The amount of RAGE that I feel that my daughter (of childbearing age) was pressured into taking an experimental “vaccine” she did not want or need is palpable.

I hate these criminal tyrants!!!

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No surprise.  If a glass of wine or second-hand smoke is dangerous according to the CDC, why trust an experimental injection?

These people are criminals.

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The crime of the toxic bioweapon exceeds biblical proportions. Yet the needle is but one head of the hydra. Perhaps it is worthwhile exposing the other aspects of this ongoing attack. People assume that only the Covid jab is toxic. Why would one still have faith in the same pharma companies to not toxify all of their products? All mandated child vaccines? That could be described as blinkered thinking. Dental injections have now been analyzed and found to have the same nanotech in them as the Covid jabs. How about local anesthesia? Anything administered with a needle. The tainted blood transfusions are well know I assume as the Red Cross still insists that no segregation between vaccinated and non-vaccinated blood is necessary. 'Theragrippers' installed on the tip of the swab used to take a RT-PCR sample. Dual purpose,a DNA sample taken, and time controllable frequency activated medical devices embedded in the human host where the payload is delivered at the desired time in the future. Heat reactive nanotech worms embedded in the fabric of the P2 masks. Once humidity level rise between the mask and the face the worms are released from the fabric and enter the airways. Smart dust introduced during Ariel chemical spraying of Barium , strontium and aluminum. This world wide phenomenon amazes me the most,that billions of people look up every day at the trails in the sky that eventually form artificial hazy cloud cover before the day is done and say in their pre-programmed mind "Condense water trail" it's just water,nothing to see here, carry on. Now if that isn't a successful demonstration of mass mind control in action I don't know what is. There is more. Thank you Naomi.

I leave you in the love and light of the one infinite creator.

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We have truly become CULTURE OF DEATH, but much of it is MURDER. Here's another case. I had tried to just post the pdf for everyone to see as to the Congress members who signed this letter to the NIH, but it wouldn't have linked. So here is the full letter, it's another deathly situation via the NIH.

May 9, 2023

The Honorable Lawrence Tabak

Acting Director, National Institutes of Health

9000 Rockville Pike

Bethesda, MD 20892

Dear Dr. Tabak:

We write today with grave concerns regarding a study funded by the National Institutes of

Health (NIH) in which two young people tragically died by suicide.

The study, titled “Psychosocial Functioning in Transgender Youth after 2 Years of Hormones,”

evaluated the psychosocial effects of cross-sex hormones on “transgender and nonbinary

youth.”1 In this study, researchers examined young people between the ages of 12 and 20 who

identify as transgender and were given cross-sex hormones. Of the 315 subjects, 240 were


Notably, the four clinics and some of the researchers who conducted this experiment are

outspoken advocates for conducting gender transition interventions on children. In a video it later

removed from its YouTube channel, Boston Children’s Hospital, one of the clinics involved,

went as far as to claim that children can know their gender identity “from the womb.”3 Johanna

Olson, a co-author of this paper, told CNN in 2014, “We’re definitely in the middle of a gender

revolution and it’s exciting.”4 This same researcher later received a federal grant for a study in

which she altered protocol to allow children as young as 8 years old to receive cross-sex


During this study, two young people died by suicide and eleven reported suicidal ideation.6

Rather than shutting the study down after such serious adverse events, the researchers published

their paper, concluding that the study was a success because cross-sex hormones had altered

subjects’ physical appearance and improved psychosocial functioning.7 However, the researchers

admitted that they were not able to properly establish causality between the administration of

cross-sex hormones and improved psychosocial functioning because their study lacked a control


1 https://doi.org/10.1056/nejmoa2206297. 2 Ibid.

3 https://first-heritage-foundation.s3.amazonaws.com/live_files/2023/01/230130-DNH-NEJM-Response.pdf. 4 https://www.cnn.com/2014/06/27/living/transgender-youth-pride-march/index.html. 5 https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/3f4f51_a929d049f7fb46c7a72c4c86ba43869a.pdf. 6 https://doi.org/10.1056/nejmoa2206297. 7 Ibid.

