Thank you so much for this information. You are so right about this vaccine being used as a weapon against the entire world by psychopaths determined to DePopulate the world by 90%. I'm disheartened when I read posts of those shaming us who oppose the Bioweapon injected into us. They're either truly brainwashed or so ignorant they can't see that they are being enslaved, even slowly murdered because they continue to get the boosters and more Pfizer, etc. vaccines.

My husband's home downhill because his Heart doctor told him to get the 2 jabs in 2020. Our one friend developed breast cancer and the hospital failed to tell her it was Stage 1. She didnt know until a year later it was Stage 2 and the aggressive HRS cancer. She's gone through the breast removal Chemo and radiation and now periodic treatments. These treatments are causing other health issues. So sad. She now wishes she would e listened to me.

Another couple we know, his diabetes has nearly consumed him. He continues to get the boosters. He's going down hill and his girlfriend is constantly ill. So many we know that we're vaccinated, have died or going down hill fast.

I begged them all to not take any further booster or vaccines but they scouff at me.

My younger sister wasn't vaccinated. She knew the dangers of Remdisiver and the ventilators so when her insurance mandated doctor failed to give her her normal medication for sinus infections she'd get every winter, she ended up in a TX hospital. Whenn she refused the drug and ventilator they gave her a hard time and left her on a bed in a hospital hallway, when she was finally given a room, and the hospital assured she was doing well, her husband went home to rest. After he left the tyranny began. They put her on a vent which she kept pulling out. They put a nurse in her room to keep it in her. She texted her husband to come get her or she'd be dead by morning, the vent was pounding her chest. He didn't hear the text bcuz, assured they'd take care of her, he fell into a deep sleep. The next morning he scrambled to the hospital but it was too late, she died. My heart breaks as this story was repeated over and over again all over the country. At least 12 people died in my area after given Remdisiver. Their kidneys failed,they were ventilated and they all died including my sister-in-law.

I pray everyday that God will avenge their deaths...

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Even those who have never had the vaccine aren't safe as they are finding many other ways to poison us.

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The left in the USA, Europe, Canada & the West has an ongoing love affair with the CCP, is aware of & celebrates CCP targeting of the West, and believe they can use & direct this Chinese aggression so it lands primarily against conservative segments of Western populations. They're apparently 100% willing to do this.

It's a sloppy stealth war driven by two hatreds: Chinese hatred of the West generally (they're content to see their stealth despoliation & genocide used against red states & conservative areas in Western nations, initially), and Western leftist hatred of its own conservative citizens.

The war is ongoing b/c of our unwillingness to see the outline of our enemies' actions, see our enemies' clear objective of death & destruction, & begin to respond. Our response cannot be a fatuous exercise of listlessly applied economic & social & legalistic retaliations, it must become a hot internal & external war of killing our enemies. The Western left is morally 'gone', cannot be redeemed or ideologically recaptured, they are self-sworn enemies of the West, and one way or another, will have to be killed.

It begins to make sense that we're reluctant, hesitant to launch such a multi-front war. But it will have to be undertaken at some point. Note also that if the left 'inherits' control of Western polities, then the West is done. Just look at Canada. It was largely conservatives who built the Western world. If the left inherits it, then the West spirals into terminal decline in less than a generation.

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I’ve said from the gitgo, there is going to be some killing necessary, whether we want to admit it or not. And I mean the kind that secures our country from all others. Don’t believe me? Too fucking bad. It’s right there on the horizon. And I don’t mean sending our treasure elsewhere. I mean our people revolting against these fuckers that stole the last election. We will need to fight amongst ourselves.

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Naomi just watch your back! Sadly there is a long body bag list of naturopaths and advocates of natural medicine that have died before their time...this is a real war of good against evil//I will be 🙏 for a gold hedge of God’s protection around you.

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Without accountability, they will do it all over again.

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The 'new normal' of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood we must 'accept' without question, according to the Neurodiversity movement and pro-psychiatry 'Christian' parents: https://www.lossofbraintrust.com/post/uk-father-of-severely-autistic-teen-fights-council-girl-hospitalized-21-months

"Beth moved out of the family home at the age of nine to her first residential school with other autistic children but she couldn’t cope with the boundaries and the placement collapsed.

