Measures such as masks lacked medical justification. However, they appear to follow the process described in The Ten Stages of Genocide. I think there might be therapeutic value from understanding the process that was inflicted.

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Regarding people looking over the shoulder before the fall.



I believe it's an induced epileptic electrical seizures frontal lobes

This report suggest with electrical stimulation can induce an epileptic seizure and case the greater turning of the head. What caused the electrical stimulation I'm not sure. Maybe graphene hydroxyl? Though it takes very little electricity to induce the reaction

"From the report: "eye fields were located in front or at the level of the motor representation"



Electrically induced Lobotomy? is that their objective?

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good "pernt" --all that framin' is a hall'o mirrors... BUT the skeeery war record... that's purdy bad guy stuff.... an' more direct... but I DO hear that mockin'bird....loud an' clear...

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This is just the beginning of what liberals have in mind for you! Stop voting for liberals!!!

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One of the most bittersweet essays I've ever read.

You ma'am are a national treasure.

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Beautiful and sad. And true.

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Even though I'm in a "lockdown" state, I'm very fortunate to live on the border, close to a much more free state. Fortunately, the mandates of the governor in my state were challenged in court and thrown out to the point that adherence was voluntary. However, I still had to go to another state for many services as some businesses were just too afraid to go against the grain of the government. I totally agree with Dr. Wolf. We have been violated in so many ways. And, it has been a struggle to maintain an outlook not tainted by the draconian lockdowns and rhetoric of fear that spread throughout the country. Lord only knows if we'll every be able to fully recover!

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This post brought me to tears. Heading to Texas from Illinois tomorrow. We managed to help our young adult daughter move there during the lockdowns and mandates. All is not perfect there, either. She had a few requirements to dodge even in Texas (unbelievably, arts orgs continue to buy the nonsense). However, I have been fortunate to experience the palpable freedom and the confidence you note in both Texas and Florida during the last two years. May the rest of us living in mandate states have the wherewithal to overcome the trauma and get it all back.

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A question I have. Has your team looked into this doctor?

Where #Pfizers gene-edting shots, actually ...

#EUGENICS shots?

It's not a big stretch of the imagination. Were the shots covertly designed to target persons carrying gene mutations in the heart muscle?

Were serious cardiac adverse reactions truly random?


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Remember Patrick King in Canada won his court case by forcing those in charge to admit they had no evidence that the "virus" exists.



Maybe we should start using this argument to stop these shots?

How can they have a "vaccine" for a "virus" that they can not prove exists?

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Dr. Wolf, I have known of you for a long time and just recently after hearing Patrick Gunnels read your "Beast" and "Opening Boxes from 2019" I have fallen in love with your writing style. I am 5th generation Texan and your descriptive analysis is spot on about our state. It is also fascinating to observe your transformation in this process, WELCOME, it is an honor to be getting to know the core you have discovered within yourself as you bring awareness to the evilness within our political system. You can find me at bobbymatic.substack.com

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Nov 29, 2022Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Germany 1933 = now

Fight back now

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Beautiful. And as I'm sure you understand, the masks cause me to re-live being raped when I was in high school. It's been almost three years and I see people wearing masks every day I leave the house (state of PA). And still everyday, I have little zaps of sadness or anger when I see these people. They are the people that allow the system, the rapists, the criminals, to flourish. If I could afford to move to FL or Texas, I'd be there with red white an blue bells on!

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Sad. We live in a mandated state and city, but our church refused to wear mask or shut down. As a family we never missed a holiday. We did not allow them to take away our humanity.

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Throughout our multi-million year history as Humans on this Earth we have had Bards, and Storytellers to bring us the NEWS from village to village. They not only sang and told, they packaged and branded and commented on our lives and situations. Politically, generationally, culturally, sexually, practically,

informationally, humorously, psychologically, spiritually.

This is what our Naomi Wolf, Dr, does for us with heart-words and coollected thoughts and precious

focused summarizing of our today lives from an overview perspective of immense value to each and all, IF we are able to see and appreciate and truly hear.

Yes, Naomi, the World WAS violated, and it was anything but an accident, being a century in the planning. And yes, all the evil-doers......ALL.... will get their just desserts. Yet, as you have said, the many many raped remain RAPED.

Best remedies are to Pray, to Meditate and to ACTIVELLY CREATE OUR COLLECTIVE BEST

TOMORROWS TOGETHER. The Golden Age is just around the corner.

May CREATOR-SOURCE Bless you ALL and Your Houses and Your Family and Your People!!!


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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

In California, lockdown supporters want to quietly try to return to normal, while the injured resistance must lick our wounds and try to move forward while deciding how much grief and animosity is appropriate.

What of these two factions in Florida and Texas? Does their easy manner belie a lack of true understanding about their position? Obviously some who were opposed to lockdowns are very aware of what they avoided, and are politically vocal about it…but do they ALL truly understand what transpired in areas beyond their borders where the checkout clerk conversations are now so stilted? Do those Floridians who initially bemoaned the choices being made in their state now understand, in a way that Californian lockdown supporters never will, the difference between what they supported and what they would’ve actually received had desires been met? Are there those who opposed lockdowns who don’t even see the difference in their state and others? Can their experiences have reinforced their beliefs if they aren’t able to actually experience the horrors they managed to avoid?

In California, the former inmates weep and the former prison guards hope to simply and quietly return to normal without too many recriminations…the denial and cognitive dissonance within them is palpable. In comparison, do the Floridian “would be” guards even realize the role they had hoped to play and the damage it would have caused of only they had won? Do Floridian “would be” inmates know the pains of the cells they avoided? Do the easy conversations flow due to an active knowledge of what they avoided, or from ignorance of what they all avoided…and if the latter, how do they avoid repeating the mistakes of other states in the future? Is the defense of future liberty best left in the hands of Floridians, or the tangled network of Californian survivors?

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