Dr. Naomi Wolf,

Thank you for sharing your story. I am a Christian apologist. If you want to talk more about what you are experiencing...contact me so I can help provide more answers to the things that trouble you from a faith perspective. It is hard to live today without acknowledging both spiritual realities that are both good and evil. To quote the famous writer C.S. Lewis, "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscious, but shouts to us in our pain. Pain is God's megaphone to arouse a deaf world." What is God shouting out to you today?

Sincerely, Dr. David Geisler (david@ngim.org)

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Hi Naomi

I could really use some guidance on where to read up on writing a religious covid exemption letter for my son for college. I had him skip last year hoping the mandates would be dropped or vaxx removed off the market by now. Unfortunately I’m in New Jersey and the colleges want them vaxxed. I refuse! My son and I are pure, my husband and my now pregnant daughter both double vaxxed. I pray for my daughter and my first grand baby. She did get pregnant after the vaxx Moderna. My son is my little guy and will protect him with all I have. So if you can guide me to research how to write this letter that would be great. We are catholic but not active members at church. Im the most clueless one on religion. Thank you and we all really appreciate what you are doing! You are an Angel literally!!!!

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Thank you for giving voice to what so many of us have experienced. I, too have seen the "left" turn into what they proclaimed to hate, while projecting onto me all of their own motivations and behaviors. I was literally painted as a Nazi by my so-called friends for speaking out for people who were protesting the lockdowns. It's all been so painful. I did not realize how deep the mind control over my so-called friends was. It was as if this event triggered some latent programming in their minds.

I, too have begun to believe we are in a spiritual battle. I have researched so many "conspiracy theories" and have seen the depth of the evil we are up against. I couldn't help but start to believe that there had to be an equally powerful good to juxtapose that evil. The rule of polarity proclaims it. That, and all the entheogenic substances I've taken have been enough to convince me that the spirit world is real.

They are scared. I am scared. The demons must be loving this.

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Amen to all, and to add my reaction to being shunned by my former Dem friends and "liberals"-

What has amazed me and strikes me as so surprising and disrespectful is that not one of them seemed curious as to why I now feel differently than they do. Why haven't they wondered about my reasoning, what have I discovered that they may not know about? I had previously been admired re my leadership abilities, my intellect, my lifelong dedication to justice and fairness, my classic liberal values, my civil rights work, my work on behalf of battered women, including one case that ended up as a TV movie, my founding of the Mississippi Democratic Club . . . But their response, Naomi said, "Crickets". Self-righteous, arrogant denigration, shunning.

One friend recently texted me about my not being vaccinated: " . . . A million Americans are dead from this disease. I have to wonder if the pandemic could have proceeded differently; if instead of denying science facts in favor of politics, many of those might still be with us. Unvaccinated people can be as dangerous as a bullet to some vulnerable people."

I felt furious. The arrogance and presumptuousness of the accusation. So now I'm a killer?

But I also felt a little scared by that attitude- that this is the type of willful blindness, ignorance and fear can lead to the unvaccinated being segregated and more. So I answered that I wished the best for her and her family.

And re Evil, my first real confrontation with it, that there truly is such a thing as Evil. was the crime scene photographs of a great, accomplished, beautiful young woman who was sadistically murdered by a serial killer. She tried to save herself, but he, at a minimum, had the element of surprise.

There were others he had destroyed just as pitiless and monstrously. He loved doing it, and looked forward to each one. Serial killers are all the same. That says it all, to me. It was like somehow he knew how opposite to him they were. Each one was special, kind, generous, smart, accomplished, beautiful. They would have given him the shirts off their backs - that type of special. An investigative journalist told me that she had come to the same conclusion- that basically his utter evil was drawn to his opposite.

I am a classic liberal, and independent politically, and I pray as much as I can now, several times a day. I know it can work. I think of Washington at Valley Forge, Churchill and Dunkirk. Others.

God bless all of you, and God bless America, the hope of the world.

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This is most probably part of the Third Secret of Fatima, very famous 1917 approved apparition of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Other parts: loss of Vatican in 1958 to freemasons, commies and 6 false popes.

Commies knew a Pope would have fought covid depopulation scam.

It's dark now. But when Catholics get a true Pope, end of new world order Georgia Guidestones plan. Catholic Church is in eclipse, 200k

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You nailed it. All of it. I wasn't religious before this "thing" started but the "negative proof" concept has me diving deep. Thank you for this validation. It's nice to know others are in tune.

