WOW! A cab ride with a misogynist triggers a compilation of factoids regarding the destruction of western society and culture through mass immigration!

When Naomi figures out who is responsible for this gotterdammerung, I hope she has the courage to do something about it. I am reminded of a line in a Woody Allen movie where in response to some terrible situation he says something about writing a nasty letter to the New York Times.

We are witnessing the culmination and denouement of decades of small political and social tweaks that were designed to destroy western culture while seeming to improve it. Ha!Ha! Nasty cab drivers is the least of her worries. Wasn't it Gil Scott Heron who said, "The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox

In four parts without commercial interruptions...."

Welcome to the shit show, Naomi! You might want to rethink your notion of making The Big Apple your domicile! I hear Putin is welcoming immigrants who embrace traditional values.

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Is the goal to create conditions that will erupt in a civil war? Is the goal to take over the land to grow food for other places? Is it to damage the country finances? Look at France....they will not go out for a walk alone....their taxes are out of control, they can't get govt services as newcomers come first. It looks like this is happening in many places. You are brave Naomi

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The reason, you ask? Here it is;


The straight white male patriot that the liberal establishment has continuously vilified for the last 4 decades clearly isn't interested in protecting the country which hates him. He's too busy having his parts surgically cut off, injecting gender altering hormones and dying his hair a neon shade so he can become a liberal white female himself.

Maybe American liberal white women will be sold into sex slavery by these new invaders, as they were in the past as detailed in White Gold by Giles Milton. Maybe many of them secretly want that just to experience the taste of experiencing un-apologetic, dominant male power once again. Enjoy yourselves liberals, diversity is what you wanted ( but just not in your neighbourhood).

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As I read this, I couldn't help but think back to what Pat Buchanan was saying in the 1990s. He had the same concerns. He was vilified for it as a racist. His intent had nothing to do with race, but preserving our culture, and our republic. That in itself was deemed as the hallmark of his racism, "You mean a culture dominated by white men like yourself." There was such shame attached to these ideals, as if he was calling for a return to slavery.

This concern about immigration, and that we had become a domineering empire, which we should not be, were key pillars in his two runs for president, in 1992, and in 2000. The situation then was not nearly as bad as it is now, but what I see looking back is he, and others like him, were keenly sensitive to the agenda as it existed then, and where it would lead.

Re. your taxi ride, I did not get a sense from you about the unique nature of the cultural problem, as it relates to your ride, because when my mom and I went to the UK in 1999 for a friend's wedding, we ran into a similar attitude over there, not from foreigners, but from Brits. Though, I don't think it had to do with sexism. It was the same attitude where if a customer expressed any preference about how their service should be handled, they would push back, saying, "Don't tell me how to do my job." For an American, this tends to feel offensive, because we have the culture here that, "The customer is always right." If there's something the customer wants, find a way to give it to them, within reason. For them, they had their way of doing things, and *they* felt offended if you even expressed concern about it, as though you were calling them incompetent, or were insulting the quality of their service. We just learned to live with that, and not complain. However, we were thankful to return to the U.S., where these expectations are more in keeping with how we do things.

Re. why "they" are doing this, I found this video by Devon Stack, (aka. "Black Pilled") enlightening


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Buy a car. Park it in an expensive NYC garage (if you can find one). And, learn to drive.

Or, move to a different part of the World where your expectations, based on your value system, are more the norm.

Because, with the migrant crisis created by the Democrats, causing a massive influx of Third World cultures into NYC, it ain't gonna get much better. This will be the daily experience of someone sharing your expectations.

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As I’ve heard said, ‘Men looking for a home bring their family with them. Soldiers come alone.’

They want our land they don’t want us. They don’t even want our women. The bioweapon, most effective at destroying western women and their babies, proves that point.

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Your cabbie has found a way to make money... get the gal, drive incorrectly, have the meter running and viola!

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How zenophobic are you? This comes across as very racist.

1. NEVER tell anybody how to do their job, unless that's your job. That taxi deiver might be fed up that America ruined his country and forced him to uproot. Also, is it possible a woman would have got pissed at you directing with superiority from the back seat? I know I would have.

2. Why leave us hanging as to the ethnicity of the driver? Italian? Hasidic Jew? Basically any man who is inclined to misogyny but it's not really cultural is it.

3. Stop your bloody government from starting forever wars all around the globe, which displaces people. Where are they supposed to go? Duh.

4. You are part of the problem, with your monocultural inclinations and your inherited entitlement to what you perceive as 'yours', within arbitrary borders that are remnants of imperialist theft in the first place. The 'USA' whatever that is, was never 'yours'. It's a figment of your hopes and dreams. Find new hopes and dreams.

This essay is based entirely on the dying embers of the current system trying to maintain it's control over living on this planet. It's changing, haven't you noticed yet? You play into that system which seeks to pit you against your fellow human beings. We all must BE the change. Let the old ways die, they serve us no more. It's just too ridiculous once you see it. Divide and conquer is the tired old game afoot.

You sound like a querulous old woman complaining that the young have no respect anymore....come over into the light and let it go, lady....

