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All that is good about the west, science, hospitals, human rights, universities flows from one source. That is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Revelation and reason via the Greek philosophers compiled wnd completed through the Catholic church. What you refer to is the pagan religions around before Abtaham and continue up to the present day never birthed those flowerings of human culture.

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You say: "I believe we need our prophets and our shamans back; our guides; our Josephs, our dreamers; our poets and our interpreters." I'd add elders to the list. What we have is a surfeit of old people but little or no wisdom. It's just more middle age with less of the give a sh*t. As for the metaphysical reality of the world, as an avowed sceptic -- I loathe the word spirituality for fear it elides the truly mystical (i.e. beyond at least the written word) -- I've long since given up trying to label and opine on how the hell it got like this. And, as for the future, whilst we live in a hopeful space and don't inhabit the here and now (no, not mindfulness), it's unlikely we'll (whoever that is . . .) grasp the enormity of our situation, lest still be willing to give up our wants and needs in the hope of allowing the biosphere, earth, or Gaia to try to reclaim some of the territory and space lost to our anthropocentric desires. Take care and thank you for your essay/post.

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I've often wondered why certain groups of people don't believe in spirits or gods, or even magic, while other groups are rife with gods, goddesses, and major and minor demi-gods.

My ancestry is Germanic, with a smattering of Dutch, English, and Irish. All of them had a deep tradition of pantheons of gods that worked together or fought against each other.

I've worked as a farmer, and thus learned how to be a good steward. I've sometimes thought that I should have a deeper connection with the land. There have been times that I have felt such a connection to the land that I could point to where every prairie dog, snake, and coyote on the place. I have come face to face with two of the three and have communicated the intent to not do harm, and thus walked away from them.

I keep wondering if the fault in Christianity is the lack of faith or the lack of interest in how they live, or in the study of their history.

I keep thinking that Christianity is too strong in Male energy, without a countering and complimentary feminine energy, and I also believe in cycles. History not only repeats, it also rhymes, as the old saying goes.

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You are right Naomi, there's a battle going on for the souls of mankind. It's an ancient but continuous battle! "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places". Ephesians 6:11-12.

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I just read an excellent essay / article on King Charles long connection with Druids, etc. lost link to it??? Can anyone help??

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Naomi...I feel that I can say I love you without feeling the least bit like a weirdo.

You are truly an exceptional spirit and a magnificent woman and human being. I admire you and feel joy even imagining the astonishing Grace you surrender to in becoming the light which you are.

Please continue sharing with all us fortunate humans who've so far still not been defeated.😇

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It's refreshing to see this article expressing your "awakening" to what we cannot see. Reality's not what we think it is. When you think of just what the visible light spectrum is, you realize how much our physical eyes cannot perceive. That alone should be scientific proof (via negation) that an invisible world exists beyond our everyday perceptions. Drugs are ways in which people try to access those realms (esp. ayhauasca, mushrooms, LSD, etc.) Shamans throughout history have served as those who've taken those journeys into the other realms to bring back knowledge to help people. Some artists, poets and mystics have tried to bring this knowledge to humanity as well. It is time to speak about these things b/c those that "control" the world are very well aware of this occult (i.e. hidden) knowledge and are using it against us via repetitive content and priming our souls with fear-based programming. I address this in my poem, "ImagiNation: the only Nation" and the inborn tool we can use to combat this (if you have time to check it out).


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In summer 2021 I went to a healer who told me we were living in multiple parallel realities. It was around this time that I felt a marked shift in the energy around me. It was like something had “disappeared.”

I had in part attributed to the surreal quarantine experience, but it has only gotten more marked over time.

I have also had the very confusing experience of watching loved ones almost totally disconnect energetically. I have tried to describe it to others as if it is magnetic, like based in some real force I can’t understand.

I feel like I am constantly thinking of the nature of reality as a result. This article is paradoxically very grounding for me. Thank you, don’t stop! 🕊️

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Thank you for the mushroom cloud growing in my mind. David Icke emphasizes we experiance a tiny, tiny percentage of the universe (EMF) through limited senses, indicating much more is out there. But your discussion of culture/language/tradition affecting perception is perhaps right on point (shades of an Orwellian reality abound today).

