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Naomi - Stupefied by Wussification? https://peter70x7.substack.com/p/stupefied-by-wussification. May I please speak with you? Peter70x7@pm.me

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Update to my earlier comment: I just finished reading your book. It is incredible, even better than I expected it to be! Your encouragement to be brave near the end of the book brought tears to my eyes. I am considering now where and how I can speak in order to bring attention to the horrendous decision to add the covid shot to the childhood schedule. I am sure our liberal governor will support that.

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Where can I send the flyer to Dr. Meryl Nass’s events? Kennebunkport legion hall 6 pm she will speak at the legion hall about their hearing.

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Naomi, you are awesome. The cowardice does not bring about change at all.

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As a longtime conservative woman, I was aware of you, but not a fan. Now your writing brings me to tears. Thank you, thank you, for all you are doing.

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This post reminds me of a short 3 min video about how to start a movement... "The lone nut and thr first follower" https://youtu.be/256eKjULdgQ

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I watched your interview on the FLCCC website and was cheering you on when you said we need to quit thanking you and begin speaking out. I am 70 years old and am not very influential, but I am doing what I can. I have helped people get meds. I encouraged my niece to resist when she was being pressured by her family to get jabbed while pregnant, after ten years of trying to have a child! Now she has a healthy little boy. I just encouraged a woman to resist her elderly parents' pressure to be jabbed so she could go on an anniversary cruise with them. I broach the subject with others and inform them if they don't shut me down. I'm feeling right now that I must talk to a teacher at our church who is telling his class that vaccine injuries are rare. I think I will print your Substack post as a visible reminder to do as much as I can. Thank you for encouraging me to continue.

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P___y is a weak work, deferring to the political correctness this essay assails. Better choice: C__t.

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Dr Wolf, you are an inspiration and your bravery is contagious. I wear an American Front Line Doctors tee for almost every outing. Some people might think it is the only shirt I own. When people ask me who American Front Line Doctors are, I take that opportunity to share with them the facts you are sharing with us.

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Dear Dr. Wolfe,

Thank you for your continued writing on our behalf. At least once a week, I hold my tongue as the “If it saves just one life” crowd laments the shortages, inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain insanity that we are paying for after having followed them – shutting down our economy for two years, then imposed vax mandates, and voting for spending sprees that further restricted our freedoms of movement and labor, destroying lives and livelihoods in the process. Your white feather is far kinder than mine. I would like to shave the heads of those who beat the drum of shutdown and mandate like Nazi sympathizing strumpets. My friend asked if I was serious. I replied, “Of course not. It is very impractical to walk around with clippers all of the time, even in your purse!”

I can say that I stood. Unfortunately, my voice does not carry so far.

- I changed churches to one that stayed open. I heard a podcast where the pastor said you have three options: the church that stayed open; the church that closed briefly, opened, and vowed to never close again; and the church that closed and will again. Attending two of the three is acceptable. If you are at the third, leave, and find another church.

- Our business refused to shut down. We refused to make our employees wear masks with less than 100 people in a 100,000 square foot, well-ventilated facility. A private manufacturing environment made this possible, but we still chose to side with individual freedom instead of compliance.

- When OSHA tried to impose the vax/testing mandate, I offered my resignation at our family company, of which I am part owner, where I have worked for more than 20 years. We quietly waited it out and prepared templates for religious and conscience exemptions to offer to any and all who wanted one – no questions asked.

- In 2020, I spent over $3,000 for four season tickets to the 2021 theater season to support hard-hit actors. Unfortunately, I did not go to any of the six shows because, in 2021, a vaccine mandate was imposed. I was told by family and friends to fake a document or get tested, but I refused to do either. I’ve missed multiple concerts, museums, and events because of mandates. I WILL be seeing Eric Clapton this fall. God bless him.

- I also missed my nephew’s last band performance because of a vax mandate at the bar. Again, I was told to fake a document. I told them that we should not act like we live in a third world country, or we will quickly become one. Rather, book the gig at a bar outside city limits that doesn’t require a mandate. Their upcoming gig in August will be vax-mandate free.

