once again a beautiful essay...

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Architectural Marxism.

Actual line of study.

When I first became aware of this was when I started my AAS in Arch./Eng. Drafting.

Reading it, I discovered that the Marxists had moved to infiltrate every level of society. Down to food production, clothing and yes architecture.

This reminds me of a theory of "controlled resistance" in so far that resistance in a successful campaign of any kind of warefare needs to be controlled, slowly allowed to exist to some degree and then obliterated when the numbers are small enough.

to this day the Ditto head crowd (to whit I was a strong supporting memeber) I honestly believe was a form of controlled resistance.

Rush pushed that the idea of the 'radical and laughable" left wing loonies were the ones protesting and making themselves look stupid.

In a world where thought and culture, intelligence and exploration of the mind exists, that would be true.

But rush in his last days had either come to realize or confess that the conservatives NOT protesting, NOT addressing, NOT confronting the left and its wholeheartedly push for control succeeded.

They DID take academia. The DID take the media. (Twitter bans anyone?)

They hold and control the narrative. (Gaza?)

Look at everything done to this point.

Forbidden discussion on COVID. No challenge to the academia or scientific "consensus" allowed.

Children being mutilated and sterilized, all in the name of trans rights.

Gas stoves banned, and gas cars being FORCED from the market.

Architecture is only part in part to the whole, but sends the message that thought, originality and class are not allowed.

Basic, simple, utilitarian design is out.

it expresses arrogance, rich white people, and affluence. It stigmatizes minorities because Cambridge, Morgan, Rockefeller and Sinclair owned them. built them and took land from poor people to achieve as much.

Remove the facades, the tall inner space, the grand elegance, the class and taste, or immortalized shapes of statues to heroes and gods of the past.

Then make stories up and apply negative connotation to their construction and association, and voila, you have the Schwabverse.

No style, no freedom and you eat ze bugs!

That is what happens when controlled resistance occurs.

We lost because we didnt pay attention.

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Nov 18, 2023·edited Nov 18, 2023

Happy birthday Naomi. This was one of your best pieces yet. Beautiful. Brought me to tears and inspired me to be the change I seek. Thank you for all that you do for us.

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Looks like I'm doing comment #300, so that might make up for my being rather late here … ;-)

I perfectly understand your points about not falling for the globalists' authoritarian choreography and about being cautious because they might be coming for other groups a little later.

Only the thing is, they have come for "us" patriots for a long time ALREADY.

Take the Jan6 hostages, for instance. And many more recent examples.

Or the fact that conservatives are practically prohibited from even speaking at prestigious colleges, and that has been done for many years now.

Maybe, just maybe it's time for the "other side", the crazy left, to take their own medicine.

The cancel culture and censorship is real and coming from the state authorities, too, in collusion with Big Tech. As you know all too well by personal experience, of course.

It's not a distant danger that we ought to prevent from materializing, it's all there already.

But it is asymmetrical. Conservatives and patriots are being silenced, while the crazy left can riot all day without any consequence. Or they even get rewarded by their cities for having been "traumatized" by law enforcement, or something.

How do we push back? How is it not justified to stop turning the other cheek, but give them a tiny portion of what they are imposing on us?

Besides, on a detail, I don't know exactly how "peaceful" it is, in fact, to practically demand genocide of Jews and annihilation of Israel. Yes, it's "only words", for the time being, but still.

Anyhow, why would a major law firm want to employ young people who have shown to be easily manipulated, or just plain deluded, lacking all sense of proportion and discernment?

If I knew an applicant had such a background, I sure wouldn't want them in my firm. That's not "cancel culture", necessarily.

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God Almighty, what a great read!

I only wonder how someone else would observe the changes. For instance, is the NYC really worse than it was in 1990? https://www.nyc.gov/assets/nypd/downloads/pdf/crime_statistics/cs-en-us-city.pdf

No doubt everyone has experienced a shock. I wonder how long anyone will feel humbled.

I've never been in that elite league, or even close to it. It sounds like fun on a superficial level, but everyone is the same inside. The pretense up there would make me laugh. Everyone ages and dies, that's the reality such pretense can't hide. I enjoy my life down here with real people. And I damn sure don't have to worry about having gotten the jab, because no way would I submit that BS.

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Nov 15, 2023·edited Nov 16, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

All I know is we can't stop the violence and the hate if we keeping responding with violence and hate.

So the question is how do those who are done with the violence and the hate and the fear take back the world? How do those who are ready to move past this, make this happen?

It makes me think of Star Trek (6, I think, with William Shatner) They were going to sign a major peace treaty, but the ones who like war tried an assassination attempt ( I think). In my opinion, it is the few greedy, war mongering, life haters that keep this cycle going.

