Naomi, can you tell me why your video with Dr Thorpe no longer plays on daily clout? When I click on the daily clout link today (that you provided here) it returns a 400 bad request error message? Is that my pc access problem or what? Just wondering if you had to remove the video & where else people can watch it. There are other interviews with Dr Thorpe on bitchute etc ,of course, on this topic of babies/mothers & the deadly C19 vaxx, but not this interview. Thanks in advance for your response. <3

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I so wish this all was not true, but my passion lies in science, and I in good conscience cannot share this worldwide genocide and captured world data and gaslighting. I am grateful I am debilitated for the past three years, so I can listen and read our front line doctors and researchers information on what has been hidden from our world’s population for over 100 years. I have so much gratitude for the courage and virtue of all the Frontline workers And the media that are telling the truth, and I have nothing to hide by exposing all of those who have knowingly released damaged and poisonous medicines and vaccines on our worlds population, and violated and bought or captured all agencies that were supposed to protect us. Truth never has to be hidden, so thank you for all that you do, Dr. Wolf and Dr. Thorp. I was wondering why Dr. Thorpe has been quiet lately, because when he came out on the FLCCC interview a few years ago? Words can’t express the hope that he is getting this world for a paradigm shift in medicine. I follow many doctors and scientist, and all I can say is thank you. I’ll do the best that I can to get the word out and share all of these censored videos, safe affordable, and accessible protocols for our world, as well as all the captured agencies, and unfortunately medical system, which I refuse to be a part of anymore.❤️. Sorry for the incongruencies of my note, that’s the best that I can do.

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I live in BC, Canada, they call it NDP, 'left', or maybe just 'alternative sex ways' and 'drugs' is another term we could

use, with no genders, with 'transitioning', with drag queens displaying 'proudly'.

I could see that where I lived, at least, all trust and safety in bringing a precious human into the world was OVER,

and they'd be completely at RISK. If they didn't get you 'in utero' or 'vaccined' to 'death' at birth, then

just wait until 'school' happened, how horrible their lives would be. And just what could they do about


I loved science, medicine, research, but just wasn't 'LED' directly that way. Tangentally, yes, directly, no.

I was that 'fringe minority' which was the best thing that ever happened to me.

It's a new era. Not a better era. A far worse era. But altogether new, with new directives.

Those are 'no kids'. Those are 'no family'. Now, maybe some other countries perhaps?

You'd need to really study that, and how do you know it would STAY that way?

You don't.

It's a minority group that read what you put, Naomi, or read Kaufman's work, or Cowan's work,

or Sam Bailey's work. Not many, anyway. So kids will keep on being born, no worries.

They'll likely be quite different with their DNA altetered, and having any spiritual inclinations removed.

The bible makes this the clearest, that we're headed to a very dark time, not a better time.

Maybe not exactly straight ahead bad, but a little here, a little there.

The bible talks about 'the mark' and there's plenty of that being talked about.

It's either the very worst time to be here or the very most interesting time to be here.

And reasons for both.

Things have changed. Things about babies, about pregnancy have changed. We must change also.

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Dr. Wolff - What do we know about the employment NDAs that medical staff are commonly (?) required to sign or comply with. Do they also possibly include broad anti-disparagement clauses? Curious if how widespread this limitation may be. Pls respond if you can. Thanks for the hard work on this!

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Thank you for sharing. Beyond Shocking. This needs to be known, widespread. Do you think the staff of these hamstrung doctors are also compromised? While medical records have some protection with privacy laws, and staff honor this, do you know if OB GYN staff are subject to office practice NDAs? (Obviously they wouldn't have the same onerous NDA described in the article but ...)

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....and they're still not letting up! How do we stop the genocide! So distressing! See also Mark Crispin Miller's article here <https://truth613.substack.com/p/stay-away-from-new-rsv-flu-and-covid?utm_source=substack&utm_campaign=post_embed&utm_medium=email>

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The scam of the covid vaccines exposed in that they are working on a vaccine for covid and other viruses that give mucusol immunity. Wait isnt that what is necessary for coronaviruses? A doctor with 50 years experience in Sept 2021 stated that these covid 19 vaccines cannot give mucosal immunity. . They havent developed one yet. Ah the scams and fraud upon the world. So the actual coromavirus like covid cant enter the ovaries but the vaccine can with the spike. Thats where the vaccine is damaging people and the virus doesnt cause myocarditis but the vaccine does as per Israeli data.

