Great piece as ever. Klein is a puzzle and a disappointment. You, however, have stayed true to your principles and questioned everything ethically. Bravo.

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The author - Klein, who gave us 'No Logo' and 'Disaster Capitalism' has now wasted years of her life and her reputation slandering another outstanding author.


Her son is autistic. Perhaps she's projecting her own angst about THAT onto Naomi Wolf?

Any person with a brain and a conscience should dare to look at the safety profiles of ALL vaccines.

And once you start looking at the history, harms and ingredients of "vaccines" and meeting real people who have been maimed or had family members injured or killed by vaccines, you'll feel pretty terrible about having blindly allowed your children to be injected with God knows what, many times.

Working with animals and seeing seizures and deaths immediately following their vaccinations gave me my first clues.

But better than seeing the harms of injected toxins, is meeting the rare people who have never been vaccinated. You can see their health and their mental and emotional clarity.

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You have moved beyond spectacular. Riveting. I hope she can get whatever treatment she needs too.

God is obviously Blessing you, and deservedly so. I have your Pfizer reports.

Stay the course.

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Naomi, I’m commenting from Hobart, Australia. Your commentary, writing and INTERVIEWS have shone as much light on this disaster as anyone. This article is fantastic. Almost 100% of the time there is motive of some kind, behind the deliberate lies and rumours spread. These elite leftists are an incestuous mob…. Always claiming purity but 99.999% connected to greed. They do not accept any moral code - what is right is what they believe is good in their own eyes at the time.

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You have not presented anything substantive there to link Naomi Klein or her family financially with vaccine money in any way whatsoever. You are seriously misrepresenting three people who have spent their lives working against the very types of forces you are accusing them of personally profiting from.

You are conflating the Liberal government's Pharmacare bill (a work in progress) with the Council of Canadians' Pharmacare Now campaign. They are two very different projects with considerably different approaches and ramifications. Please read this article, a little dated, but still accurate to the fundamental differences between what you assuming in confusing Trudeau's agenda, and what the Council of Canadians are actually working towards, which in many ways is focused on addressing your very concerns about corporate control.


Avi Lewis has been working recently to support Pharmacare Now, a grassroots campaign organized and funded by the Council of Canadians, a Canadian NGO which is trying to leverage the power of representative democracy to fight Big Pharma's current ability to hold individual consumers hostage with criminally high prices for prescription drugs. The Council of Canadians' Pharmacare Now effort, which Avi Lewis has been a spokesperson for, not a partner in any way - this is not a business - is a grassroots movement and is not directly related to the Pharmacare Now legislation currently being considered by the Liberal government.

The Council of Canadians accept no corporate or government funding and don't even qualify for registered charity status because their work is activist in orientation and political in scope. They have worked against the bottled water industry for years, going up against the likes of Nestle, and founder Maude Barlow has been tireless in her advocacy for unions, publicly owned utilities and participatory democracy. Their current campaigns included a "tax the rich" project, a collaboration with Fair Vote Canada to work towards proportional representation, a voting mechanism which could actually allow us to vote with our conscience rather than to always strategically vote against a greater evil, and a campaign to protect our watersheds. Your accusations against this organization just don't make any sense.

I have reviewed what I can find about Council of Canadians' Pharmacare Now campaign, have listened to a number of their town halls, and haven't seen a single reference or link to vaccines in any of their campaign material. Rather, they are providing a voice for people who are struggling to pay the high costs of life-saving medications - diabetic meds, asthma medication, etc., people who have congenital diseases, chronic conditions, or who are dealing with the long term effects of accidents, workplace injuries, etc. Individual Canadians have been forced to pay the second or third highest prices in the world for pharmaceuticals and the highest of any country with public health care. That is why this campaign is being organized.

Here's an extended quote from Avi Lewis from a webinar about Pharmacare Now from earlier this year.

"One of the common features that is just undeniable at this time is the extraordinary balance of power in our society and the power of corporations and their capture of government through lobbying and their grotesque, cartoonish profits at this time when people are really struggling with the price of groceries, with the price of medicine, which is what tonight is about. And we see that in the question of Pharmacare and the place of Big Pharma, nowhere is it more obvious than here that corporations are just grossly overpowered in our society and we need to fight back...