8 Ibid.

Despite glaring shortfalls, this government-funded research is already being used to further the

fallacy that chemically transitioning children is safe and effective.9 It is alarming that vulnerable

young people died by suicide while participating in a taxpayer-funded study that will almost

certainly inflict devastating physical harm on those who participated. Twenty-four participants in

this study received cross-sex hormones after puberty suppression or “in early puberty” and are

likely sterile as a result.10 Further, participants are now at increased risk for cardiovascular

disease, blood clotting, and a host of other complications.11

Research shows that gender dysphoria in minors often resolves as they progress through

puberty—completely undermining the idea that children should have their bodies permanently

altered to match their changing identities.12 Despite overwhelming evidence that chemically

transitioning children is not safe, the NIH plans to give more than $10.6 million to experiment on

children and adolescents through 2026.13 We are deeply concerned about your agency’s use of

taxpayer dollars to advance experiments on children who will be irreversibly harmed by radical

gender ideology.

We request your full and complete response to each question below no later than June 9, 2023.

Please provide a separate response to each question, rather than a narrative response.

1. Were the individuals who tragically died by suicide while participating in this study


2. At which study sites did the two participants who died by suicide receive treatment?

On what date did the researchers from these sites inform researchers at other

participating sites that a study participant had died by suicide?

3. Please list the steps that were taken to halt and review the study after the first and

second deaths and the dates on which these actions occurred.

a. If a review took place, please provide the outcome of that review.

4. Were the other participants, as well as their parents, notified that two participants died

by suicide? If so, who provided this notification?

5. Were participants and their parents given the opportunity to reconsider their consent

and withdraw from this research in light of the suicides?

6. What steps were taken to provide ongoing monitoring of other children participating

in the study to ensure they were not at risk for suicidal ideation?

7. Have study participants been evaluated to assess sterility or impaired fertility as a

result of receiving cross-sex hormones? If so, how many participants are now sterile

or suffering from impaired fertility?

9 https://www.nbcnews.com/nbc-out/out-health-and-wellness/hormone-therapy-improves-mental-health-transgender-youths-new-study-fi[1]rcna66306; https://abcnews.go.com/Health/gender-affirming-care-trans-youth-improves-mental-health/story?id=96510337;

https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/trans-teens-benefit-from-gender-affirming-care/2023/01/20/955f807c-98bd-11ed-a173-61e055ec24ef_story.html. 10 https://doi.org/10.2147/AHMT.S110859. 11 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36238954/. 12 https://www.dovepress.com/getfile.php?fileID=40774. 13 http://gendersanity.org/documents/NIH-funding-from-progress-report-12-15-21.pdf.

8. Will a follow-up occur to evaluate the long-term physiological state of the subjects?

If so, please provide an expected date for this follow-up.

9. The study notes that “6 participants withdrew from the study.” Please provide the

ages and Tanner stages at which these participants withdrew and their reasons for


10. Please provide all closed-meeting minutes from the NIH regarding the approval of

funding for this study.

11. Please provide all closed-meeting minutes from the NIH, researcher Johanna L.

Olson, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and any relevant review boards

regarding the approval of children as young as 8 years old to receive cross-sex

hormones in the study titled “The Impact of Early Medical Treatment in Transgender

Youth,” redacting any information that personally identifies study participants if


12. Please provide all information that participants and their parents received specifically

regarding sterility or risks of impaired fertility resulting from the use of cross-sex

hormones, redacting any information that personally identifies study participants if


13. Does the NIH still commit to funding Project Number R01 HD082554 through 2026?

If so, please provide justification for continuing this funding and detail what

additional steps will be taken to prevent such serious adverse events going forward.

14. Please detail any ongoing or proposed NIH funding for studies involving transgender

or nonbinary identified minors.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


_______________________ _______________________

Josh Brecheen Ted Budd

Member of Congress U.S. Senator

_______________________ _______________________

Marco Rubio Rand Paul, M.D.

U.S. Senator U.S. Senator

_______________________ _______________________

James Lankford Michael S. Lee

U.S. Senator U.S. Senator

_______________________ _______________________

Mary Miller Randy Weber

Member of Congress Member of Congress

_______________________ _______________________

Lauren Boebert Chip Roy

Member of Congress Member of Congress

_______________________ _______________________

Andy Biggs Ronny L. Jackson, M.D.

Member of Congress Member of Congress

_______________________ _______________________

Eli Crane Jeff Duncan

Member of Congress Member of Congress


Michael Cloud

Member of Congress

Shocking to me that so few Congress critters signed on.

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May 8·edited May 8

Thank you Naomi for all the work that you & colleagues have done to release this to inform all of us.

