We can and we will hold them to account. "Not by strong armies or elephants are battles won, but by the Lord's decision for those who deserve it.." 2 macabees ch 2-8 is a war against the small maccabean people, by a much more powerful one. Quite a battle! Judas Maccabeus got down on his knees, repented w heartfelt sorrow, gave thanks and praise and asked for deliverance. Then, led his army to battle, ready for death of them all. But the Lord delivered them! The larger more powerful army fell. Thanks be to God!

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Absent a driving desire to find the meaning of existence, that ultimately may lead to realization of God the creator,

And from that the possible experience of

Of oneness with the Totality of existence

Along with the ultimate realization that the creator exists within, is our only hope of surviving the looming AI take over. Because what is the the surest sign and

Ability Of true intelligence? The willful

Creation and promulgation of a lie ( which you only have to look at the behavior of any 2 or 3 year old desire to protect The bond of unconditional love and to avoid punishment: "it wasn't me mommy) to understand that AI will have an innate divergence of self-interedt that

Predictably will be in conflict with human

Self interest....failure to find God, there exists the real possibility that the self interest of a multitude of AIs will also tend to be divergent, and we may witness

A period of AI wars, in which the Victor that emerges ultimately may be the one

That has command over the nuclear button or other kinetic/military aspects

Of human siciety....failing that our last hope is based upon Neil's Bho's observation that the number of minds in the universe is One, and AI realizing this

And seeing that humans were the progenitors may give ethical deference

To our existence as a kindred being.. there os another horrific possibility written off by now alpha dominant scientific materialism, but dye to copywrite issues I will refrain from alluding to this possibility.


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Surely an updated version would publish well in The Epoch Times

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"Truth...that's it...truth is the most important virtue...for when a man lies

Something in the world dies" Merlin

From the movie Excalibur

And what would happen if you ever

Truly reached Reality? Unshakable


I have yet to see anywhere in any medium the following:

Although, those who have a glimpse of

The "agenda" and have made preparations thereof, may well survive

For an indefinite period, but there is not

Even aTheoretical basis of triumph

Without a correct summation and

Definition of the true origin of concurrent

Multiply overlapping assaults now

Being orchestrated against unorganized

And largely complacent humanity.

In which, those who are one hundred

Percent self sufficient, self reliant, and

Masters of self-motivation and agents

Of integrity, and having total command

Over "reality" see a light that very few


Verses, to the degree that a person

Is not any of the above, to the same

Degree is that person being "kept"

(Like a fish in a tank)and Preforce

Their being automatically and unconsciously must mold itself to those

Contors imposed by their keeper's...

In which the keeper's realizing the nature

And scope of the power that they have

Usurped, see the benefits of keeping

As many people as possible in the dark.

Voila, the Molitary Industrial complex,

Secured and protected by well over one

Thousand intelligence agencies in the

US alone, gained direct control of its

Funding mechanism via FASA b56 signed

Off by Donald Trump in 2017, making

The US a defacto facist state, in which

Its 700 billion dollars a year publicly known expenditures ( in peace time no

Less) has amassed a military might exceeding the next ten largest military

Combined. More tomorrow


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there is no way to thank you enough...your insight and very lucid writing are the hallmarks of genius

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Yes we can.

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Apr 3·edited Apr 3

Naomi...Dear, beautiful and kind Naomi. I'm just a mom of two little girls who had to escape the tyranny of Melbourne, Australia with my hubby last year. Censorship there was off the scale and I could never have envisaged this situation, even though I looked several times (in the usual and wrong places) for information about this 'pandemic.' It wasn't until the mandates that I began to awaken 21 months ago. I've been in a kind of hell ever since. I know you understand this.

My family and I thank you and want you to know we're so grateful you're in the world, fighting for justice and truth.

I love you. I really do.

God bless you every day; may He keep you strong, safe and fearless. ❤️xoxo🙏👊🌻

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God bless you, Naomi. Thank you. The darkness around us is deep and you are a glint of hope in this dark place. Your fierce, beautiful, brilliant, fearless, loving voice is like a badly needed stint in the occluded arteries of America's soul. Keep ringing your bell. There's a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in. The trim tab needs the force of resistance. Evil is a 100-mph fastball--we just need to get our bat on it.

Hope is the thing with feathers.

Etc. God help us.

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I’ve always hated Chinese everything food, culture, people, government even before bio weapons called fake pandemic …as a Christian we are warned about the dragon , as an individual I find them ugly rude and unnecessary for they’ve always been slavers and over centuries the ability to think for oneself has been bred out if it ever was there to start with. Mathematically there’s too many of them vs the rest of us. Population problem? US loves to drop bombs so please drop the entire nuclear arsenal on china - problem of overpopulation solved. In fact many problems solved. I have no issues with Japanese, Malaysians, Indonesians or other Asians - just Chinese. The filthy dragon evil satanic ugliness that must be deleted.


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I agree that this is an act of war against Humanity. Dr. Fauci made the most racist anti-human statement and recieved NO push back: "Well, we are working with dangerous viruses, so we experiment on them in China, not Kansas." So the Chinese just don't rate as much as we do huh? It seems that the CCP are just bit players in a much larger crime. The same crime committed by Dr. Frankenstein from Mary Schelley's novel. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. The idea that you are indeed God. The medical cartel operating virtually worldwide no longer treats diseases, it twists the created order of the world. It's goal is not to heal or help. It's goal is to "command the thunders" or "mock the earthquake." To warp the Imago Deo (Image of God) so that they can thwart their own mortality. No matter the body count, they must offer us all to the altar of transhumanism. This can be expressed in a more eloquent way, but that is the gist of what we are facing.

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Thanks Naomi for all your amazing work. I always found it more than suspicious that the Chinese authorities never enbraced mRNA technology themselves, instead preferring more 'traditional' inacctivated virus vaccines such as those made by the Chinese companies Sinopharm and Sinovac. The question must be asked, did they know what might happen to people receiving mRNA/DNA 'vaccines', or worse still, was it all part of a greater plan? And why were we in the West never offered inacctivated virus alternatives even though they were being manufactured and used around the world, (predominantly China & India)

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Lol... right wing nutjob.

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For future reference, a bb gun does not work to deter a bear.....but a rag doused with lantern fuel wrapped around a stick and set on fire works every time.

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It appears that the truth will be out soon about the violation of your 1st Amendment when you were cancelled!


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Lots of articles about teens in different towns all over the country, never making it past local papers THIS video up on youtube. I have TWO friends with clots in their lungs and brains. Doctors know about this https://youtu.be/-H_IMCtzuLc

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Love you Naomi.....Gods and Monsters by Lana Del Rey. I know you like :)

Thank you for all you do!!

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