...We can win a transformative reform, and national public Pharmacare is that - a transformative reform, a reform that we will win against the power of corporations by holding governments to their commitments against all of the lobbyists arrayed in the back room against us.

Big Pharma is more consolidated and more profitable than almost any other industry. They profiteered grossly off the pandemic, they've resisted every attempt to rein them in, they sold 17.4 billion dollars of patented medicines in 2021 in Canada and in Canada we spend almost the same amount as the United Kingdom on pharmaceuticals, despite the fact that we've got half its population. Meanwhile 11 percent of us, 3.4 million people in Canada, can't afford their meds. We've got the third highest drug prices in the rich countries of the world and we've got a fight on our hands where the battle lines are very clearly drawn."

To say he is in partnership with Big Pharma when this campaign is explicitly going up against corporate control is just idiotic. Being able to harness the power of government to negotiate vastly better deals for pharmaceuticals directly undercuts Big Pharma's ability to make these obscene profits and that is exactly what this campaign is working towards. Of course Big Pharma is trying to work this legislative process to their advantage, as you rightly see, but the Council of Canadians effort is speaking explicitly to that danger and have just this week, again, spoken up about the lobbyists working behind the scenes to prevent a public universal system, something Big Pharma does not want.

I am no fan of Big Pharma or how much our public health care system is depending on pharmaceuticals instead of natural remedies, prevention, and support for healthy lifestyles. I don't hold much trust in the health care knowledge of most doctors and hardly ever see them, but I feel very, very lucky to live in Canada where a bad accident or serious illness won't leave me and/or my family destitute and I am in favour of finding ways like Pharmacare Now to disrupt the capitalist machine from taking advantage of the sick and the powerless.

continued below......

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In the case of Stephen Lewis, he was Ontario leader of the NDP, a social democratic party whose policies centred, and still ostensibly centre, basic human rights, equality, public health care, union and labour rights. As such they are the most in favour of market regulation of any of the three main political parties in Canada and the least allied with big business.

Lewis worked in Africa with the UN as well as a number of NGOs, including his own foundation, decades ago, starting at a time when AIDS first emerged there as a devastating public health crisis. Of course his job there dovetailed with some of Bill Gates' interests at the time but Lewis was very outspoken against the billionaire class and Gates specifically. He certainly doesn't sound like anyone who has ever been in Bill Gates' pocket. https://aidsfreeworld.org/commentary/2019/11/14/week-in-review-242

His foundation supported grassroots initiatives focusing on helping children and women living with HIV (women are at least twice as likely to be infected with AIDS in many places in Africa). I searched their website for any reference to vaccines and found nothing, zero. I found initiatives to provide food, housing, and education, all grounded and run through local community organizations with AIDS patients figuring largely in those in control of the funds. The only specifically preventative measures were in the domains of protecting women from sexual violence and the dangers of unprotected sex.

The purposes of the foundation, found in their financial statements, are:

1. To relieve the pain and suffering of the women and children of Africa affected by HIV and AIDS and related illnesses;

2. To provide financial assistance to children in Africa orphaned by HIV and AIDS and related illnesses so as to improve their quality of life;

3. To provide financial and other support to organizations providing assistance to persons with HIV and AIDS;

4. To solicit, receive, acquire and hold donations, gifts and legacies for the purposes of the Foundation;

5. To advance education in Canada regarding the community development challenges posed by AIDS in Africa by holding public fora, workshops and seminars to discuss these challenges.

Stephen Lewis has been outspoken for decades in support of generic drugs and equitable access, neither of which has made him any friends in Big Pharma and which directly undercut their ability to make huge profits. As well, his work with the WHO was as an advisor in a board looking at the non-medical social determinants of health, things like education, nutrition, and women's rights, not medical treatment and not vaccines.