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Women were once protected by male instinct in the West not because women were weak, not at all, but because they were important. You’ve been social engineered out of this status in what was America and a lot of you ladies were those engineers. I know because I was around from near the beginning of this distortion of the essentially instinctive relationship between men and women. I was way ahead of the current trend in the West including whatever the former US is now by deciding to not marry or to find a mate from nearly anywhere but the USA.

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As one who spent time (more like did time) in the land of that fourth century child molester plagiarist in the mid seventies I got to know those misogynistic inbred camel humping goat fuckers quite well. I saw their religious enforcers beat the bottoms of women’s feet on a regular basis supposedly for some violation or another of islamoscum law exclusively for women. That was done in public, what went on in private was far far worse. I and others tried to warn you virtue signaling feminazis in the audience but to no avail obviously. You and yours set yourselves and everyone in the former USA up for this and, “I’ve no more fucks to give,” to quote my now favorite song. You enjoy now because there creatures have a centuries long fetish for non-musloid women especially blue eyed blond ones. Just ask the Swedes who’ve recently figured this out.

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Throughout the annals of human history, the "refined, law-abiding, educated population of any country are eventually overtaken by the barbaric, violent 'hordes' who would rather destroy, kill and maim than be reticent and law-abiding. This is what our "leaders" want for WE THE PEOPLE now in America--we are soon to become the LAND OF THE DESOLATED AND GODLESS!! I believe this descent into destruction started in 1964 when a woman who was an avowed atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, took her lawsuit all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court to throw away the READING OF THE BIBLE AND PRAYER every day in our public school system. The "beginning of the end" for our once Christian nation - because, even if most of the kids in public schools never darkened a church door--HEARING the Bible being read EACH AND EVERY SCHOOL DAY - edified their hearts and minds--unbeknownst to them. The Bible is a TWO-EDGED SWORD of righteousness and HOPE. Take that away from a citizenry and what do you end up with--HOPELESSNESS and MISERY!!

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There is no predominately White country in the world where the White majority is considered a 'protected class'.

There is no predominately White country in the world where advocacy of the interests of the White majority is considered acceptable.

There is no predominately White country in the world where mass immigration of non-Whites is not occurring.

You ask 'Why is this occurring?'.

Because the ruling class hates White people and the Literate Class hates White people...because it is rewarded.

What Dr. Wolf does not seem to understand is that her desire for 'equality' between herself and the men around her is the same demand for 'equality' that makes every one of every race everywhere in the world 'equal' with the 'right' to 'equal treatment under the law' if they can get into the equalophilic USA.

You cannot adore 'equality' and then expect much sympathy when 'equality' take the wheel of your cab and make you feel unloved.

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Defining the results of a problem never resolves any thing and worse, feeds the problem with the energy spent on the results rather than addressing the cause.

No dialogues INTENDED to discover the root problem guarantee's the root cause of the confusions will continue to control and grow. This is simple negligence at a deep and personal level.

I call this the Personality Cult.

Defining ones own life and how we live with our selves, family and friends based on others positions or personalities or controlled dialogues is the loss of personal identity required for confusions to supplant a vibrant balanced culture.

All culture is made up from individuals formed into first small groups, the groups aggregations to the point movements that consume the individual supplanting personal identity with group think.

Group think is the death bell of a healthy vibrant culture because it dies not respect the individual identities that are the life giving root of a culture.

Americas confusions are rooted in very few causes.

Human nature generally shy’s away from pointing the cause finger at our selves.

Yet, that is where all solutions begin.

The People created our whole American experiment in self actuated Liberty. A culture.

The right to choose culture.

We created a country based on the Rule of Law. We trusted individuals to serve those principles found in the foundational documents that every public servant and every franchised, licensed, regulated artificial person is constructed from.

Natures God gave the People the Laws of Nature.

Law of Nature is simple direct and all encompassing.

Honor your Creator, treat all life forms in creation the way you want to be treated. Because every thing is made up from Creators substance and abuse of creators properties is always a costly event.

When the People finally return to the roots of the American Adventure in self executed Liberty and become responsible for them selves and to other Americans the changes will be swift and sure.

Until then the support of the illusions of the corrupted systems by mere men will continue to steal the energy to sustain its operations.

Please consider stopping feeding the illusionary narratives by talking about them all the time.

Try focusing on the fundamentals and solutions and see what happens.

The systemites REACT.

When the systemites react we are driving their boat.

if interested in real dialogues about real solutions and public records showing the reactions drop me an email to have some fun and excitement.

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Our government has captured us. I need to finish this in the AM, but am so glad you have brought this to We the People’s attention. I have seen two videos of immigration from the Darien Gap, one from Venezuela, one of trained, fighting men from China. They pass through Panama, with camps set up for them. The signs covering the campsite advertise IOM, and many other agencies.

Our leaders receive their just powers from their constituents. Who voted for ruining our beloved nation?

I recommend the Brett Weinstein/Chris Martenson Locals video. They migrate from the Darien Gap with the Latinos, and the Chinese, distinct people groups, and end the trip with a long conversation. The had a videographer with them.

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The reason is to cause chaos so that they can then bring in the solution of digitally controlled global gvt

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'When in Rome do as the Romans do'

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