Thanks again!

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My battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. the bible say,s it and i have experienced it for sure.

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John Michael Greer gave a link to this essay in his comment section this week. I'm very glad he did. This is wonderful work, Naomi. You've articulated well what can go wrong (and why I therefore began studying the phenomena of human evil after taking up the religion of Shinto), but why even so, it is so crucial in this day and age to reestablish a link to the Divine.

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The scientific world you talk about and the scientific method you believe in has, since the Enlightenment at least, eschewed that which cannot be measured. Daft really for the scientists don't deny love, hatred, joy and shame yet I think they would exclude them from any causation. Masaru Emoto would dispute that. I am English so my perspective and experience is coloured by my background but when I left school to go to university you would have been ridiculed for believing in anything that was unseen, let alone God. And I didn't. Oxbridge was dominated by existentialist thinking and to accept, let alone believe, in anything not proven was to invite censure. The cancel culture didn't arrive yesterday it just had a different name. In my case this was unfortunate because, unbeknown to me, and against all my brainwashed beliefs, I had a highly developed psychic perception which - since I didn't believe in it and therefore couldn't have it - got me into all sorts of trouble. It was only after a breakdown where I had to recalibrate my whole life and accept some healing of a different nature that I came to see how narrow my world view was. It seems I had unacknowledged healing energies myself and once I had learnt to put them into practice they had some efficacy. Having chosen to investigate this path of the unseen world I lost 80% of my friends because back then I was considered a witch. Things are getting better, but not quick enough for me. The darkness is terrified of the light bringers, but some of those light bringers don't know they are bearing lanterns and they - like me in the past - need help knowing they do indeed carry the light. The darkness does not want them to know this. Whether that is a metaphor or reality is, I would suggest, dependent on the lens of your own perception. Even three and a half years ago I might have poured some scorn on the concept of a battle of good vs evil, yet here we are in the thick of it. Postscript: I am also an advocate of homeopathy as another healing modality which is still ridiculed by mainstream science and 'the scientific method' yet it has worked for me for thirty years. Unseen, but powerful, energies. A medical doctor once said to me 'Even if you could prove 100% that homeopathy worked I would not believe in it.' That is some of the scientific method I have battled with for many years. Yet we perceive only about 0.005% of the magnetic spectrum. I work in the world of stories and as Muriel Rukeyser said: 'The universe is made up of stories, not atoms. '

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I think ancient peoples were as reasonable as ourselves and knew that the idols themselves did nothing. It was the gods that they were worshiping.

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There certainly are aspects to what we experience that are beyond the normal experiences of life. Most religions accept the existence of the spiritual realm where gods, angels, demons, and the like call home.

In addition to this spiritual arena, there are a great many areas of the physical world that we do not understand. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) explained the interplay of the body via a network of paths and nodes that energy would flow through. If there was any sort of imbalance, then some type of ill effect was observed.

Likewise, there are fortune tellers in every culture on the planet. But, they often use different methods to achieve the same end. This phenomenon leads to the conclusion that it is not the means used, but rather that there is something else that can be accessed in a variety of ways.

And many people refuse to believe or accept the existence of anything that is not purely physical.

Some of that caution is entirely rational. It is foolish to believe something without having any basis for that belief. Also, religions caution against idolatry and using the power for evil or personal benefit. And this is a significant hazard given the pervertedness of the human race.

As with TCM, being an ancient knowledge does not make it wrong or bad. The ancients observed cause and effect and built an explanation based on their conceptual framework of the world.

It is a good thing to investigate, research, theorize, and utilize the things that are other than the physical world. Just like there is great benefit to examining the physical world. But we must understand and use intention to constrain our use and application to the good. Whether we use the knowledge to make a medicine or a better poison is our choice.

But we must remember - there is a different world out there with different powers, abilities, and inhabitants. They may have objections to the way we use this power. The limited nature of humanity makes their response very one-sided. But I am convinced that they will not ignore us.

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