Dear Dr. Wolf:

I hope you see this message. I would like to buy a hardcover edition of your new book. I hope you will offer that in future. If you sell signed editions I would gladly buy one to help support your mission.

Paperbacks do not hold up. Your book deserves better!

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Thanks, Dr Wolf, for reminding me that now is not the first time in history that evil and deception reigned! What we are going through is not “new!”

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Dr. Wolf, have you seen this presentation by Dr. David Martin concerning the virus and the vaccines? Someone posted it on Facebook but I found it on Rumble. I'm certain that you can understand better than I his slides and his logic:


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This should be a longer work. Thank you!

(Search, please, the "edited" comments to the NYTimes from 2012 forward, attempting to sound many such warnings. You willnotice that anyone who tried to highlight concerning tactics was shut down and off by the editorial staff.)

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Anyone catch the 1am sportscenter on ESPN at about the 1:10 mark. Seems Scott Van Pelt had an episode where he forgot were he was and seemed confused. I thought he was going to “die suddenly” live on air.

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Personally, I recognized the jab danger from my experiences as a dog breeder and the side effects of vax on dogs. Attended a seminar in '96 about canine vaccinosis, agreed immediately from observations of my own dogs, stopped the vax schedule, watched my next generation become healthier. Applied theory to myself, 64 years old, no medication, just vitamins. Was able to stop some friends from the jab.

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I knew from the very beginning that something was wrong with what we were being told. I started following the pneumonia virus in December of 2019. I followed it on sites that had direct reports from China and began reading personal accounts of people who had gotten the virus including one of a 22 year old Chinese man who was hospitalized but survived.

I believe it was the Holy Spirit who alerted me and told me to watch and learn. But I do have Irish blood so who knows. But if you paid attention and read, you would know this was a disaster in the making. But people just put their heads in the sand and blindly followed. There were treatments almost from the beginning like high levels of Vitamin D, quecetin, zinc, C monolaurin, Pepcid, hydrochloriquine and our doctors were telling us to do nothing until we needed to go to the hospital. It was madness. Then the game changer ivermectin began being talked about and there was a campaign to shut it down. Murdered happened by omission of treatment and gaslighting and we can’t mince that word. We have to hold these people accountable and they need to be jailed.

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There is a kind of ancestral memory, and it is related to epigenetics and the bible's talk of sins continuing down from father to son for 7 generations. So actions have consequences on the DNA and the DNA then affects what your life ends up with, and what your life is, affects your DNA.

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Having Irish ancestors doesn't seem to be stopping me Irish state itself from descending into a fascist hellscape at an alarming rate. The US elites would sell their souls for the type of "hate crime" laws that Ireland is about to enact.

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Cromwell was much worse to Ireland. Though that would fall outside the "6 generations" time frame.

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I really enjoyed this whole essay, and I agree. I've seen this myself in those from Irish descent, or Polish, etc. here in Canada. For sure, they were the skeptical ones, the ones who said, "no way". I can see what they're up to, where this is leading.

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Sep 22·edited Sep 26

I have a message I wanted to share with everyone. It is one of love.

I love the people Israel, I love the people of America, and I love the people of the world. I have been to the Holy Land as a pilgrim. I have been to other countries in the Middle East and Europe. Everywhere I have been blessed to go, I have met the people and loved them.

Please, know that many Christians like me love you and care about you. The God of Abraham called the people of Israel to be an example to rest of us and a light to the nations.

"He says, 'It is a light thing that you should be My servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also make you a light to the nations so that My salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.'” Isaiah 49:6

America was likewise to be set apart by Covenant when the Puritans fled religious persecution in England to start a new life in the New World. We were to be "a city on a hill" as Jesus said. Some of my ancestors were at the Massachusetts Bay Colony when John Winthrop gave his famous sermon to the Pilgrims in 1630.


We were meant to live up to that high calling even though we often did not. Our blood was shed though to make a more Perfect Union, as President Abraham Lincoln said in his First Inaugural Address in 1861 to hearken back to the Preamble of America's founding document of the Constitution.

Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address


U.S. Constitution Preamble


We are trying to right the wrong of the evil of slavery for which Americans fought and died in a bloody Civil War. Real repentance and forgiveness are what are required today for America to survive and live up to its potential.

My grandfather was there that day in 1963 in Washington, DC when Dr. Martin Luther King Junior gave his famous "I Have a Dream Speech" to his followers and to the leaders of the world.


Please, do not let anyone else divide us. United we stand, and divided we fall. It is not too late for the American Dream, for Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's dream, to come true. We love you. We care about you. We can all be one country again. You are all our brothers and sisters.

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I don't think it is anything so esoteric as ancestral memories that drove some of us to foresee the impending disaster and start fighting back. If ancestry had anything to do with it at all, the source was genetic, not memories. If we are to survive this democide, we should face that truth squarely.

