only "cattle". Exactly so, the masses are called by your satanic rulers & elites (in their internal conversations).

There are many tame (but without any virtue) and enough wild beasts among "cattle".

Many inhabitants of Earth are not zombified, they understand enough what is going on on the planet, but, because they too, like their rulers, belong to the satanic kind, they gladly continue to spread the lies/ propaganda, and take pleasure in the fact that the cattle "swallow" it.

Humans are the rarest species who dwell/ live in these primate bodies, and their great concern is (among other things) to inform as many persons as possible truthfully.

(This has nothing to do with racism or similar idiocies, but only with RECOGNITION)

In their younger years, Humans have a sane (not to big) respect for their rulers/ governments, authorities ...; later, only abominate them (except for the rare HUMANS among the mentioned abominations).

Those who think of themselves and everyone else as apes can never understand/ recognize such simple and obvious things - because they are "cattle".

Some of them can later begin to recognize things, overcome their animal state and become Humans.

That is a long-lasting process of development/ becoming Human.

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I enjoyed your video version this essay. As a parent of a toddler, I can relate to the horror of seeing so many parents defaulting to screens as a lazy form of parenting. This doesn't seem pandemic related to me at all though—I noticed it before—it's just the smartphone generation coming more into parenthood. The part which is covid related is the lack of support those parents are getting, in terms of emotional and social and childcare, so they are defaulting to lazy parenting just to get a break, or to work. If it makes you feel better there are heaps of parents like me who have a no-screen rule and hope to continue this as our children grow, despite the goldilocks effect of pressure from their peers.

But to you point about seeing more parents not safeguarding their children. I think this is actually more about what you seeing, more than what is actually happening more now in 2021 rather than before (eg in the 1980s). I have suffered from post-natal anxiety since giving birth in a pandemic (and multiple miscarriages) and I see this EVERYWHERE—parents not watching their children, not safeguarding them, not holding hands in crowded places. But I know now that due to my anxiety I am picking out these examples wherever I go, hearing more cries from children than I can manage, and finding them very difficult to process, due to my anxiety.

From what I understand, it was worse when I was a child—parents barely watched us at all, boomer parents had a lot of support, so their children (like me) were given free reign to roam around parks and streets on our own getting up to all sorts. I for one watch my child like a HAWK, I hold her hand everywhere and I run after her and ignore people trying to talk to me (often boomers, to give me some trite opinion from their own time) in order to get to her.

Don't get me wrong, I think the pandemic messed us all up in lots of ways—but making parents more neglectful? It sounds more like you have an anxiety-lens mind like mine which is just picking out more of these examples to nourish your anxiety. It's hard but try to think about how these parents likely need help, and so it's nice to think that you're looking out for the child too. In Japan they raise children by community where all older people, who have more freedom to step in and help, who do so. Let's do this together, be more accommodating, and help each other.

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Another book that discusses energy fields is: The Field by Lynn McTaggart.

For sure there is an unmeasurable force that animates us. And while it may be unmeasurable it certainly is observable!

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Wow - just saw this about Naomi Klein at the Brooklyn Public Library (in Wokeville), tomorrow night. She's been having a hard time these last few years, Ms. Klein, because there's another Naomi - "whose views she found abhorrent but whose name and public persona were sufficiently similar to her own that many people got confused about who was who." . . . " New Age wellness entrepreneurs turned anti-vaxxers are scrambling familiar political allegiances of left and right; and liberal democracies are teetering on the edge of absurdist authoritarianism, even as the oceans rise. Under such conditions, reality itself seems to have become unmoored. Is there a cure for our moment of collective vertigo?"


The bravery of Naomi WOLF is the cure. I guess we should feel bad for Naomi Klein, I don't know, is she aware of how dark this all is or is she just a pawn? I mean, if "safe and effective" were actually true, and "no treatment besides vaccines" were actually true, she may have a point.

But we know what's true. Much respect to all the doctors and researchers on the dissident side. But how I really - really - understood what was true was through the sources themselves. Through the Pfizer documents that Naomi WOLF gave her time and soul to gather a team to dig through point by point.

I knew not to trust these shots all along. I knew corporations cut corners for profit, and I knew "safe and effective", "harmless spike protein" couldn't possibly be true.

But what got me to really understand that they KNEW how dangerous these shots were, to the next generation also, so dangerous that they may actually be unwise if the focus is financial profit, so dangerous that I had to seriously hold the possibility that the motive here is not profit, or even profit + compliance ... what got me to understand that was the work of the Daily Clout / War Room team in analyzing the primary sources.