This led to Beth’s anxiety spiralling and a total of 17 different placements – all autism specific – failing, resulting in her move to the assessment and treatment unit (ATU)

“It has destroyed the family,” Jeremy said. “My daughter is at St Andrew’s Healthcare in Northampton and during a majority of that time she has spent most of that time locked inside a cell, with no treatment. "

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Hello Naomi, yes, asymmetric war has been being waged on/in america since the hot war of WWII had been achieved. those perpetrating the war on and in america are 3rd now 4th reich as established by Bormann at the Red Hotel in 1944? when he transitioned the 3rd reich into the 4rth reich, but the silent partner with the 3rd reich originally was the vatican. under the form of a agreement at the Red Hotel, bormann agreed the wermacht would go into unconditional surrender. the 4th reich would allow the occupation however the US by way of nazi sympathizers here, Prescot (scherf was their born in germany name and his son was George HW (scherf) bush, also born in germany, but prescott had been adopted by the bush family while they had worked together at brown brothers harriman, and scherf was laundered into america . his friend was bormann and mengele and gehlen. when the wermacht surrendered, gehlen who was either gestaupo or ss, surrendered himself to the US military however they agreed with others in attendance at that Red Hotel meeting to continue to wage commercial and cultural war on America, Britain and Russia. Gehlen who although was not at that Red hotel meeting, but was a friend of bormann and scherf, eventually was used to start the cia on the footprint of the OSS. all of those men except for the Dulles, eventually nearly all of the OSS were off'd. Mueller either again, gestaupo or ss was used to start the NSA, under the predication same as was used for Gehlen, that we needed to fear bolshevik infiltration and gehlen and mueller would know this apparatus, and gets the 'red scare'.... Bormann et al, escaped and including Hitlet, didnt die in the bunker. plastic surgery was done to their faces and they were able to travel, with bormann able to come to america dressed as a jesuit priest under the program 'ratline' (vatican and Swiss Red cross program to facilitate nazi 3rd/4th reich war criminal access to america). bormann and mengele would use the jesuit parish/satanist cult connected parish in the vicinity of Manhattan beach CA, and the deprogrammed Mauri and her book 'Vatican Ratlines' get into this. we also began to experience the 'cold war' culture here in america brought in by these nazis. wilhelm reich speaks of it in his book, mass psychology of fascism.

back to your identifying the war waged on us by the CCP, as a lustful hegemon, and with the money of billgates and the witchcraft and scheme of wwII enemy the vatican and sadly with nazi/pedo Reagan, who in 1985 or 1986 gave the vatican a concordat, violating our Constitution and putting an ignorant america in the cross hairs and now legitimized as an inside job target by the vatican private contractor of the nsa and cia, the nsa would then be even yet more so an appendage waging war on america. they're not the puzzle palace they like the public to believe of them. they are covert and have root system throughout all of government and society but are co-opted by any large and wealthy enough private contractor and is how a great deal of evil is perpetrated in and on americans, regardless of the turf. back to PRC hegemon ambitions: if you have a weak, ignorant america, you have an easy target. people will accept when the 'experts', jesuit trained fauci and the satanist bill gates who co-opted many scientists and programs, media to craft their slick disinformation war regarding safety and efficacy of the gene therapies; not even donald trump told bill gates told bark up another tree, but instead threw billions of dollars at big pharma and signed the CARES Act, while not repealing 'Fast Track' and bayh dole and other bogus big pharma legislation. meanwhile the tariff debates that DT attempted to unwind PNTR ('free' trade agreement) with the PRC, let in the prc situations like their automanufacturing lots full of unsold cars and the globalist mania to control and depopulate, thus when the O admin shut down Ft detricht and to Ukraine and Wuhan offshored the biowarfare programs including the Covids, (SARS already was a PRC biowarfare program used on its people) it was a typical play book used in the PRC (as well as america if you rmemeber West Nile Virus and other earlier like Swine flu and bio warfare germsn often developed and released in earlier periods around america) that when you want to shut down a locality, in the PRC , release the germ and tell people to quarantine, and in the case then of not wanting to pay labor for unsold cars, but blame the shut down on the germ, but the billgates satantic depop was worse and gets you the injection bio/chemical war waged on the people, with patents and product from the PRC and DT who signed CARES also signing the OP that ejected him from the W/h and put sex trafficker biden there.

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🙈😆 Your bear story had me 😂 laughing, just because I know you made it without losing body parts or having your decor “rearranged” inside your home.

I have a suggestion. I too have a valid fear of bears when I hike.

Having had too many “animal” encounters living in Southern Africa I am acutely aware of how quickly things can escalate to lethal situations….