Some people seem born to behave like the cattle our "elite" imagine us all to be. Easily herded, they are the perfect asset for their psychopathic "owners." Predisposed to do as they are told, it seems quite likely that they, even those who know history, would willingly get on the boxcars and strip for the communal "showers." Their fight for survival begins only with their first breath of cyanide.

Others are born with genes that make them utterly unherdable. When ordered about by their "betters," they get testy and combative. When told "fact-checked truths" by "experts", they are naturally skeptical and elect to investigate and decide for themselves. When told bald-faced lies by their "betters," their mouths drop open in disbelief even as their compatriots willingly smother themselves with masks, impoverish themselves in quarantine and take poison as "vaccines". These people cannot help themselves any more than those who seem born for the slaughter.

By way of example, I have an Irish ancestry yet, until recently, I knew almost nothing about the way the Irish were treated. Perhaps more to the point, my ancestors set sail for America more than half a century before the potato famine. I have no memories, ancestral or otherwise, of that democide. Yet, here I am, nonetheless unherdable. If the source of that is anything definable, it is genetics, not ancestral memories.

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Growing up as a military brat (a whole book has been written about this strange and bewildering subculture as both detrimental and in some ways beneficial to those growing up in the midst of it: Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress) we experienced multi-culturalism before it was so dubbed and saw, from the early 1960's into the mid- to late- 1970's the segregation and polarization that grew (not diminished) with the post-civil rights movement era activities (even though the military declared equality as a mandate much earlier than most of society at large was willing to recognize and normalize it). We who grew up with friends of every ethnicity and from many other cultures and backgrounds thought little of it (and especially enjoyed the various ethnic foods, traditions, and stories from those differing from our own ancestries as well as the diversity in personality, lifestyle and familial fidelity that many white cultures were grossly deficient in) until it became a kind of forced emphasis that we found ourselves in the midst of -- frightened and yet outraged to see the division that came from it. Yes, there were individuals whose cultures bred contempt or disdain for others who were out side the eurocentric view of the world, but often there was discrimination in the other direction --- wanting black men to date black women, or for Asians to remain with Asians,, etc. But what we were learning in our public schools about evolution primacy as the origins explanation exclusive to any other ideology, belief or scientific justification should have been as apparent as it now is in retrospect and upon further scrutiny. Darwin codified rasicism and as it displaced special creation (the truth) with an outrageous excuse for not having to be accountable to our Creator God, it also promoted and gave voice and credence to the notion of superior and inferior races (another term that is inaccurate as there is only one race - the human race, with differing people groups or ethnicities, but we are all made of the same stuff -- melanin is hardly a prime differentiator). Never has a singular voice (many of his ideas on origins actually stolen from others) done so much damage over such an extended period of time -- when myriad of fallacies and errors as well as superior alternatives have surfaced, there is a stubborn resolve to cling tenaciously both to the theory (and the maligning of those who dare to question it) and to the extrapolations, as outrageous as they are, which accompanied it. The present day malignancy of Critical Race Theory and its relatives finds support in dividing us over differences instead of reigniting the resolve of Martin Luther King Jr's desire for brotherhood and equality in love and as a man of faith, in a biblical understanding of brotherhood, and the celebration of diversity within unity -- as conveyed by (amongst others) Francis Schaeffer or in uniting those deemed inferior due to disabilities via L'Arche, founded by Jean Vanier.... The use of Darwin's outrageous postulations by opportunistic and evil, powerful leaders to justify acts of atrocity and to perpetuate the spread and enculturation of these poisons is a real travesty from which we are still recovering -- ironic that Darwin and Malthus were relatives and the Malthusian ideologies have galvanized and been seized upon by global elitists who see the need to cull the herd of the inferior and preserve the resources and privileges of continuing life on the planet in the hands of those of superior breeding, intellect and aspiration who have amassed the means to execute against their nefarious plans which span generations of families with defective genes (Think the Crown in UK for example) -- these beliefs, like contaminated dogmas, are also occultist and derive much sustenance from satanic and dark traditions, rituals and practices favored by the elite for their perverted pleasure and entertainment. We all share a common ancestry and should make haste to heal and resolve the wounds of our past and the nefarious intentions held by the few yet disseminated and spread like poison to divide and further isolate and alienate us from brothers and sisters in this war -- not with one another, but with a common enemy who seeks our demise. The memories we have, however alarmingly disturbing and sobering, can inform and enliven and empower our visceral desire to see restoration and healing and the strength that come with it to resist the greater evils that threaten us and seek to consign us to abbreviated an shallow lives of enslavement ideologically and three dimensionally- the existential threat of being buried by lies and falsehoods.

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