-And of course, that was a crime - collaborating with Bannon and the War Room (Gosh, Naomi Wolf, couldn't you have screened EVERY volunteer for adherence to 100% liberal views? Oh, wait, none of them would have the least curiosity beyond the press release what the Pfizer docs said).

This article makes me so angry. I predict she will be ashamed of it someday - https://theconversation.com/in-doppelganger-naomi-klein-says-the-world-is-broken-conspiracy-theorists-get-the-facts-wrong-but-often-get-the-feelings-right-209990

Naomi KLEIN, your scornful framing of someone braver than you ever could be will not age well. But the pin cushions here in Wokeville won't be able to comprehend what's actually true.

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It is worth noting that most humans have been zombified a long time ago. It became painfully obvious to me after September 11, 2001. The official 9/11 and COVID 19 narratives are equally moronic. Let's be honest about it: most people are fucking stupid (and evil).

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Some of my high school time spent in Alaska. When I came home, native Floridian that I am, I was shocked by all of the naked people!! My knee jerk response was to hide my eyes!! But it’s hot here so just like the Ancient Romans and Egyptians we get accustomed to fairly naked pretty damned quick!

Now I was only there for less than a year. The god-awful blazing-assed sun forced me to get over my conditioned modesty. This situation conditioned our perception for years and there is no catalyst to reverse the notion.

Go through the motions. Hug your friends and loved ones, warmly, tightly, affectionately. Hug them as if you have not seen them in years and this is the past chance you will ever have to say “I love you!” Seize the day and get all the goody you can possibly get while there is still goody to be had. (caveat don’t touch the highly jabbed. Perhaps we should start a trend pinkie promise among Naturals? Hold offer your pinkie in a subtle way. If the other person completes the promise, TOUCH! Infants perish without it! The Modified will not return the promise and you will know to distance at least 6’. (Soon from what I’m seeing, you’ll be better served placing dirt in that 6’ buffer zone!)

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Naomi Klein is a HUGE gaslighter.

If we boil down Wolf's Bodies of Others down into one sentence it's that Covid policy was huge (unnecessary) break with western tradition almost on a metaphysical level.


Here's comes this kleinclown jackass whose job it is basically (though doing so in a supposedly progressive context)

Telling us nothing fishy was going on with covid policy etc etc that that was all perfectly rational the lockdowns masking tape on grocery floor aisles etc

Telling us as she did in the posh six minute trailer for her new book doppelganger that both naomi wolf and her readers/subscribers live in an alternate reality

That our protesting draconian covid policy is hallucinatory as one publication reviewing doppelganger put it.

Gaslighting is denying someone's lived experience.

Ala if you read Bodies of Others

You know that could have BEEN almost anyone's journal who lived in 2020 2021

Though obviously very elegantly written.

I always say though Bodies of others has plenty of citations- the real citation was what you me everyone personally lived through those years.

Further I seriously seriously doubt people on progressive left confused wolf and klein that much.

Even so this is a Covidian hit piece on Bodies of others, but since they couldn't attack the message they attack the messenger

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Listening to audio on sub-stack is even more unreal . The world has been altered in the most basic instincts our emotions can display . Dr Naomi I don’t disagree with your opinion but when I think about all my friends and family’s that have taken this jab . Children have this in their bodies and they’ve to grow up and make a future . What does that mean for society..

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Freestyle Sunday KleinClown Mix poem

Naomi Klein

Holds the Covid party line

She's a lie

Just like Sabbatai

Klein klaus clown

with a much dialed down

Circus show

But a lie like Sabbatai

So hollow

shock jock

For the comfortably hollow

Well healed

No logos

Pathos or Ethos

Just a couple bucks

And politicos

Self serving serving up


No class

Shpieling dobbleganger bullshit

It's bullshit

Always crying wolf

The sky is falling

This changes everything

When it wasnt

And it didn't

Third string

ALL ABout da bling bling

Substanceless form

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You guys aren't going to believe this !!!!!!

But everything is fine. AbSOLUTELY NOTHNG changed in 2020.

The isolating lockdowns, mask and vax mandates, and every other Covid-era absurdity we witnessed if not personally endured these past three four years --- it was all in our minds!!! That's right!! what a relief!!!! Whew it looked for a second like the West had seriously lost its collective mind... but as it turns out it was all a holographic hallucination of sorts... created by one malevolent conspiracy theorist named Dr. Naomi Wolf using her potions, her Magick, her spells, and enchantments.