Do you know how many people have worked for the UN? Are all of them now guilty of these accusations you are levelling at Stephen Lewis? You are talking about an 86 year old man who was dealing with his second journey with stomach cancer in 2020/21, when you are accusing him of profiting off of his part in the covid vaccines. You have fabricated this story about him personally profiting off of the vaccine industry. This is just flimsy guilt by association nonsense.

I hope you can understand why I want you to reconsider this. I am in your camp on the vaccine mandate issue. I'm very, very concerned about our medical and health freedom and the way so many of our governments and their embedded bureaucracies have truly been bought by the corporate machine, but the more people like you, who are speaking out about the vaccines, are also speaking nonsense about a whole lot of other things, the more crazy and irrational the rest of us look and the more likely all of us who care about this issue will continue to be dismissed as conspiracy theorists and wackos. Please reconsider this really terrible choice you are making here and retract these baseless allegations, which are not just inaccurate, they are actually ridiculous. Seeing how almost every single one of your supporters here are just taking you at your word, is really, really disturbing. You are not in any way living up to your own self-proclaimed journalistic standards.

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I will be praying for your safety ( team too!), creativity, and success. Thank you for your personal sacrifice in being a truth teller.

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Watch this... https://t.co/5CnAbRpYTr

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When Dr. Wolf first mentioned Naomi Klein being obsessed with her, or a potential threat, I honestly thought she was exaggerating a bit to make her point: upon investigating the matter further, no she wasn't t!!! Having watched Klein in a number of interviews and having reading read numerous reviews of her book; yes she is definitely fixated on Dr. Wolf in a disturbing, quite unwholesome way.

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Jan 8·edited Jan 8

Recently I turned on Democracy Now and to my surprise Amy Goodman was featuring Naomi Klein and her new book! After listening to Klein express mumbo-jumbo about mirrors and AI, she started talking about the origin of the book: apparently she is often confused with Naomi Wolf, and that disturbs her. Now, I’m 53, I live in rural Montana, I’ve never been to New York, and for decades I’ve read about 1 non-fiction book every month, skimmed a few major newspapers once per week, and listened to a news show or podcast (such as Democracy Now) about once per week. Prior to 2020 I had read only one of Naomi Wolf’s books and one of Naomi Klein’s. I’d never listened to either of their lectures. You could say I’ve been a lightweight regarding staying on top of leading cultural ideas. That said, I have never confused Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf. So it is REALLY hard for me to imagine this is a reality…and in New York?

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This is possibly something to look into? I’m not an editor & don’t know!


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I couldn’t bring myself to read Klein’s book, however, I did scroll through some of the 1 star reviews for fun and I figured I would share my favorite for everyone’s enjoyment here:


Posted by AndrewAR on Amazon reviews:

A repugnant and malicious hackjob

Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2023

A horrible book. Repulsively dishonest and willfully ignorant, with no entertainment value to redeem it. And I say this as someone who used to be a fan of Klein's. Shock Doctrine might be in my top 10 political books of this century. It's now clear that Klein has utterly betrayed her former values and sold out to the very predator elite she rightfully critiqued in that book. Disgusting. And here she has the nerve to viciously attack an author, Naomi Wolf, who has displayed far more integrity, bravery, and intellectual honesty than herself.

Not surprisingly, there turns out to be some obvious conflict of interest in Klein's petty, vindictive, hit piece of a book (as her target Naomi Wolf has recently exposed).

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Thank you for keeping your head high in a threatening world, and for fighting the Good fight for us all. Thank you Dr. Wolf (and thank you Brian!)

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More evidence that satanic evil is on the loose, and people that seem normal are being captivated by this spirit. Keep trusting in God, our only true protection. Thankful you have your own personal bodyguard in your husband to advise and protect you.

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Holy Moly Dr. Naomi - doubtful it’s any consolation that Kleins are not crazy but rather corrupt? Or is it one and the same? Thank you from “out here in the middle of nowhere” for all you do.

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Yikes... got about 2 minutes into the intro and almost puked. The video comments are as Borgian as I've seen. Apparently, anything that requires going beyond your programmed "common sense" = being possessed by conspiracy theory, and being broken and delusional for questioning the narrative.

Why Smart People Become Conspiracy Theorists with Naomi Klein - Factually! - 237


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