Yes, dear Naomi, God is saying, “look at Me! I’m actually here!”

God bless you for writing - we’ve just had to say good bye to our old darling boy cat Pudding - so I really understand. And God has given you some wondrous blessings through this time. He had promised to never leave us or forsake us, and He won’t!

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Our little Ebony, a rescue that saved us 15 years ago, went to the rainbow bridge two years ago.. she too loved to walk across the bridge along the creek .. fresh tears flowed along with your.. thank you for sharing

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I cried as I read this and am crying as I am writing this. About the same time as this article was written I lost my beloved cat - inoperable cancer. We did do precisely what the author did not do, took her to the vet to put her down. And I had exactly the same qualms and the sense of guilt that the author describes. I executed my beloved pet who didn’t have a mean bone in her body and never did me any wrong. My grief was so intense and lasted for such a long time that it was embarrassing to share with other people. But it does feel comforting that I am not the only one.

Yes, I know that miracles happen. I experienced miracles when my parents died. With my mother, it was a flock of green parrots that landed on the magnolia tree outside her house and covered all of it up. This was in California where parrots are not native. With my father, it was a voice that said in my head: “Grace to you from Lord the father and his son Jesus Christ.” I am Jewish also having grown up in an athesit family and atheist country, never having read the Bible and not being familiar with this phrase. As soon as I heard it, I felt an immediate sense of relief and total peace and lightness. It was miraculous - an internal miracle.

To add to this, I also had a miraculous light experience when I was in a dark place and asked God to show me a miracle. I was looking at the see and the sky that became illuminated. These were not the colors of this Earth. They were too brilliant and saturated.

Today my beloved father-in-law died. I am so glad I was brought to this article. It ”hit the spot.” Thank you for being reminded of miracles on this day.

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Dr. Wolf, you are doing God's work for this country and world, of course He will reveal Himself to you - believe in miracles. ❤️

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I have tears in my eyes reading your lovely reflection. You write with so much truth and beauty--thank you for expressing that gift so eloquently--it was a gift to me to read it. And I believe that these were absolutely miracles ---the best kind of miracles--intimate, personal, meant just for you right when you needed it most. The fact that others might not understand or be able to see it as a miracle makes it even more personal and profound. Mother Mary and roses -- that kind of miracle has happened a lot in many different ways---just check out the remarkable story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Roses are her very sweet specialty. :-) And the other miracle ---seeing that lovely thread of gold on the mountains and laughing at the realization that God's got this impossible situation covered---no problem---that is also a lovely, perfect, personal miracle. And it also blessed me because, of course He does, He is God after all. But it is hard to see that sometimes, especially lately when the world seems to be falling apart at the seams.

Just one more thing, to answer your question. You know how Peter was a long-time professional fisherman when Jesus asked Peter to follow Him and become a "fisher of men?" The invitation came with a miracle that melted Peter's heart and brought him to his knees and cemented his future as the "rock" upon which Jesus built His church. You know what that miracle was? A net full of fish. I can just see his friends questioning him about it. So, let me get this straight, Peter. You're a fisherman-- you've done this all of your life, you know what to do, right? So, Jesus told you to cast your net into the sea. You did that and caught a lot of fish, right? And that's a miracle?

But it was a miracle, a personal miracle, because of what it meant to Peter---feeling like a failure, out all night having caught nothing, tired and aching, probably needing to pay bills and not making enough to do it, feeling overwhelmed maybe? So Jesus says, come follow me and I will fulfill your all of your needs.. Maybe he was thinking about Isaiah 55:2? Why spend money on that which is not bread and your labor on that which does not satisfy? Whatever else it was, it was a personal miracle, a message as well as a gift, something that meant the world to Peter and changed his life.

Those are the best kinds of miracles in my opinion! God is so good!

I am so sorry for your loss.

And I am very grateful that you've shared your miracles! :-) Thank you!

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Beautiful tribute to your beloved companion.