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Brilliant Essay Naomi

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It’s been a long time coming, but I’m seeing the scales fall from the eyes of some of my progressive friends - it was easy to pat oneself on the back for being an intellectual when in reality the views parrotted were just that, packaged opinions that when uttered served as passcodes into ‘hip’ society, for lack of a better term. Look at Bill Maher for an example of someone williing to speak truth to power. I worked in the film business on the left coast and watched what happened to my circle of ‘friends’ when in the 1980’s I simply announced I was going to church! But be careful of the exclusionary tendence toward those of us who early on were railroaded into taking the two vaccines (in my and spouse’s case, Moderna) before awareness had started to dawn. Our son and his wife were staying with us and expecting a baby and refused to get the jab (thank God he is only 29 and the baby was born healthy) but they pressured us to get the shots as they chose to be terrified of getting COVID. Regret having gotten the shot and have put the whole thing in the hands of the Loving Father. Resist the tendency to form another ‘club’ around this shot/no shot question as this obscures the bigger issue, and the father of lies loves division

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Thanks! It's interesting to see things through your eyes. I grew up in Los Angeles, worked around film & TV, military, oil, politics, and both music & mob payola rackets so I'm insanely jaded. I thought I'd seen everything but many years ago I prayed for knowledge about how the world really worked and was led to FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson's lectures on elite SRA in the US. Once I understood that the magnitude of evil was beyond comprehension I was paralized by fear. I'd been fine working for the mob but I wasn't ready to deal with SRA of young children. I eventually asked Him for the Armor of God and quickly became functional again [note: ask for strength FIRST...].

As a result of my eye opening I built a network of homeschooling, homesteading, Godly friends who became my Morpheus and unplugged me from the matrix. I read John Taylor Gatto's 'Underground History of American Education', Atlas Shrugged, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Creature from Jekyll Island, watched Century of the Self about Edward Bernays and got rid of my television twenty years ago.

Like many Americans we caught covid in December of '19 so when people were freaking out it was mostly amusing. That millions would throw common sense away because TV told them too was a foreign but all to familiar idea. I thought the insanity would last a few months at the longest but my faith in humanity was ill placed. Social distancing. Masks. Shots. Quarantine. More shots. People bought it all and I was horrified. Thankfully my main core of friends never stopped socializing but unfortunately most got the shots. I pray God has a plan to fix those who were deceived. I can't believe He would let it run this far without a plan.

Last and most importantly is we discovered Godspeak Calvary Chaple through a friend. They never closed and are STILL catching flack for being open now. Pastor Rob is a blessing to the world. Atheists attend his sermons. They're THAT good!


The most patriotic Americans are all former communists. Until we get a little taste of what it's like to live in Cuba we'll never cherish what we take for granted and get busy locally.

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A comfort - Your words resonated when you first wrote this - today on Good Friday I find myself sitting in the spring sun, contemplative, seeking your words out again. They seem fitting at Easter, new birth, new hope, maybe closer to “a being(s)”. It does all feel enormous so yes I keep reminding myself that keeping my light lit, for me and my community, local and virtual, some times is enough and other times when stronger I join in spiritual warfare. The dance of surrender and action. Much love and gratitude

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"I can’t say for sure that God and God’s helpers exist; I can’t. Who can?"

We have been here a very long time.



A call went out from Earth for volunteers and help. These spirits volunteered to come while others worked invisibly to produce manuals and supply drops for the "sleepers". Literally sleeper cells.

You are privileged to live through the Apocalypse. In the ancient greek, this meant disclosure/revelation, not destruction.

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Apr 1, 2022·edited Apr 1, 2022

Absolute Truth. I have come to the exact same conclusions, and although I would not identify myself as a Liberal any more, or ever again, I have been profoundly returned to a relationship with the Father of all, more dependently so due to the magnitude of this evil before us all. It is a web these politicians are too stupid to pull off, so there's definitely an evil power pulling the strings. I have seen more clearly than ever, who really knows God in their life. It's all in the masks and the shots. If they are pro, they do not know God, because this is evil, and if they cannot see it, they are disconnected from God, and their own Souls. It is black & white right now. No grey area. This is Spiritual Warfare.

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I am a fan of God, I am also a fan of people “turning from their wicked ways” which is I think more at the root of the problem. We live in a world run by high functioning dark-triad types, we the people of the world tend to be low functioning dark-triads, or grey area light-triad types. We the people willfully choose to empower the dark triad because we are ignorant to the reality that these people exist, and that they naturally rise in wealth, power and control, by our vote, be it ballot, position, or cash. The battle of light vs dark is real, but most don’t know what it looks like, who is who, or how it manifests.

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

Great essay.

Can I draw your attention to 2 Kings 19. Recently I was feeling a lot of anxiety about pro-war drum beating on corp media, and one night decided to sit down with the thought that whichever random page I open up to in my bible is what God will give to me to ease my mind. It was 2 Kings 19. Incredibly relevant for the time we are in now. We just need to keep our faith.

Also, Proverbs 10:24 (NLT): "The fears of the wicked will be fulfilled; the hopes of the godly will be granted."

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The realization that evil exists in this world, in the heart of every human being, is a terrifying one. The good news is that Truth is real, and without it evil has no power. Although guile, cunning, and deceit are its tools, evil depends ultimately on fear, terror, and ignorance to flourish. That's why examples must be made of those who stand up and tell the Truth, so that others will be afraid to follow. But we MUST stay strong and confront the lies otherwise we lose our humanity. It's all too easy to be overwhelmed by a sense of despair at the deception and betrayal as the forces of evil sap our own energy to use against us.

Speaking of prayer, here is a powerful one from the Upanishad:

Lead me from darkness to light.

Lead me from the unreal to the real.

Lead me from death to immortality.

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There is a hidden holocaust in America and no one is helping the victims. https://elizabethcoady.substack.com/p/the-us-govts-assymetrical-warfare?s=w

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