You see Dr. Wolf is a doppelganger.... she is an illuminati evil twin of the righteous, noble Canadian patriot named Naomi Klein.

Many years ago in a dark undeground lab -- an evil scientist took Naomi Kleins pure no logo blood and injected various potions in it to create an actually talented, yet as it turns out, evil writer-- Dr Wolf

It was that Dr. WOLF who hexed the whole world with her potions and spells into imagining Covid.

Luckily for us -- the good Naomi -- free of logos except that is her own smug unoriginal gaslighting self-serving brand of bullshit is here. With a slick likely major puslbisher marketing campaign behind her Naomi Klein is here to speak out ....um?? Against speaking out and common sense it appears.

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“If you see that your neighbor's donkey or OX has collapsed on the road, do not look the other way. Go and help your neighbor get it back on its feet!"

I did. I promptly returned said sad stubborn jealous diseased Ox back to my neighbor today.

I was most grateful to get the thing out of my yard

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For myself, as someone autistic, I can't vouch for your conclusions here regarding covid vaccinations and zombification. I can only conclude in antidotal ways that there may be truths. My social life before covid used to involve mostly attending a United Church in Canada, that was very pro LGBTQ. I sang solos regularly, got along with most staff and people in the church and had a very rich life. However, once covid hit, I'm guessing that it has more to do with prejudice and/or concern for someone like me being openly unvaxxed - that I'm no longer included. What I have seen, however, is the choir all wear masks and get vaccinated - and get sick regularly (while i haven't once) . I've seen older friends get very very tired and lethargic unable to do even half of what they could in previous years. My best friend there in her 70's died of pancreatic cancer very quickly. Another had to move into an old age home, suddenly, because she no longer had energy - in her 80's, to live in her house alone. She is still very emotional - but her emotions are more built around a mainstream media narrative. The church still has less than half the content it used to during services - nobody seems to have the endurance and I've been uninvited to participate and sing solos anymore - cryptically - after asking to do to the same workload in music that i used to - almost like staff might find me frightening. Long story short, I no longer go to church there - and i keep busy more one-on-one - with the few unvaxxed friends i have. Nobody vaxxed - not for reason of prejedice of my own, - somehow fit into my life anymore. Thats all i can conclude. But Im autistic so i'm not the best witness either.

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About trans issues - I think anthropologically gender dysphoria via genital surgeries/severing/amputating, is very old, going back endlessly in recorded history transculturally. Body dysmorphia if you will. That said, I would propose that like the production of Eunuchs, it is just as much perpetuated by others in the creation of servants, as with surgeons AND surgical requirements for gov ID, so you don't end up living like an illegal refugee in your own country. Such autobiographies are advertised to trans folks as their only method of freedom and if you don't get it, you might as well just like living in black markets like sex work. Its what I've seen everywhere. I would also propose that many societies that never had such surgical traditions like with North American First Nations, likely had more robust and healthy trans populations. This is my suggestion, if not gut feeling as XY v Ontario, the applicant. Its also my experience, variously.

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I am not vaccinated with any of the Covid-19 vaccines, for which I continue to pay an extremely high financial price (which has implications for my overall health and emotional well-being).

Honestly, I have not observed what you are describing, and really wonder how much you are simply projecting your expectations on what is around you. I do not sense any dramatic change in people's behavior (particularly in relation to children) since the vaccine roll-out. I am in Texas now, but was previously in what is basically a blue state at this point. (And yes, I moved primarily because of a vaccine mandate that took my job away.)

A couple quick counter-examples: I was shopping in H-E-B a couple days ago and a couple in their 40's or 50's were cuddling and singing along together with some songs that were playing which seemed to have personal meaning for them and their relationship. When I moved into the apartment complex where I am now living, there were some young children who played outside one of the other nearby apartments--I think their family has moved out now--and they were charming and all smiles, like happy children normally are. Also in H-E-B, I smiled at a little boy in a cart. He did look away, but with a smile on his face; he just seemed shy.

So I am just not seeing it.

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After her 2007 book, "The Shock Doctrine" exhaustively and brilliantly connected the dots between crises and consolidations of power, Naomi Klein became a cheerleader for globalism, either tiptoeing around or remaining entirely silent as new crisis after crisis was rained down on struggling communities. Klein sinks to a new low devoting a book to trashing Dr. Naomi Wolf for daring to connect the dots differently when her name is also "Naomi." It is a condemnation of all critical thinking and free speech dressed up as an intellectual undertaking. Excerpt in #VanityFair.

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