Like you, I never knew much about Mary. But recently I listened to an audio recording “Untie The Strong Woman” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author of Women Who Run With The Wolves) in which Estes talks about her quest to learn more about Mary. By the time I finished listening to the full recording, I had a deeper appreciation and understanding of Mary, and I now think that she has a strong compassionate presence on Earth. I was also interested in hearing Estes description of the Black Madonna who accompanies you into dark places and stands with you in the place where chances are taken. https://www.soundstrue.com/products/untie-the-strong-woman

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Naomi - You've been pushing and continue to push all the satanic social agendas your entire life (homosexuality, abortion, feminism) and this is the reason humanity finds itself in a morass. You will also be held culpable before God.

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My best friend Tucker got a very bad eye disease 3 years ago. Eventually after treating him every day for a year with ointments and eye drops the vet advised; either ending his life or removing his eyes. Ending his life was totally not an option, and the thought of my best pal without eyes, and me having to make that call... I had a nervous brake down, but had to regain my composure as his life depended on me... besides being my best friend, Tucker has become a constant inspiration to me. Watching him every day, navigating, memorizing locations, exploring, living his best life... it suddenly occurred to me one day; Tucker is more aware of life than I have ever been, eyes and all...

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Every day I am discovering more pearls here. I'm so grateful for this platform and these awesome inspired authors. It's so good to be alive.

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This brought a tear to my eye because we recently lost our dog of almost 14 years. Its like cutting your heart out. How beautiful that you asked the Blessed Mother to watch over your precious dog. She answers all prayers. I have always felt a connection to Mary but during the last 2 years I have been constantly asking for her help in protecting my children and all the children being affected by this evil vaccine plan. The rose in the river is so interesting because a couple years ago I went to the Women's Portrait Gallery in DC to see their exhibit, "Images of Mary" and it was so interesting to learn that she is often pictured with roses. I think if you ask for help, as you did, you will get an answer if you are open to seeing it.

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Dr Wolf, thank you and because of your beautiful essay I just experienced my own miracle.

I lost my beloved father in early March, he was 86. I have been hoping for some sign that he is in a better place, and at peace.

Yesterday I read your words with tears of grief for my own father, with his body broken by age and time. Your story moved me and stayed with me all day.

When I returned home yesterday evening my neighbor said “wait a moment, I have something for you.” I was anticipating some of the tomatoes she has been growing on her porch.

Instead she brought out a single red long stem rose. She said her son had sent her an arrangement of various colored roses, but she chose the red to give me. She said she thought I may be feeling blue, and that the rose might cheer me up.

How about that?

My father is in a better place. That was my miracle. Thank you Dr Wolf.

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What a beautiful piece. It made me cry. I'm going to read it again and again. I can't tell you how happy I am that dear Mushroom got to die at home with his mom and dad and his beloved water spot. You both made the right decision, by hearing and honoring yourselves and him. Bravo. May we all remain fully human, and more so through the care and love of our animal angels. I will pray for your healing from this profound loss.And God bless you for all the ways your voice keeps us sane during these terrifying inexplicable times. We shall overcome!

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This is a good view of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

The reason why your prayer to "God" was rejected by your HS is because your image of "God" is too masculine, too patriarchal. THat is not your fault as culture and upbringing normally mis teaches human children to think in this limited fashion. It is not the Wisdom of the Divine, but it is the teachings of humans.

Humans, as you have realized with Fauci and Medicine, are not as accurate as they proclaim.

Mother Mary, is indeed the energy you needed to attune to, that of the Divine Feminine.

That does not mean the entity receiving your communication is God or Mother Mary. But that these concepts are the next best thing to a translation that your current self can handle.




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Welcome home, child of adam.

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At this moment, reading this, for me, you are the miracle.

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This was a lovely read and brought tears to my eyes, especially with the way I’ve been feeling about my life lately. Thank you for the reminder that miracles do exist and how everything going on in the world these days is insignificant compared to God.

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