Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. (I guess I missed this in 2022!) This just struck me. "Thus the LNPs are indeed impairing sexual signaling and even changing, and dampening or deleting, human desire." That says it in a nutshell.

"Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold." (Matt 24:12) Jesus, The Prophet's words.

I daresay that not only does what Jesus say in Matthew apply to the actual law-fare lawlessness we see all over the world as a sign of the end, but I believe it also refers to the lawlessness (the assault) on God's most beloved creation, individual human beings in their splendor and beauty; body, mind, and spirit. We, each one, created in His Image. (And ultimately it is an assault on God, as He IS Law and Order.) Law and order applies to the very essence of our humanity. When any or all of our three parts, body, mind, and spirit are "out of order" it is a sign we are "sick." And I think what Jesus was saying as told by Matthew, "you are going to see such complete and total utter, inexplicable, profoundly frightening loss of normal human compassion and empathy and general love-and respect-of-neighbor, that it will shock those of you who are awake." (What could cause such a thing on such a massive, highly noticeable, global scale?) People injected with piles of LPNs.

I always had a hard time wrapping my mind around "that End Times stuff" until January 2020, so I basically ignored it, or viewed it as some symbolic thing that was going to happen waaaaayyyy far away in the future from my life, so who needs to worry about "that stuff?" I "worry" now.

Thank you Dr. Wolf you are a great analyst and communicator par excellence. Never give up. Never give in. Never, never, never.

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What a comprehensive article this is! I'd like to see any professional real scientists refute any of this. It takes an "English major" to shout out a clarion call of warning to all of us that the cult "scientism" has pushed oir effectively blind and deaf among us into slaughter chutes, making the herded masses fearful of even looking up to see wheir murderous handlers. However, there is one great "handler" we all must appeal to in this dire situation most people are in now. "I raise my eyes to the mountains from where comes my help" and know that desire for His holiness and redemption is like being pulled through the eye of a needle. We only need to turn to the Holy One to survive for a new world of loving kindness to be revealed. Our age is that of unspeakable narcissism, immorality and idolatry - the biggest being worship of money and power. May G-d open our hearts to Him and subsequently to each other! The time is late!

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Have you heard Dr David Martin talk about his theory that this vaccine (or some or them we know they are not all the same) can by way of graphene / magnetic particles change the direction of our chromosomes? Apparently our chromosomes point upwards to the sky - maybe to our creator? And these vaccines mess that up. Like maybe that connection to God - our bodies are created to seek Him out and connect with Him, we are designed to do that and this vaccine destroys that innate desire.

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Incredible article. Very disturbing

Food for thought:

The “people” whom are doing this... the “elites”...



These EL-ITES believe they’re gods... and have named themselves accordingly. There’s more to this story. There’s something very biblical about all of this

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You have written a mouthful! Wow. Just wow. Hard to take it all in and grasp it. What “they” have done is Brilliant. And evil.

God sees. God knows. God wins. On this I hang my hope and faith.

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Polyethylene glycol is a frequently used ingredient in soda pops and has been for years

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P.S. —-I have noticed similar things in Covid babies: expressionless faces…etc. Praying there will be detox to help these ppl out once they realize those affects.

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This was a fascinating report, Dr. Wolf. It breaks my heart, though, as a mother of four. I remember all the details of young motherhood as you described and so grateful non of my four kids got the jab.

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Hi again Doc== this was a book not an essay, and the Covid experiment by the elitists and by our government was a successful exercise in control. However, many hospitals that fired workers for not getting the jab are begging them to return. Never again!

Here's why I love your articles, books, essays, etc. They are dripping with truth that sometimes is painful, yet is one way we can realize what we have lost and hope to recover!

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OH MY GOD A Herculean feat to absorb this let alone do the research! Looks like i wasn't getting all my emails! What a job you and your team and your volunteers are doing! Hope there is a Heaven so you will get your just rewards! Beyond the call of duty! As for the vaxxed, almost everybody I know including most family members have succumbed and now exhibit inexplicable behavior. I've spent no time in Manhattan and almost none in LA, and live a pretty reclusive life in Palm Springs where come to think of it, the fellow tenant and sometime worker on the compound, who has become fixated on chopping things down in my back garden - especially hostile both to needle and horsetail cactus to the point where i've forbidden him to set foot here again, must have gone over the nanoparticle edge! All tenants as far as I know, have joined him in needle worship, backing away from me if discovering I am not in the cult. And speaking of worship what about the syringe wielding POPE!! I know I sound blasé but I'm far from it. Thanks again for your grit and gumption!!

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Am I correct that each vial contains three shots and must be diluted with saline?

Partially used vials, or ones out of the fridge for too long must be discarded.

Therefore there should be plenty of vial samples available for study of *what's in the shots*, but curious investigators seem to have trouble getting hold of these. How are they disposed of?

Also this aspect of diluting with saline, why is that? Why not put more of the clotshot in each arm, why dilute it? And doesn't this leave a lot to the discretion of the injector? They can easily give someone just saline, or give someone a full strength shot with no saline at all.

I also wonder how such tiny amounts of these ingredients can cause so much havoc to so much of the body.

How is there enough toxins to get to brain, heart, legs, ovaries, ... .?

Some say that the mRNA is a red herring and isn't in the shots. Funny to scare people by telling them that their genes are being messed around with and then not even put any in the shots.

Way back early clotshot days I searched 'lipid nano particles', and easily found that they were used in Alzheimer's treatment as they got into the brain. That gave me pause and I wondered why the government was telling us that these lipids were in the shots, when one would expect them to keep quiet about that. And why were people not doing their own easy *Google* search?

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Naomi, this is perhaps one of the most critical compilations of information I have read in almost 3 years. Have we had our eyes pushed off the real target because the respiratory and hematologic complications of Covid were so profound ( like a large jumbo jet crash that kills all aboard) that the basic fundamental carrying particle is the LONG TERM SECRET WEAPON to alter our critical thinking, make us inert to chaos, political greed and corruption, moral destruction and ethical disintegration!!!

As a Board Certified Cardiovascular Specialist, Board Certified Internist and owner of 3 high level Advanced Urgent Cares in the Florida Keys (treating thousands of people with Ivermectin since 7/2020) YOU HAVE BEGGED THE QUESTION "HAVE WE MISSED THE NANOELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!" Bruce L Boros MD FACC

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I remember the testimony of a nurse a year ago. She accidentally spilled the contents of one of the Vxx vials on her desk. As she was very busy, 2 hours later she just started cleaning and saw that the liquid had dried but had left solid particles. She touched them with her finger and she was surprised when she started bleeding. They were like MICRONEEDLES. That scared her and days later she resigned from her position, she felt a burden of conscience about what she was supporting.

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I noticed that too when I go out. I don’t feel the energy around anymore. Not a lot of people look healthy or energetic. I just thought it was me getting paranoid. Scary. How do we make it stop?

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This paper about isolated spike protein causing damage in the body https://www.salk.edu/news-release/the-novel-coronavirus-spike-protein-plays-additional-key-role-in-illness/

and the one it cites, https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.121.318902

might be of interest to you and your research team. Thanks for your work all!!!

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