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Dear Dr. Thorpe,

Please tell us that you will go the distance with lawsuits against your hospitals and medical staff officers and boards to fight this all the way. Only by fighting viciously against these idiots, will we ever prevent them from doing even more damage to our patients.

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More Plandemic/NWO/Beast "backstory"...

Not as much is known about E-team as we now know about the Gelatin crew. But we do know that they were also active in the 90s floors of the North Tower (the exact spot which exploded first on 9/11).

What's notable about E-team is an outrageous in-your-face mockery stunt essentially telling New York that they were going to blow up the towers, and the precise location of the original great fireball. The following write up and images are straight from E-team member Daniel Sieple https://jimychanga.substack.com/p/this-was-my-red-pill-on-91201

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Then DON’T WATCH IT!! Better? Have a good one!

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This was done on purpose, and knowingly with foreknowledge. May they all spend eternity in hell.

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Dr. Wolf, if possible it would be very helpful to obtain the May 20, 2021 article from the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the 700 patients which were switched from the second Trimester to the first Trimester to make the data look better for the Vaccinated women. Those comments were missed in the initial transcription but would be very helpful to have access to this study. However, with the now highly blemished record of the NEJM, you may not be able to obtain a copy of this article. I am sure the 1400 pages of the contract from the "Covenant of Death", would also be excellent , especially to find out who the 300 entities are that signed the contract.

No Matter, the exposure you provided was the MOAB. Tony W.

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Sep 7, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Dr. Wolf, shared your interview with our Life Group. Finally, the RED Pill, opened many blind eyes to the unbelievable truth. Hopefully, you are getting credit for this information. Your interview with Dr. Thorpe exposed, what people had believed to be true, they now know for sure, it is true because of you. I read the article in EPOC times but want people to know what you have done to bring the truth to this level.

John 3:20-2120 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God. Thank you for being God's light!! Tony W.

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Sep 7, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Hi Dr. Wolf, I very much appreciate your work!

I am very concerned about Pfizer’s new RSV vaccine being approved for pregnant women. I did some quick math which I admit is not my strong point so I would welcome someone else going over the numbers. What I came up with does not look good at all as far as increased risks to pregnant women and their offspring with this vaccine. My very rough math:

3.66 mil birth/yr in US

In vaccine trials for Abrysvo the rates of Preeclampsia were 0.4%

higher in the vaccine group vs. the placebo group.

If everyone were vaccinated with this, that would mean roughly 14,640

more preE cases per yr

About 5% of infants from mothers with preE die per yr (based on ~10k

infant deaths annually from preE)

So that would mean about 732 more infant deaths annually from preE,

not to mention increase maternal mortality.

In contrast RSV itself kills 100-300 infants annually.

The vaccine was not even proven to reduce those deaths.

There were several other increased risks with the vaccine: preterm birth, low birth

weight, jaundice, etc which could also lead to increased infant


The press release did not include all cause mortality which would be

essential to know in order to have informed consent.

I will certainly warn my patients and friends about this, but I hope that someone with reach on Substack can cover this as well!! Thank you!!

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The person who oversees this kind of communication is amy@dailyclout.io -- pls send to her thx

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Sep 6, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Last night I spent several hours commenting under your interview with Dr Drew informing people of your Substack and asking that they become members. I did divulge your recent illness and suggested donations are especially important right now.

As it was on YouTube where I am heavily shadow banned, I made a ton of comments. It is seriously admirable that you can hear a man say “I murder the elderly all if the time!” and maintain your composure! Why are people on the right so incapable of seeing past your past? Do leapards change their spots? No! But, they will damned sure change their diets, just as wolves will, and in fact HAVE! What is it going to take?

Anyway, the video I have been begging you to watch (WITH YOUR HUSBAND) has been taken down, in fact the whole channel! The content creator is devastated. He has talked of throwing in the towel…. The Capitol Shooting Video is also very good.


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The “White Coat Killers” are Zyclon B’ing the baby in the womb. What a Noble profession…

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