This news of horrifying foreknowledge has been widely known before the release of these documents which only confirm it. It is devastating acknowledgement of the on-going evil lurking in some hearts. :/

But... by way of arguments about evil intents & people continuing to say "How can this ever happen?", I'm tired of people not referencing the deadly deliberately planned genocide of Native Americans over 500 years. And the Church-led mass genocide of so-called "witches" & women healers in Europe over many centuries that also devastated communities & families too.

Genocides have happened before & will happen again unless we always remain alert & aware of our leaders' invented divisions among us (to deliberately separate us) & are constantly vigilant against it.

See >The Ugly History Of The Native American Genocide That You Didn’t Learn In School


Published November 21, 2016 - Updated December 4, 2020

"Over the course of 500 bloody years, the Native American genocide carried out by both European settlers and the U.S. government left millions dead."

"At the root of the [Dakota Pipeline] conflict lay systems of oppression that for centuries worked to wipe out Native American populations and acquire their territorial holdings by force. Through war, disease, forced removal, and other means millions of Native Americans died."

"And only in recent years have historians begun to call the United States’ treatment of their Indigenous people what it really is: an American genocide."

Re: female genocide during the European witch killings, see this early church text written to supposedly identify & kill off all the so-called "witches" & women healers in communities >

Malleus maleficarum | Summary, Hammer of Witches, & Facts


Apr 13, 2023 - "Malleus maleficarum, (Latin: "Hammer of Witche[ts") detailed legal and theological document (c. 1486) regarded as the standard handbook on witchcraft, including its detection and its extirpation, until well into the 18th century. Its appearance did much to spur on and sustain some two centuries of witch-hunting hysteria in Europe."

"The Malleus was the work of two Dominicans: Johann Sprenger, dean of the University of Cologne in Germany, and Heinrich (Institoris) Kraemer, professor of theology at the University of Salzburg, Austria, and inquisitor in the Tirol region of Austria. In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII issued the bull Summis desiderantes affectibus, in which he deplored the spread of witchcraft in Germany and authorized Sprenger and Kraemer to extirpate [to destroy totally; kill off] it."

> Witches, Midwives and Nurses: A History of Women Healers (1972) by Barbara Ehrenreich, Deirdre English (Contemporary Classics - The Feminist Press)


"Women have always been healers, and medicine has always been an arena of struggle between female practitioners and male professionals. This pamphlet explores two important phases in the male takeover of health care: the suppression of witches in medieval Europe and the rise of the male medical profession in the United States".

These hate-filled genocidal, political precedents (& of course there are many others world-wide) makes the relatively short-lived Nazi genocide pale in comparison. All genocides are evil, of course. But leaders/rulers across time can & do carry out terrifying, devastating de-population genocidal plans over centuries for many different, truly sickening, reasons

So, why is anyone surprised by this latest example of a globalist-led "medical killing field"??

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OPEN LETTER TO FED. DISTRICT COURT JUSTICES and Relevant Public Officials: This is what real public service, maintaining integrity, self respect, transparency and public honesty looks like: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DPuI15wLqxQc/ 14min. This man among men talks directly to your Oath of Office and to you as a person, worthy of our trust placed in you to live up to you charge.

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To deny the existence of pure evil, at this point, would be like denying the existence of the sun.

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May 7·edited May 7

(I posted this on another stack but it is so relevant here too.)

What a demonic person RW clearly is from everything that's been learned regarding her devious doings. But she's going w/incompetence here? (The babies deaths are heart breaking but so are all the school kids unnecessarily mentally & physically damaged by the the deadly evil CDC & AFT crooks.)

Quote: "Last August, Walensky took responsibility for several “mistakes” during her [CDC] tenure."

> May 5, 2023 - "The Post has exclusively revealed through documents provided by government watchdog Americans for Public Trust that Walensky’s CDC let the American Federation of Teachers suggest language for guidelines that kept schools closed for in-person learning months after studies showed children were at low risk of transmitting the virus in classes."

{Pls send that arrogant, whiny AFT Prez Weingarten straight to journo hell while you're at it NY Post)


"Walensky’s predecessor, former CDC Director Robert Redfield, had claimed months before she assumed the role that it was safe for students to return to in-person instruction." “I think it’s really important to get our schools open,” he told ABC’s “Good Morning America” in July 2020."

"Walensky was also one of several members of the Biden administration who falsely claimed in 2021 that those who received the COVID vaccine couldn’t spread the virus." [super lie - there's NO VIRUS]

"The CDC director walked back that claim days later, admitting that “the evidence isn’t clear” and that she was “speaking broadly.”