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Nov 15, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

woman, you are SO not looking like you're 61 years old! I never would have guessed that you are only two years younger than me - I would have guessed at least a decade! your recent medical travails not withstanding, whatever you're doing, keep doing it! Happy Birthday! please know that you are making a difference in the lives of others and imho, there's no higher purpose! (you definitely inspire me to be a better writer and a deeper thinker.)

(so much content I want to comment on here but it will have to wait till later.)

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Naomi, my leader (Jesus) does not instruct me to hate people. I am instructed to bless All people.

And yet, some condemn me as Hating, simply because I see things differently than they do.

Then, there is the jarring sights of replacing an American flag with a Palestinian flag.

(America used to symbolize the freedom to (safely) have different opinions. Not perfectly, but that was the Ideal. Most believers of Islam are not extremists. Unlike the Nazis, Hamas doesn't try to hide their atrocities or their glee while doing them. I don't understand--and I read your essay and the referred 53 pages of source of history--how so many people can support their tactics. THAT is the evil I recoil from.)

Scary to me are the passages in the Koran that--to this day!--make rape of unbelievers of Muslim "legal," or murder if a person doesn't convert to Islam--Quickly! The ends justify the means!

But I see a Palestine flag and think: Sharia law and clitorectomies. Rapes and murders.

It doesn't fit with the constitution.

I can't see myself Ignoring the actions of extremist Christians even if I agreed with their goal.

That distinction hasn't been made by the pro-Palestine marchers and/or intimidators.

THAT is the issue that makes me wary.

Prayer is the answer, yet I doubt Hamas would deign to pray with me.

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Your story about how Manhattan has been depersonalized reminded me of my childhood. I was raised in Chelsea, Manhattan in the 1950s and 1960s. When growing up, it was transitioning from majority Irish, though with a considerable variety of other ethnicities, to Hispanic. Within a few blocks of my family's apartment there were Lutheran, Episcopalian, and Orthodox churches, and a synagogue. But the Irish were the dominant group, and had been from the 1880s onward. My father was born in the West Village, but raised in Chelsea. His father and grandfather spent most of their lives in what is now Soho. Unlike the majority in what used to be called the Lower West Side, my great grandfather's family was English and Episcopalian. My paternal grandparents were married at St. Luke's in the Fields, an Episcopal church.

The Irish dominated the Hudson River docks, the main industry in Chelsea, but containerization of ocean freight caused overseas shipping to move to the Newark and Elizabeth docks, where there was more space and better highway and railroad connections. The dockworkers received pensions through the unions, and urban renewal took down many of the old 4 and 6 unit apartment buildings and townhouses. Many of the Irish moved on, to New Jersey, Queens, and Long Island. There was still a lot of light manufacturing, such as publishing and food processing. These jobs,, as well as service industries, attracted Puerto Ricans and other Latin nationalities.

Chelsea had not yet transitioned to a gentrified neighborhood when I left. While mostly working class, and by 1970 heavily Hispanic, there were more prosperous pockets in the London Terrace apartment complex and around the Episcopal Seminary. That had changed radically in the decades I was gone. I saw on Zillow where the apartment where I lived as a child, with two bedrooms and one bath, in a building constructed in the 1920s, was renting for $4,500 per month. A condo in the same building, of similar size, was for sale for $1.2 million.

I moved half a continent away from New York, and set up a life there. After being gone for over 40 years, I returned to my old neighborhood in 2019, just before COVID. I recognized many of the buildings, but most had been repurposed. The old Nabisco bakery was an outsized food court. A square block occupied by Amazon had been the Port Authority's headquarters. The elevated New York Central freight rail line was now a linear park called the High Line. The Irish bars and the Latino bodegas were gone, replaced by boutiques and restaurants. There was nothing familiar from a human standpoint. The place where I had been born and raised had become totally alien. It could just as well been some urban neighborhood in Boston or Chicago.

In a different context, Thomas Wolfe wrote that you can never go home again. He was right.

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Divide and Rule. That's been the recipe for 2000 years.

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Most excellent Dr. Wolf, please consider this.

With all of the immense amount of respect due you, Dr. Wolf, as you LIKED my earlier comment, reproduced below, I must say that I do not believe you digested the entirety of my comment. (Did you recognize your part in the list, i.e. "manning up" Albert Arnold Gore Jr?) I believe that you have not entirely digested it, that is unless you have finally decided to follow through on the suggestion at the link at the bottom of the comment. It's a fair comment and one that I think ought be seriously considered, if actually understood. I would understand if you are fearful of doing it and not blame you at all, as I am barely more than a coward; but I would find you all the more worthy of the admiration that I have for the several founders of this nation and their works expounding the mind of God, if imperfectly, and making a Declaration reflecting same.

Thank you for your tireless work.