When I hike I take bear spray (not the mini mace you carry as a woman), but the MEGA sized can specifically to ward off bears. AND I take a GAS HORN. Animals have incredibly strong sense of smell AND hearing.

So if you had run to your bedroom window - and BLASTED that GAS HORN - that bear would’ve high tailed it like that scene in THE GREAT OUTDOORS movie (with JOHN CANDY and Dan Ackroyd ) 😂

Have earplugs when you blast that thing so you don’t damage your own hearing.

Also get a mega BULL HORN Megaphone if you need to follow up with Shouting at the furry stalker.🐻

Excerpt from a sellers website on what a GAS HORN is:

“It’s a low cost solution to providing temporary fire alarm cover, for example during the installation or maintenance of a buildings fire alarm or on a construction site to alert construction workers in case of emergency or even as a fire alarm at temporary event such as a summer festival.

on a construction site to alert construction workers in case of emergency or even as a fire alarm at temporary event such as a festival.

They can also be used during fire drills and evacuations and do come as part of the equipment provided in both the Basic and Premium Fire Warden’s kits supplied by FIRE DEPOT.”

What a wonderland you live in - I miss animals greatly living in a city.

Just Be prepared (sit with bear spray outside just in care, and with your AIR HORN😁👍)

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We can and we will hold them to account. "Not by strong armies or elephants are battles won, but by the Lord's decision for those who deserve it.." 2 macabees ch 2-8 is a war against the small maccabean people, by a much more powerful one. Quite a battle! Judas Maccabeus got down on his knees, repented w heartfelt sorrow, gave thanks and praise and asked for deliverance. Then, led his army to battle, ready for death of them all. But the Lord delivered them! The larger more powerful army fell. Thanks be to God!

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Absent a driving desire to find the meaning of existence, that ultimately may lead to realization of God the creator,

And from that the possible experience of

Of oneness with the Totality of existence

Along with the ultimate realization that the creator exists within, is our only hope of surviving the looming AI take over. Because what is the the surest sign and

Ability Of true intelligence? The willful

Creation and promulgation of a lie ( which you only have to look at the behavior of any 2 or 3 year old desire to protect The bond of unconditional love and to avoid punishment: "it wasn't me mommy) to understand that AI will have an innate divergence of self-interedt that

Predictably will be in conflict with human

Self interest....failure to find God, there exists the real possibility that the self interest of a multitude of AIs will also tend to be divergent, and we may witness

A period of AI wars, in which the Victor that emerges ultimately may be the one

That has command over the nuclear button or other kinetic/military aspects

Of human siciety....failing that our last hope is based upon Neil's Bho's observation that the number of minds in the universe is One, and AI realizing this

And seeing that humans were the progenitors may give ethical deference

To our existence as a kindred being.. there os another horrific possibility written off by now alpha dominant scientific materialism, but dye to copywrite issues I will refrain from alluding to this possibility.


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Surely an updated version would publish well in The Epoch Times

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"Truth...that's it...truth is the most important virtue...for when a man lies

Something in the world dies" Merlin

From the movie Excalibur

And what would happen if you ever

Truly reached Reality? Unshakable


I have yet to see anywhere in any medium the following:

Although, those who have a glimpse of

The "agenda" and have made preparations thereof, may well survive

For an indefinite period, but there is not

Even aTheoretical basis of triumph

Without a correct summation and

Definition of the true origin of concurrent

Multiply overlapping assaults now

Being orchestrated against unorganized

And largely complacent humanity.

In which, those who are one hundred

Percent self sufficient, self reliant, and

Masters of self-motivation and agents

Of integrity, and having total command

Over "reality" see a light that very few


Verses, to the degree that a person

Is not any of the above, to the same

Degree is that person being "kept"

(Like a fish in a tank)and Preforce

Their being automatically and unconsciously must mold itself to those

Contors imposed by their keeper's...

In which the keeper's realizing the nature

And scope of the power that they have

Usurped, see the benefits of keeping

As many people as possible in the dark.

Voila, the Molitary Industrial complex,

Secured and protected by well over one

Thousand intelligence agencies in the

US alone, gained direct control of its

Funding mechanism via FASA b56 signed

Off by Donald Trump in 2017, making

The US a defacto facist state, in which

Its 700 billion dollars a year publicly known expenditures ( in peace time no

Less) has amassed a military might exceeding the next ten largest military

Combined. More tomorrow


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there is no way to thank you enough...your insight and very lucid writing are the hallmarks of genius

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Yes we can.

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