"The agency in the same year also removed mask mandates only to reintroduce them months later."

None of which worked as many of us knew early on- say April of 2020 - as they all still doubled down.

I know this may be repetitive info to us but it feels good that the Post is finally reporting on all this shit.

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May 7Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

It's unfathomable that, while Dr. Wolf is being vilified as a "conspiracy theorist" from raising the red flag and ringing the alarm bell, Chelsea Clinton is being hailed for her "courageous" efforts at getting more kids innoculated. https://fortune.com/well/2023/04/25/clinton-who-gates-foundation-child-vaccine-catch-up-plan/

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May 7Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Is this why there was a baby formula shortage? Were they hoping women would breast feed? True evil.

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I can only hope Dr. Walensky's resignation today relates to this utterly evil and dastardly act on her part!

Well done, Naomi.

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May 4Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Hard Truth Revealer--Dr. Naomi Wolf

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May 4·edited May 4Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

All directly related to the plan of assault by Marxism/WEF/Davos upon the western world. Depopulation is a part of this. I hope of each of you are getting really clear on the fact that this situation is not a mistake, an overreaction, an oversight or anything else. This has been in planning for decades. Walensky, Bourla, Bancel, Fauci, Gates and the rest must be arrested and then we must deal with the murderous American Government, then on up the chain to Freemasonry, The Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Aristocracy and the banking families of Europe. We must go all the way up the chain to find the ones destroying humanity and stop them once and for all. This is only the latest instantiation in our time and in our generation. They have been doing this for hundreds of years. All the criminals you see upon the stage are taking orders from people behind a curtain. Until we as a world take the responsibility to finally deal with these people nothing will change.

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May 4Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

WARNING: I'll provide the overview, readers must fill in the blanks, deploy their respective networks and make it count. Time is of the essence.

We have observed, processed and given thought to the massive amounts of sabotaged food supply chain over one year: arson of production facilities one hundred and counting, thousands of beef cattle, poultry, eggs, milk needlessly wasted with brutal coercion visited upon producers, and we have asked, "what do these events constitute - what is the mission / its meaning?"

The last piece of the puzzle, the answer to the conundrum is now clear, and it is a threat to our total population. During the period calendar years 2021 through 2022, we see -

our national labor force has been reduced by death, disability, injury to the tune of 300,000; 1,260,000; and 26,600,000; respectively, which in the aggregate has reduced U.S. labor force by one third (1/3).

see 2-links below:

For Ed Dowd's findings & conclusion Summary: Runtime 2min 20sec total

https://www.bitchute.com/video/KJRDJgKsV5ti/ START @ 5min 8sec to Dowd's FINISH @ 7min 30sec.

For Ed Dowd's methodology with more detailed data charts: see this video:

https://www.bitchute.com/video/CM6TM9EorcHg/ Runtime: 56 min.

Does it not stand to reason our military has suffered an equal reduction in able bodied service men and women? Certainly military injections of C19vax is equal to or greater than civilian as to dose per person.

But here is the "kicker" - the last piece of the puzzle: Spike protein and known dangerous synthetic and nano materials are replacing manufactured food shortages, placed into our morphed food supply chain production - I do not have to tell you there is ample evidence these inclusions in plant and animal based food which are intended for every breakfast lunch and dinner table in America, are poisonous and CLEARLY is the result of a concerted effort to reduce our nation's population by death, disability, injury sterilization, miscarriages, and other maladies.

Are we going to just sit back and literally spoon feed ourselves with this junk, or are we going to do something about it?


And here is how we do that. All of us reading this now, know someone who knows someone who is a practicing attorney with license to practice in Federal District Court. Make that person painfully aware , by way of your network, that he can stop this entire fraud with just one temporary restraining order by any Federal District Court Judge, and until he does just that, he along with the rest of us, can watch his family, his children, his parents be slowly but surely injured, disabled and even killed every time he puts food on their table, every day of every week of every month. Let him know the BOOSTER SHOTS are now being seeded into plant based food products this coming growing season. Let him know spike proteins are likely already in his meat products he serves his family this evening, or will most likely be by the end of this month.

And as to the researchers, scientists, medical doctors reading this, Each of you has the network and skill sets to do the necessary and sufficient research to hand deliver to your attorney of choice. DO IT! Please. thank you for your time. jeff sweet michigan.

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The data goes to the FDA and CDC on the 20th. She makes her statements on the 23d. How do you know she had read and processed it? At maximum, that’s thee days. Sometimes I don’t process things for weeks.

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