Dr. Wolf, You wrote, "They can only enslave us if we let them." We are already rather comfortably enslaved, well fed, entertained to within an inch of our capabilities. Most think license is a right. Those who opened America to China, finally killed honest money, gave "vaccine" companies immunity, made citizens out of illegal aliens, sent Americans to die in bogus wars, transferred rocket technology through Commerce to the ChiComs, sent Ron Brown and Vince Foster to the promised land, "manned-up" Albert Arnold Gore Jr, made Plan B abortifacient available to teen girls, legalized Embryonic Stem Cell testing, (33 days before the towers came down), instituted a plan to make nuns pay for abortion, planned and executed a coup of our highest Executive aided by useful idiots [and one awesome writer*] who fomented chaos on Jan 6 2021 who also refuse to look at the evidence of that coup, you know, the men and [women] who spurred us on sit in judgement of all wrong.

* https://republicbroadcasting.org/news/naomi-wolf-must-repent-her-fomenting-of-january-6th-false-flag/

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Nov 14, 2023·edited Nov 14, 2023

Sunshine and rainbows. How incredibly dim-witted, I expect more from someone of your ability and experience. Sad.

Just because you WANT to believe the world is beautiful doesn’t make it so. REALITY happens to people like us: my son was stopped and asked on campus last week if he is Jewish. I lived in open anti-semitism in my childhood in Moscow, thank God my kids don’t know what antisemitism is - they grew up in America. Now they are finding out! I never thought I would see the day!!!

So forgive me if I am not worried right now about freedom of speech or interfaith unity, I am worried about my kids’ safety, all Jewish kids’ safety, all Jewish peoples’ safety. ‘From the river to the sea’ is a direct call for MORE genocidal violence and it should be illegal. ObviousHATE CRIME speech anyone?I dont understand why universities are not acting faster. They need to see actual violence? A lot of actual violence before they do something?

And by the way violence is not coming from the Jewish kids. I asked my son why they are not organising a pro Israel protest, on campus, he said ‘Mom, we are not stupid like they are, we don’t need to to be loud like that.’

There were people with similar beliefs to yours, they went to dance and party for peace, unity and unicorns, - those people (and other innocents) were slaughtered with machine guns and knives on October 7th.

Not enough? What will it take for you to understand these are nice ideals completely divorced from reality? If Oct 7 didn’t change your mind I don’t think anything will. I hope they never come to your peace party like they came for those 1,400 people. They were lucky if they got shot or died quickly. Most of them were tortured in the most horrific ways. And I would bet your more reality-based husband doesn’t agree with you, like my husband, he is a conservative with legal guns, and your man will be the one defending you while you dance at a peace party with people who want you dead. It’s not safe for us, stop pretending.

Isn’t it obvious we are in the pre-Holocaust situation? You were on the right side during Covid fighting for what is right, fighting for the minority, fighting for victimised. Your New York mosque friends are fakes who are much more used to a wild mix of people - they HAVE TO accept others like you in a weird crowded area like NYC. Or maybe you’d like a Malibu mosque with equally-demented and detached Barbara Streisand… Try that in psycho Rep Talib’s district or join hands with Ilan Ormar’s Somali mosque friends and you’ll experience something real and special for dupes like you. Ivory tower ideals - It’s amazing to me how blind you need to be to ignore the ramifications of what’s unfolding now in front of our eyes. A genocide on iPhones…

What feels good and right to me right now is to stand with Israel, to stand with my people. My husband and I went to pro Israel rally this weekend with friends, that that felt incredible. My heart and prayers are with my Jewish brothers and sisters, we will get through this too and we will survive and thrive. Peace to you in any case 🇮🇱

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Nov 14, 2023·edited Nov 14, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

Editorial note — I would suggest revising the following:

"is snuggled again him" → "is snuggled againST him"

"that social media and leaders tellS you" → "that social media and leaders tell you"

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

An omitted aspect of olde NY is the talk, the slang, the Attitude of NY’ers, seems to blandized as the architecture.

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

It was, if I had to select a date, on October 28, 1963 when New York City's architecture began its turn from poetic to perverse. That was the day the monsters began demolishing the original Pennsylvania Station.

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

I just turned 61 too and always love your writing / interviews. I seem to remember a writer named Bruce Feiler who sought to bring the major religions together for greater understanding. Whatever happened to him? Years ago I read a book by Constance Cumbey called 'The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow (and the Coming Age of Barbarism)'. In fact, when my grandpa died we donated this important book to our First Reformed Church in his memory. Her contention was that the major religions were going to be clashed together so that they could bring forth the antichrist as the supposed savior. Looks like she and Albert Pike are being exonerated now, so let's work together for peace and freedom. We are all children made in the image of God so let's always let love light the way!!

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