- I have supported my friends and family as they went through trials, suffered through the heartbreak of losing a loved one, or lost their livelihood from shutdown.

- In our latest small victory, my cousin, her son, and I received a religious exemption for her son to attend college. We argued that the vaccination mandate is an idolatrous sacrament of the humanist religion that pervades campuses (The college does not accept exemptions arguing that the vax does not prevent spread and is a higher risk to a young man than the disease itself). As a Christian, we cannot kneel before any other god but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I had used Daniel’s case of not eating the King’s meat or bowing to his golden image in preparation for my OSHA religious exemption application that, thankfully, was never needed. My cousin’s son used 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, arguing that it is the mandate, not the vaccine, that is the issue. With the mandate, the vax becomes humanist idolatry.

Your presentation about covid vaccine harm are compelling and villainous. The compliance and servility of my fellow Americans that I’ve witnessed, that you also documented, has been truly terrifying. Unfortunately, as in Stephen King’s, Storm of the Century, so many people are willing to be steered, deceived, and driven in irrational directions, as long as they don’t have to stand, think for themselves, and, most importantly, act.

On a side note, my unproven conspiracy theory is that China isn’t waging war as much as fixing the problem of overpopulation in their own country. Headed towards 1 billion people, China imposed the one-child policy that resulted in too many men because its citizens responded by aborting their unborn girls. China’s population is now an aging population without enough young people to support them (in spite of a new 2- and 3-child policy). What is an atheistic, Communist regime to do? Well, developing a disease that only kills off the aged and infirm and preserves the young and healthy is a start. Then, sterilize with a vaccine that reduces reproduction by just enough to stabilize the population. Finally, tweak the vaccine and disease with new “variants” as more or less population is needed.

Such a solution reduces the risk of mass rioting or government overthrow because China’s hands are clean – it’s the pangolin’s fault, you see. Socialist governments around the world can also breath a sigh of relief as they don’t have to worry about the cost of 100% government funded healthcare in those pesky, super-expensive last two years of life. So, Italy, the UK, France, Spain, and the rest aren’t squeaking too much about China's "solution". They also have to be super aggressive on shutdowns and draconian measures so that you can’t be seen cheering the killing off of the old and infirm non-producers in your socialist economy. Covid is the solution that keeps on giving to the government despot.

As a Christian, I am not a "believer" in government or science. To me, believing in science (and government) is like believing in a hammer. Science is a tool; a methodology; it must be proved, replicated, and continuously tested. It is not science that I am afraid of, it is the bowing to a false god of Science – a religion of Man-Made, Medically-Induced Immortality. It is the certainty of these technocrats, world leaders, and followers of the humanist faith that their solutions are going to work – from lab-released diseases, to shutdowns, to MRNA vaccines, to mandates. It is their solutions, their absolute belief in themselves, that has me really scared.

There is only One, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died for all so our sins might be forgiven, so we who believe in Him might be saved and share eternal life in His presence. To His perfect will I submit joyfully, to Him I bow, to Him I cling, before Him I lay myself down, and I will do so for no other. May God have mercy on us as we live through these treacherous times.

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Using “pussy” in a derogatory way. Your “feminism” baffles me, Mrs. Wolf.

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As I read this post, it reminded me once more that I truly wasn’t alone although the powers at be wanted me to feel that way. I lived my whole life in California as did many previous generations of my family who sought a better life after WWII. I stood up to bullying and tyranny on all levels until they literally “ruined” my business forcing me to have my husband take a job three states away where we could afford to live only on his salary “until this fiasco” ended or so I thought... after the last two and a half years I really am not sure I can be a “ therapist “ anymore for the very same things you speak of... where were all of the “other therapists “ who should have been standing up for others at? I tried everything imaginable.... but when your life is threatened or your constantly bullied or harassed... it changes who you are... but hey maybe that’s who I always was meant to be. A true “ Freedom Warrior “... many blessings

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Thank you for the calling the cowards to thier faces! How can they sleep and night because they have blood on their hands by standing by and not doing anything?

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